Sustainable weight loss

10 Effective Tips for Safe and Sustainable Weight Loss

Fast weight loss has become a new trend now. People strive to lose weight for plenty of reasons and find themselves in a diet rut. While shedding pounds too quickly sounds all good, it has its own repercussions.

That is why it’s crucial for people to know that weight loss is a journey that requires time, passion, and dedication. Below we share the top 10 effective tips for safe and sustainable weight loss. Read on to know.

Have a Clear Mindset

Before getting started on your weight loss journey, it is imperative to have a crystal clear mindset. You must know the ‘why’ behind your goal and the expected time period you wish to achieve your goal in.

People write their goals every day and make every possible effort to be reminded about their goals, to achieve them faster. The same goes with the weight loss journey. With a clear mindset, you can truly achieve the results real quick.

Talk to a Nutritionist

What you eat matters. Especially when it’s about safe and sustainable weight loss. If you are someone who consumes little to no knowledge about weight loss diet, you can take the help of a nutritionist or a weight loss calculator.

Getting the food part in order is crucial to analyze your journey and ultimately gain the desired results. There are many online clinics in America that provide sustainable weight loss plans. Steady Care Medical is one of the clinics in Santa Ana.

Bring Behavioral Changes

Experts suggest not using the word ‘diet’ as it might trigger your food cravings which should not be the case in weight loss. It is advised to see your weight loss journey as a healthier and smarter health choice for your own overall well-being.

This would help you stay consistent with the food habits and other physical efforts that you need to make during your journey.

Setting behavioral changes makes your mind clear and helps you focus on your goals.

Cut Down on Processed Carbs and Sugar

One of the best ways to shed weight faster is to eat quality food, say experts. While carbohydrates are essential for the growth of healthy food, eating ultra-processed carbs and sugar can accelerate weight gain.

ut down your intake of high-glycemic-load foods including sweet snacks, sweetened dairy products, chips, fries, etc. You can anytime consult your nutritionist to get a proper customized diet plan.

Go Green

Eating a plant-based diet is the key when the goal is weight reduction. Not only does it provide the necessary nutrients your body needs but also helps control the bulges.

A fruit and veggies-rich diet, especially green, contains high levels of fiber, water, and phyto compounds essential for a controlled appetite and improved satisfaction levels that automatically cut down the craving episodes. Leafy greens, avocado, lemons, grapefruit, blueberries, etc are some of the best options.

Hit the Gym

If you truly want to lose weight in a short span of time, you need to hit the gym regularly. Even better, if you are in your young days and can easily afford to experiment with your body, go rigorous about it.

Of course, start slowly and under the supervision of a trainer. Try adding resistance training to your weight loss regime and it will help you not only burn calories but gain muscle strength too. If you are someone looking to reduce body fat, kick up the cardio. Consistent running, cycling, and even walking are considered effective for fat loss and metabolism boost too.

Surge Your Protein Intake

Having a protein-rich diet will help you curb appetite and prevent the loss of muscle mass. It is a very popular diet choice among individuals who want to lose weight faster. As per the expert’s suggestions, intaking approximately 25 to 30 gm of protein including chicken and fish can help you maintain healthy body weight.

And you also need protein to get all the energy. Your dietician would be the best person to guide you on your protein intake as you take protein as per your weight.

Nothing Works Best Than Water

Regardless of diet and exercise, drinking more water is connected to weight loss. Drinking plenty of water regularly can drastically change your body weight and fight sugar cravings.

Experts suggest taking 8 ounces of water eight times in a day and that too on a regular basis. You can also try having a glass of water minutes before every meal and ensure that you do not lie down just after finishing your meal.

Find Ways to Move More

You should find more ways to just move. It does not have to be another task but a conscious effort that you must make again and again. Especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. You might ask the office boy to get you a glass of water every day, rather, you should get up and walk to get water. This might look like a trivial and ineffective effort but it is not when practiced regularly.

Doing this, again and again, will not only keep you active and energized but will eventually prevent weight gain.

Get Enough Sleep

While you must have heard that sleeping more hours can put on kilos, your body actually needs enough rest to do its function properly. Be it weight loss. It is also the best way to maintain healthy body weight and enhance your overall well-being. As per studies, people who slept for 5 hours per night were more likely to have obesity than people who slept 7-8 hours a night.

Bottom Line

Weight loss demands your time, consistency, dedication, and a few lifestyle changes. While you might run behind shortcuts to get your dream body, it is the consistent work and patience that work wonders in the long run. Make sure you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind for faster weight loss. Again, if you are a beginner, do not experiment with exercises or diet, consult your dietician and trainer to get yourself a customized weight loss plan.

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