Makeup Brands In India

Top 10 Best Makeup Brands In India

The beauty and cosmetics sector has witnessed immense growth and created a more vibrant market than ever before. In recent times, the best makeup brands in India have seen a significant rise and offer consumers a diverse range of options for users to enhance their beauty. Indian makeup market renders a wide range of affordable, premium and luxury cosmetic brands.

These brands provide products such as eyeshadow palettes, foundation, lipsticks, and highlighters suitable for all skin types. It helps makeup lovers effortlessly create the look they wish. The top brands use premium ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals that soothe the users’ skin and give the best makeup look, lasting the whole day.

Read on to know the top indian cosmetic brands that mesmerize people with the best and most affordable products!

List of Top 10 Makeup Brands in India | Top Selling Cosmetic Brands

The best Indian makeup brands are listed below and they are ranked based on the factors – price, quality and overall product. These products make the users feel confident and stunning after using them correctly.

1. Lakme


Lakme is the most known and admired beauty brand for its dedication and commitment to offering premium products at affordable prices. Their products combine age-old beauty practices with contemporary trends so that they still rank at the top in the list of top makeup brands in India.

Lakme has a long history that is associated with elegance, originality and sophistication. Hindustan Unilever owns this brand and offers a more extensive selection of personal care and makeup items. It includes lipstick, sunscreen, serums, moisturizers, compact powder, blush, and much more.

The brand formulates products suited for all skin types and tons so that it becomes easier for everyone to find the right combination. As a result, everyone can enhance their natural beauty and feel confident.

2. Maybelline


Maybelline is another famous brand in India, having an extensive array of excellent products that combine creativity and affordability. The brand has offered cosmetics that fulfil the beauty needs of all Indian consumers for more than a decade.

The brand has introduced products upon considering the Indian customers’ skin tones and preferences. Maybelline’s affordable range of products and convenient availability helped them earn the name of a famous Indian makeup brand. They offer everything from iconic kajal to lipsticks that fit everyone’s requirements and budgets.

The brand offers extensive beauty collections for everyday women and advanced kits for professional artists in different pricing ranges. With the right blend of affordability and premium quality, the brand gets the second rank in the list.

3. L’Oréal Paris

L’Oréal Paris

In the Indian beauty business, L’Oreal Paris sets a shining example of premium and excellence. The brand has gained millions of customers across the country by offering a comprehensive range of makeup, skincare, haircare, and hair colour products. The premium range of beauty products gives such a stunning look for all Indian skin tones.

From renowned foundations that fit different skin tones to vivid lipsticks, the brand offers versatile products. Additionally, the availability of innovative skincare items gives noticeable and promising effects. Apart from selling products, the brand operates a vast network of salons and renders a wide variety of cosmetics and beauty services across the world.

4. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics has gained huge popularity among Indian consumers in recent times after knowing its worthy results. Sugar combines modern beauty through its friendly approach and inventive products. The brand has established a solid reputation among cosmetic lovers across the country through its unique and bold colour palettes.

The brand launches products that suit all Indian skin tones and are free from harsh chemical items. It follows the ideal fusion of modern design, affordability and quality, from its intensely designed eyeshadows to lipsticks and face products. All these aspects make Sugar Cosmetics a desired cosmetic brand in India.

The brand knows the beats of the Indian consumers very well, and thus, they sell the products via mobile apps, physical stores and e-commerce websites. The venture has also earned international popularity and set up an extensive fan base. 

5. Nykaa


Nykaa is a highly utilized and famous cosmetic brand in India. The brand, led by Falguni Nayar, is the first centicorn giant in India operated by a woman. In 2012, the company launched its online store and started to sell the best cosmetic products in India.

The rapid growth of Nykaa Cosmetics made it ranked on the list of the top Indian beauty markets. Although different brands play in the market, Nykaa has created a huge fan base through its creative approach and consistent dedication to quality. By offering a comprehensive selection of cosmetics, the brand meets the changing needs and demands of Indian customers.

Consumers can get products, ranging from perfect foundations to bold lipsticks, at affordable prices. With unique creation and formulation, every product celebrates uniqueness and enhances the beauty of all Indian skin tones by producing flawless and stunning outcomes.

