Top 12 Best Pull Up Bars of 2020 [Buyer’s Guide]

Among the many exercises that people perform to attain a fit body, pull up is one of the best options. The pull up exercise is even considered as one of the most heavyweight body exercises that provides an all round body exercise. For the regular exercisers, pull ups have been known to develop the biceps, traps, forearms, abs, and the back muscles as well.

If you are the type who does not have the time or intention to hit the gym daily, you should look for a home pull up bar. There are other options as well, which include tree branches, fences, or door bars, but none of them are reliable. Hence, it is always advisable to go for some reliable pull up bars.

At present, a pull up bar stand is mainly available in three different types. These are the free standing pull up bars, wall mounted pull up bars, and the doorway pull up bar. Each of the types of pull up bars comes with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. However, all of these types can help you perform the required exercises in your home without any hassle.

The Best Pull-Up Bars For Your Home Workouts

All the three various types of pull up bar stands have been included in the top 12 best pull up bar stand review, which is given below. All of the pull up bar stands mentioned below have been included after checking multiple reviews, real time user data, and inferring the comments of many users and professionals. Their quality, usage, and effectiveness have also been thoroughly checked.

Read the article below to find which pull up bar stands are the best available in the market, and what you should see before buying them.

#1. Stamina X Fortress Power Tower

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We start the list with one of the best pull up bar stands that provide a lot of effectiveness. It is one of the pull up bars which belong in the free standing category, and it is one of the most popular choices at present as well. This particular model is quite costly, though. However, the productivity and efficiency it provides definitely makes it a value for money product. To make it appealing to multiple types of users, the preference of the pull up style can be freely customized. There are the standard parallel and standard grips available, and the device comes with rock climbing grips and stronghold ball grips as well.

The tower comes well equipped with the abs strapping pairs, and the dip bars are adjustable. There is also a padded backrest to help in leg raising exercises. There is also a plyo stand in the back, which comes inbuilt and is adjustable. This particular addition helps in split squats and box jumping. Hence, a user will be easily able to get a full body exercise.

Summary –
  • The components are made of premium quality and the build is very solid
  • There are multiple options for pull ups, which include rock climbing, parallel, and wide grips
  • Comes with inbuilt plyo stand which is adjustable
  • Has straps for abs, dip bars, and padded backrest
  • The tower has a fixed height
  • It is quite costly 

#2. Harison Power Tower

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This is one of the free standing pull up bars which is an excellent choice due to the adjustable height option. The range is between 70 inches to 88 inches, and this pull up bar stand is highly rated among the customers. This particular device can be termed as chunky, and it has the options for performing wide grip chin ups and pull ups. The tenacity and the appeal of the exercises can be customized to some extent as well. As for added functionalities, this pull up bar stand comes with a pair of push up bars, a padded chair for knee and leg raises, and a pair of dip handles.

This unit comes with a weights bench attached in the back, and it can be folded vertically for storage purposes. This is actually a very useful feature, as you can also perform incline, decline, and flat chest presses, provided you can manage dumbbells. This product is also quite expensive. However, with everything it has to offer, the price is justified.

Summary –
  • The unit is solely built for performance, and has a great build
  • Has multiple stations for working out
  • Has easy storage options with an inbuilt weights bench
  • The maximum user weight capacity of this product is 220 pounds
  • The product is expensive

#3. Stamina 1690 Power Tower

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This product is another of the pull up bars that belong in the free standing category, and this particular product has one of the best efficiency, and it also comes at quite an affordable price tag. There are only four workout stations available, and the device is very simple to use. Among the four workout stations, the main highlight is the pull up station of course. It comes with a bar that is foam padded, and it has both close and wide grips. Therefore, you can perform both pull ups and chin ups easily. There is also a dip bar present in the middle for push-ups, and it comes with ankle pads that help in sit ups as well.

The product cannot be said to be the most versatile pull up bar stand out there, as captain chair stations and other premium features are absent. However, it provides a lot in the said price, and it is a valuable addition to any home gym out there.

Summary –
  • The quality is uncompromised and the price is quite affordable
  • The product is highly stable
  • It is an easy to use product with only four workout stations
  • There are no armrests and back support
  • The height cannot be adjusted

#4. GoBeast Power Tower

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We have another of the free standing pull up bar stands next. This particular product is one of the hottest pull up bar stands in the market right now, and many professional trainers have been greatly impressed by this device. The design has been mainly done to make the product as lightweight as possible, and the product allows the user to perform as many exercises as 35. The base of the product is quite wide, and it comes with frame constructed of steel. The top bar is sturdy enough to help in conducting chin ups and pull ups. The middle part of the frame is removable, and the entire device can be adjusted for performing push-ups, dips, and leg raises.

For additional convenience, some extras are available as well. The product comes with three sets of resistance bands, and users also get a carry bag and a manual for workouts. Even though this device is slightly less stable than the other models mentioned here, the product is one of the best options for pull up bar stands and has an affordable price tag.

Summary –
  • The device has a functional yet lightweight design
  • The product can be assembled and disassembled very quickly
  • Upto 35 different exercises can be performed
  • Users also get a workout manual, resistance bands, and a carry bag
  • Stability is slightly less than other premium models

#5. Gronk Fitness Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

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This product is one of the most versatile pull up bar stands available in the market right now. It has simple looks, but it has outstanding strength when it comes to working out. This product is of the wall mounted styled pull up bars, and has much more to offer than users can imagine. For starters, this product comes with a massive user weight capacity of 800 pounds, and comes with powder coating for easy grip. Multiple accessories can be attached, which include inversion boots and suspension training systems.

