8 Best Weight Bench Exercises For Abs

Are all your thoughts revolving around abs workout on the bench? Probably, yes!

But do you foreknow that mostly, fitness enthusiasts perceive the weight bench as mere weight training equipment meant for sit-ups?

Hopefully, you aren’t on the same page because this is partially true; weight benches can be utilized significantly in a myriad of ways but in case you aren’t aware ‘it is a different case altogether’.

As for the sit ups, I do agree that sit ups are specifically aimed at flattening and shoring abs up, there, however, are a whole lot of abs exercises that can benefit you incredibly.

You can take them on a weight bench for strengthening your upper and lower abs, along with the lower back.

But, you should also be mindful of the fact that since the wrong kind of equipment can mar all your efforts to a great extent, the weight bench you use largely determines the potential outcome. Hence, even this has to be singled out meticulously.

In the first place, a perfect weight bench has turned out to be indispensable to
you in case you are tenacious for the desired. So, let’s delve into them in order to come up with a good fit.

Type of Weight Benches

There are predominantly 6 kinds of weight benches, ranging from adjustable weight
benches to Olympic weight bench.

Flat Bench: The simplest as well as most common kind of weight bench.

Adjustable Weight Bench: Owing to being adjustable for taking a myriad of exercises, it is the handiest bench.

Folding Weight Bench: Folding-weight benches are a great storage option. Although they don’t come with much as for the variety, it works out exceedingly well in case of a space constraint.

Abdominal Bench: Abdominal weight benches are meant for ad exercises and incredibly adjustable for the decline, or incline and owing to the foot rollers, you can lock them while working out.

Preacher Curl Bench:  This bench was specially designed for the only kind of exercise termed The Preacher Curl that predominantly strengthens the tips of the biceps.

Olympic Weight Bench: These are perceived as way advanced benches meant solely for professional athletes. The benches offer plenty of additional attachments so that you can utilize them a whole lot as complete workout equipment.

In case I pronounce my opinion regarding the best one, you must single out the
adjustable weight bench since it allows you to take a myriad of exercises, encompassing abs exercises.

Now, it’s high time I scrutinized the most effective bench exercises for abs.

Best Weight Bench Exercises for Abs

1) Bench Wipers


  • Simply lay on your bench and grip its underside leisurely by the head.
  • Lift legs up to the 90-degree angle and keep the legs as well as feet straight
  • Gently pull the stomach inside in order to push the lower back into the bench.
    Vigorously lower and twist the legs to the right.
  • Bring the legs to the center point prior to performing the other side.

Ideal Repetitions: 20.

2) Side Plank Crunch


  • Begin to do it in a side plank, keeping the right elbow on your bench.
  • Stack the right shoulder right over the right elbow and raise the left arm to the
    perfect ceiling.
  • Slightly bend the left knee as well as left elbow so as to meet each other.
    Come back to the square one (starting position)

Ideal Repetitions: 8 repetitions on every side.

3) Oblique Crunch


  • Simply lay on your floor perpendicular to your bench.
  • Bring the heels to your bench, maintaining the 90-degree angle with the knees.
  • Place the hands right behind the ears, ensuring not to pull the head forward.
  • Gently twist and reach the right elbow towards the left knee while bringing the
    right shoulder.
  • Come back to the ground and do it on the other side all over again.

Ideal repetition: 20 repetitions.

4) Straight Leg Lifts


  • Sit on the bench’s edge with your feet hanging.
  • Gently place the hands on the bench right behind you.
  • Slightly bend the knees towards the chest in the position of a tuck.
  • Stretch the legs straight since you are to lean back onto the elbows.
  • Return to the starting position by tucking the legs and later, pressing them into
    the hands.

Ideal Repetitions: 15 repetitions.

5) Bench Plank Knee Tucks


  • Begin doing it in a plank on the hands perpendicular to your bench, keeping the
    feet on it.
  • Lasourly bring the right knee towards the right elbow with the back flat.
  • Gently return to the right foot towards the bench.
  • Repeat the entire movement with the left leg.

Ideal Repetitions: 20 repetitions, or even better a short hold of 60 seconds.

6) Reverse Crunch


  • Lie down on your bench on the backside.
  • Slightly extend the legs with a bend at your knee and make this your starting
  • Since you exhale, raise the legs, using the lower abs, and bring the hips off the
  • In the end, lower the hips back to the first position, but having come back to that
    position, refrain from resting momentarily.

Ideal Sets: 3-4 sets along with 15 reps are required.