6. MAC

MAC Cosmetics

MAC is a highly recognizable makeup brand in India and attracts vast numbers of customers. It gains immense recognition in the market for creative products. On the other hand, it is one of the best makeup brands in India and has earned an international reputation among many makeup enthusiasts.

It has a good name in the beauty and fashion industry. MAC provides a vast collection of foundations that match a wide range of skin tones. MAC lipsticks attract people in the form of long-wearing texture and intense pigmentation.

Every woman has different hues and preferences to find perfectly matched makeup products from user-friendly catalogues. From this brand, women can explore popular products, including lipsticks, eyeshadow, and foundation.

7. Colorbar

Colorbar is a famous brand that offers a stunning collection of beauty and skincare products.  The cosmetic brand is well-versed in the beauty industry with an impressive range of superior products that merge originality and style.

The brand is a highly preferable option for makeup fans nationwide because of its solid dedication. From the luxury catalogue, you can identify a wide array of cosmetics ranging from bold eyeshadow palettes to long-lasting lipstick and foundation.

The cosmetic company understands customer demands and provides every product that harmonizes different skin tones. People can express beauty effortlessly and fearlessly with the innovative and stylish packaging formula.

8. Renee


Renee is a top-tier cosmetic company that creates a great revolution in the beauty industry. The brand is responsible for providing FDA-approved, luxurious and cruelty-free makeup. Apart from that, the brand also guarantees that every individual identifies a perfect match by meeting a vast array of tastes and skin tones.

It delivers a vast selection of cosmetics that suit traditional and modern Indian beauty standards. It comes under a list of famous indian brands. People can acquire perfectly blended foundation and bold lipsticks.

Indian makeup enthusiasts love this cosmetic brand very much due to its superiority and price. You can purchase quality products to boost self-confidence and appearance. It manages long-lasting impressions in the Indian cosmetic market.

9. Revlon


Revlon is the most demanding brand in the world. People often rely on this brand for cutting-edge appearance and classic elegance to beauty. The brand mesmerizes Indian consumers with its impressive formula and premium products.

It is rich in a vast collection of hair color, hair care and makeup products like lipsticks, foundations, eyeliners, and a lot more.  These are crucial to show the unique beauty and appearance of individuals.

A well-liked brand impresses customers by providing products that are creative, high-quality, and affordable. Revlon allows people and encourages them to state unique beauty stylishly. Contemporary women gain huge benefits from this brand of makeup product. It redefines beauty standards consistently and persuades how individuals perceive makeup.

10. Lotus Herbal

Lotus Herbal

Do you want nature-friendly and innovative beauty items? Lotus Herbal is the leading brand in the Indian market. It is one of the top beauty products brands with expertise in developing the herbal formulation. It comprises plant-based extract and natural components.

The brand enriches with several makeup items to boost appearance and preserve and nourish skin. You can explore impressive makeup products from lipstick to foundations. Makeup enthusiasts enjoy the stunning outcome and manage healthy skin forever.

Cosmetic brand satisfies customer demand by offering cosmetics and cleansers for different skin types. Cosmetics never comprise harmful chemicals, including sulphate, phthalate, and parabens. The brand creates awareness of protecting the environment and prevents ecological impact.

Lots of distributors distribute cosmetics to many towns and cities. Lotus herbals keep a good reputation for effectiveness, affordability, and quality. The brand has become a top choice for makeup fans who love modernity and tradition.


The above brands are popular in the Indian market and meet every customer’s demand by offering quality products. Renowned brands like MAC, Lakme, Maybelline, and others provide products at a reasonable price. These companies highly pledge to originality, inclusivity, and excellence that bring people authenticity and confidence. So, you can consider the above brands and pick up quality products to take your look and appearance to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Beginners often prefer essential makeup products, including concealer, foundation, mascara and diverse eyeshadow palettes. They must research and identify the right shade.

MAC is in high demand among many individuals today. It is a well-known brand in India that provides a massive variety of products. MAC makeup products complement each type of eye color and skin tone.

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