This device has multiple grips, and close and wide grip pull ups can be easily performed. Multiple grips are available, which allow easy chin ups. The frame is reversible, and the product can be attached to the wall as well. You can even easily perform dips and muscle ups. The product is on the expensive side, and it is quite obvious to be fair.

Summary –
  • The product is heavy duty, with 800 pounds of user weight capacity
  • The center frame is reversible
  • The product is expensive
  • It is over 4 feet in width

#6. Merax Wall Mounted Pull-Up Bar

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This device is one of the wall mounted types of pull up bars, and it has multiple stations that can help in performing a complete workout for the upper body. The maximum user weight capacity of this product is 440 pounds, and there are mainly two ways in which this device can be operated. This device can obviously be used a normal pull up bar, and it comes with neutral, close, wide grips, and a dip station as well. The station can also be flipped if you are looking for using the captain’s chair for developing your abs.

The unit comes with inbuilt metal rings for attachment of additional accessories like punch bags and suspension training systems. The product, though, requires quite an amount of space, and the parts need to be assembled carefully.

Summary –
  • The unit is extremely versatile with two different setups
  • The maximum user weight capacity is 440 pounds
  • Dips, chin ups, and pull ups can be easily performed
  • Back support and armrests are nicely padded
  • It comes in a bulky frame
  • The device needs to be mounted on walls

#7. Stud Bar Ceiling Pull Up Bar

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This product is one of the best pull up bar stands for home that you can choose from this list, and comes with additional customizations. This pull up bar stand can be fixed into walls and ceilings as well, if anyone wants space for swinging. For professionals who prefer exercises with higher movements, such as kipping pull-ups, this unit is one of the best options available. The product is quite simple, even though it is extremely strong. The frame is made of steel and comes with powder coating. The maximum user weight capacity of this device is 600 pounds.

This pull up bar stand has a width of over 48 inches, and comes with the options of chin ups, close and wide grip pull ups. The device can also be customized to fit in rooms by making it functioning in large, medium, and even small sizes.

Summary –
  • The device can be mounted on ceilings as well as walls.
  • Assembling this product is very easy
  • It comes with an excellent user weight capacity of 600 pounds
  • The grips available are limited than other premium models
  • The price is on the expensive side

#8. Iron Age Pull Up Bar

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This unit is of the doorway type of pull up bar stands, and it is one of the most compact units out there. The options for grips may be limited, but it makes up for its solid nature. This unit does not require any assembly at all, and it comes with the smart hook design that is associated with a padded bar. Therefore, you can easily perform chin ups and wide grip pull ups with ease.

This unit is designed to place the bar above the doorway, so that users with good height may not experience any difficulties. With a rock solid stability, the user weight capacity of this unit is 440 pounds.

Summary –
  • There is no assembly required of any kind
  • Specially designed for heavy and tall users
  • Dips and pushups can also be performed
  • Does not have multiple grips
  • This unit is slightly on the costlier side

#9. Ultimate Body Press XL

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This particular model is another of the doorway styled pull up bar stands, and has amazing quality that provides outstanding performance. As the name suggests, this unit is really the ultimate when it comes to grips. The frame is made of steel, and can extend 10 inches out and 1 inch up. This helps in better movement while working out. As for the grips, close, wide, and even hammer grips pull ups can be performed, along with chin ups.

It comes with highly dense foam pads that provide protection and comfort. Doorways with width between 24 to 36 inches can easily accommodate this unit. Pushups, dips, and sit ups can also be performed.

Summary –
  • Multiple grips available
  • User weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Elevated frame for better movement
  • Slightly on the expensive side

#10. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pro

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This model is one of the affordable doorway-styled pull up bar stands, and has multiple functionalities. The frame is compact, and the padded grip comes in three variations. This product also acts as a multi gym unit, and you can also develop other body parts for performing dips, pushups, and sit ups, along with pull ups of course.

The user weight capacity is 300 pounds and it can fit in doorways with width between 27 to 33 inches.

Summary –
  • It comes in a compact design which ensures functionality and door frame protection
  • 300 pounds of user weight capacity
  • Three padded grips are available
  • Slight assembly is required

#11. Nice C Pull Up Bar, Multi-Purpose, Hole-Free

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This unit is a Stand Alone pull up bar that also acts as a kit for comprehensive workouts. The design is lightweight, and multiple exercises can be done. This device is quite portable, and the hole-free design makes it easy to assemble. This unit comes with adjustable length, and is extremely durable.

The construction is quite well made, and the maximum user weight capacity is around 300 pounds.

Summary –
  • The material is sturdy
  • It comes with hole-free installation
  • The length can be adjusted

#12. Uflyy Pull-up Bar with Adjustable Width

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The last pull up bar stand on this list is one that comes with easy installation. No screws are required for the assembly, and the unit is very easy to use. For additional stability, there are two anti-skid measures present on both sides. The size can be selected as it seems ideal to the user. This product has locking function which makes it quite unique. This unit supports users with a maximum weight of 440 pounds.

There are multiple applications that come assorted with this pull up bar stand. Overall, this unit is one of the finest additions to your home gym for performing pull up exercises.

Summary –
  • Installation is very simple
  • It comes with a locking feature
  • The bar length can be adjusted
  • There are multiple applications assorted with it


As the article states, the pull up exercise is one of the toughest and best exercises you can do to maintain the fitness of your body. It also enhances your physical strength, and if you have less time for attending a gym, you can simply purchase a pull up bar stand for your home. With multiple types available, you can choose the type that is best suited for your regular usage. For strong power towers, to stand alone bars, to comparatively cheaper doorway bars, you can choose what suits your need the best.

With the list of the current best twelve pull up bar stands mentioned in this article, you can get all the various types that are designed to bring the best out of you, no matter which one you choose.

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