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The 8 Best Exercise for Weight Loss at Home for Women

Home Workout for Women: If you need to improve your weight and body composition, you must combine a healthy and balanced diet at the hormonal level with easy exercises to lose weight fast at home and burn fat. As for the diets we already know that they should incorporate healthy meals to lose weight, but only the diet is not enough. You need an increase in physical activity that also helps you reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases good (HDL), releases endorphins and feeds your motivation.

Is there any special exercises for women?

To lose weight fast and definitively, you have to “burn your fat deposits” of the waist, hip or bust. For this, it is necessary to “burn” first the immediate energy reserves, the glucose in the form of glycogen that is stored in the muscles and in the liver. This process, produces a rapid thinning the first 15 days, for the water you lose when burning glycogen. Sometimes the exercise fattens, because certain poorly designed exercises generate hypertrophy of the muscles, which by increasing their size, increase your contours and therefore fattening in volume, which is definitely what is most noticeable to the naked eye. Therefore, experts recommend you a different exercise for beginners to lose weight at home, muscle toning program according to sex, since women, to stylize their silhouette, will work more high buttocks and pectorals and less quadriceps or arms.

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What are the exercises for women to lose weight at home?

Recovery of muscles and rest, both are crucial for a better weight loss. You must not repeat the same exercise daily. When you get used to certain types of movements, your muscles become more efficient, consume less energy and burn fewer calories. Modify your workouts and make periodic changes in speed, pace, loads, etc. Keeping women’s physical structure, bio-diversity and stamina in mind, we have designed this list of best exercise for weight loss at home for female. Keep reading.

Best Exercise for Weight Loss at Home for Women

#1. Arm Flexion

Arm flexing is a very versatile exercise that can benefit both beginners and advanced ones.

How to do it – In order not to have problems and get injured while performing the arm flexion, it is important to be careful with the positioning of the hands, spine and hip. The hands should be flush with the chest and open so that the elbows can bend to 90 degrees. Arm flexion helps you lose belly because it works several muscles, including shoulders, triceps, abdomen, dorsal muscles and buttocks.

#2. Jump Rope

Jump Rope Exercises for Women

Skipping rope may have been a joke in childhood, but this move can be fun and help you lose your belly without leaving home in adulthood as well. Even, it considered as the fastest weight loss exercise for both women and men.

How to do it –First choose a safe place to jump rope. The ideal place to start is to take two to three minutes of rope with your muscle exercises. Skipping rope helps to lose weight and lose belly. As it is an aerobic exercise, skipping rope will help in weight loss and improve fitness, thus contributing to burning protruding belly.

#3. Boards

The boards are champions when it comes to losing belly without leaving home. They are considered an abdominal exercise, which has several ways to perform it.

How to do it – To start the isometric board, place both hands parallel to the floor, as well as the toes, dividing the body weight on these four supports. The movement is similar to a flexion, but here you will not move the arm – it should remain straight with the body straight. It is important never to let the abdomen relax to be able to stay in this position.

#4. Squats

The squat is a comprehensive exercise that activates large muscle groups with the extension and flexion of the hips and knees, but one must be careful to realize it.

squats at home

How to perform – When squatting, the feet should be parallel in the same direction as the hip. Be careful not to leave your legs too wide or closed, and when crouching, your hips should be thrown backwards. You can start with three sets of ten to twelve repetitions. Squats help in the loss of abdominal fat is due to the large energy expenditure.

#5. Hip Lift

Hip lifting with the person lying down helps lose belly and is easy to do even in tight environments.

How to Do the Hip Lift

How to do it- Lying on the floor or on an exercise mat, keep your arms aligned at your sides, let your knees bend and the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Then raise your hip toward the ceiling. Hip Lift Strengthens Hip Muscles, Buttocks, and Helps Lose Belly.

#6. Jumping Jack

Among the long list of easy exercises to lose weight for beginners, jumping is definitely an exercise that helps warm up the body quickly and requires a little coordination and fitness. In the first moments of the exercise it is already possible to feel how it affects the whole body.

How to do it – The jumping is done by joining your hands over your head as you move your feet apart and joining your feet when you lower your hands to the sides of your body. Jumping is accomplished by joining hands over head while moving feet apart and joining feet when lowering hands to sides of body. The benefit is the high capacity of cardiovascular work that can replace the treadmill or bicycle as aerobic work.

#7. Abs workout

There are several types of sit-ups that can help you lose your belly without leaving home. But it is important to be careful with your spine and exercise.

How to do it – Lie on the floor, on a rug or mat, bend your knees and let your feet parallel with the sole touching the floor. For the simplest abdominal, place your hands behind your head and lift your torso, trying to get your head to touch your knee. This abdominal is as important as the rectum, because it strengthens the lateral trunk, helps define the abdomen and makes the body more stabilized. Muscle contraction exercises are meant to tone muscles and also burn fat.

#8. Burpee

burpee workout home

The Burpee is more advanced, has high intensity and will work both muscle and aerobics together.

How to do it – The movement begins with a squat, followed by a quick movement to put your hands on the floor and “kick” your feet backwards, stopping in the flexed position. Once flexed, pull the legs back to the squat position and raise the trunk. Finish with a jump with hands extended upwards. Start by running the movement five times in a row and make progress. You can do eight sets of five repetitions. This exercise has a high calorie burning rate and works the muscles of the whole body.

Final Words

So, these were the 8 weight loss exercises for women which we enlisted in this article. Be sure to have a word with your personal trainer (if any) to get more beneficial result. Remember to combine daily exercise with a balanced diet according to your physical need. There are various other kinds of exercises, designed especially for women at different ages. Consult with an expert to know more.

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