7) Hip Lift


  • Lie down on the bench on your backside.
  • Lift the legs in the air until they get straight up.
  • Gradually — since you exhale — leisurely raise the hips up off your bench and
    later press the feet up toward the ceiling.
  • Come back to the position of lifting legs straight in the air.

Ideal Sets: 3-4 sets along with 15 reps are required.

8) Seated Ab Crunch


  • Sit down on your bench, extending the legs right before you.
  • Slightly lean a tad back, and subsequently lift the feet.
  • Using the abs, pull the knees up towards the shoulders. As you exhale, make sure
    to move the shoulders down towards the knees then and there, and also make
    sure not to bend the back.
  • Gradually, come back to the square one (the first position)

Ideal Sets: 3-4 sets along with 15 reps are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

The often asked questions people are intrigued to know the answers to.

Can You Get Abs From Bench Pressing?

The bench press is a kind of strength exercise that can help you build muscles in the upper part of the body. In the wake of this, yes, you can contract the abs to keep the torso stable on your bench with ease, it, however, is by no means any abdominal specific exercise.

Ab exercises can undeniably build your muscles but in case the muscles are under a layer of much fat, you won’t be able to witness the results.

Are Ab Benches Effective?

Sit up benches are comprised of support pads as well as a padded backrest that offer adequate amount of comfort and stability while you take exercises.

As per the assertion, it is termed by far the most effective exercise specifically aimed at enhancing one’s abs by virtue of being done on a declined position, which makes it way harder for execution than on the flat surface.

What Exercises Get Abs Fast?

Bridges, Planks and Abdominal Crunches are the exercises being taken
extensively across the globe owing to being way popular and these exercises
predominantly can create a perfect appearance of aibs, apart from helping you shore the abdominal muscles up.

Exercise the muscles making up your abdomen on a regular basis since it elevates the
muscles mass and will eventually lead you to achieve six-pack abs.

Can Squats Get You Abs?

To literally achieve abs, make sure to do a full squat. While Half Squats as well as quarter squats appear to be commonplace at the gym of your town, a full squad, for sure, works the abs or core.

Pushing vigorously leads you not only to a sturdy upper body but also to way stronger as well as more defined midsection.

Do Squats Make Your Butt Bigger?

Performing squats on a weekly, or daily basis will help you shore up the big
muscles in the lower body such as predominantly the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips and glutes.

Also, it is indispensable to train the other muscles in case you are literally willing to have a bigger and rounder booty.

Are Incline Sit Ups Harder?

Both the exercises, decline crunches and decline sit-ups are carried out on a bench with the head lower than the legs and hips.

Noteworthy fact, the deeper the incline is, the harder the exercise will be.
You just have to set the bench at an angle, beginning with solely a slight decline in case you aren’t accustomed to the exercises.

What Cardio Machine Is Best For Abs?

It is a widely known fact, running on a treadmill will surely help you shed a
whole lot of calories and it is still believed to be one of the most effective and significant ways to burn calories, walking on it hasn’t turned out to be that effective, though.

Also so as to shed calories, you can utilize the stationary bike, stair stepper, or elliptical machine.

Is It Okay To Do Abs Every Day?

It was explicitly indicated that just like all your muscles, even your abs require rest but by no means does it mean that you shouldn’t activate the ab muscles, taking warm-ups with a handful of exercises such as Inchworms, Planks, other balance as well as the exercises of stabilization.

However, it is enormously essential to be mindful of the fact that you aren’t supposed to train them every day since it may lead you to a horrendous injury.

Do Squats Help Belly Fat?

In case you are fond of performing squats regularly, it will eventually turn out to be a boon in terms of burning fat and building lean muscle and it will also lead belly as well as thigh fat to dissipate.

Will Push-Ups Give You Abs?

It is great for the entire body workout.

By working on a myriad of muscles in the body, push-ups will bring about tremendously positive changes since they help you stay focused on arms, lower body, as well as abs. In the meanwhile, they train the muscles to be able to work together perfectly and get even stronger.

Conclusion: Abs Exercises

You might have been taking a lot of trouble over the abs workout on the bench and that’s the very reason, you have gone through the article intently for the handiest as well as accurate information available regarding bench exercises for abs.

However, be mindful of the fact that it is enormously egregious to take further
steps in case you aren’t certain if it is detrimental to you.

Head through a physician who you can count on for your safety and accomplish the
desired result without coming across the difficulties that might lead you to sustain a
serious injury.

In case there is no person who you can count on, don’t at all put a limit to the research part and try every trick in the book, which means that you should hunt for the kinds of books that can aid you as accurately as you require it to be.

I am also always here to your aid. Hence, you foreknow you can drop a comment in case any doubts or questions occur to you about the article.

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