Body Beast Review – Is It For Real? Let’s Find Out!

The Body Beast program from Beachbody has been a good name among the fitness freaks, and it is often considered as the best programs for all-round body development. Body Beast was first developed by the hands of Sagi Kalev, and it has been a great hit ever since it came in the notice of fitness freaks. 

The Body Beast results as per the customers have been pretty great, and fitness experts have highly recommended it for developing muscles in the body. For those who are looking to shed some extra fat in the body and tame their body in great shape, the Body Beast is a great companion.

Body Beast Workout Review

The proper Body Beast review has been provided in the article below.

Who Can Use This Body Beast?

The Body Beast is not only a fitness program that is targeted to men only. Both men and women can use it, and teenager adults can also use this program to develop their body. Initially, the marketing of the Body Beast program was done as an integral part of the bodybuilding program of Beachbody. This is a program specifically made for working out at home, and it targets the amateur fitness enthusiast more than the fitness experts. For the normal persons who want to get their body ripped or keep in proper shape, the Body Beast program is perfect. Young guys with a target for six-packs will especially find the Body Beast program helpful.body-beast-workout-dvds

The Body beast home workout program appealed a great deal to thousands of people, and especially women. The majority of women especially liked the routine, and everyone started to realize the benefits of routine exercises. Everyone loves to eat more and still keep their weight in a healthy position. With exercising techniques becoming smarter than before, Body Beast has helped numerous people, and especially women to be confident about trying workouts.

Why is Body Beast Popular?

Also, a lot of people are dismissive of the idea to go out in a gym and perform regular workouts. The gym environment is not suitable for everyone, and it can still pose some obstruction in the workout mentality. With the Body Beast homework routine, enthusiastic people can now enjoy the benefits of the workout in their home. For easy understating, the Body beast DVD workout is provided to guide the users with doing the workout in the right way.

Users can try out the exercises for six days every week, and each workout session roughly lasts for 45 minutes or so. Working out at home also saves your commuting time to the gym, which is convenient for people who stay a little far from the locality.

The Body Beast program is also designed to accommodate beginners. For those who have not done any workout previously, even they will find the workout program of Body Beast convenient. All of these exercises are so designed such that the normal routine can accommodate the workout well. With all of the features available, the professional athletes will also find the Body Beast program to be appealing.


Can Body Beast Be Only Used For Muscle Building?

The Body Beast workout program is mainly available in two different plans. They are the Lean beast and Huge Beast. For the beginners or light exercisers, the lean beast program is recommended. This plan is more focused on losing the body fat and development of basic muscle structure. The Beast Cardio can be appropriately implemented on this plan. However, most users will not like the cardio session because of its intense nature. The results of the cardio are excellent, though, which makes the intense session bearable.

Which Equipments Are Needed?

For the proper workout session, users are advised to get some dumbbells which can be adjusted as per the need. Along with the dumbbells, the stability ball or an adjustable bench is also recommended. For those who want to do the heavy lifting, getting a bench is recommended. Also, for an additional workout, users can opt for pull-up bars. An alternative to dumbbells will be the EZ barbells as well.

What Kind Of Results Can Be Expected?

As per proper user data, some of the Body Beast program results include-

  • Within the first 30 days, the chest grew 1 inch, arms grew ¼ inch, and weight increased by 5 pounds
  • After 60 days, similar weight gain was observed
  • By the end of 90 days, the body became enough developed to be easily placed in the top when participated in physique competitions

For absolute beginners, an increase of 5 to 10 pounds in body weight after 90 days can be said to be excellent. Even for veteran workers, having such development in the body within three months is quite impressive.

What Can Go Wrong?

Many people will not get the desired amount of results, even after spending a lot of time with the Body Beast workout program. The main reason behind this is lack of dedication, intensity, and failure to be regular.

If you have an easy-going mentality regarding exercises, then the Body Beast program is not for you. Also, if you are not committed to the program, the results won’t come. Sometimes, lack of proper instruction and using wrong methods of exercises defeats the whole purpose of the workout. Therefore, if you are going to work hard, make sure that it is effective and be regular to it.


The Body Beast program can be said to be a great exercise routine for-

  • All persons who want to stay in shape and attain a good body
  • Anyone who can give 40 to 60 minutes per day for six days in a week
  • Anyone who wish to develop muscles and lose fat simultaneously
  • Anyone who are looking to get effective results after working out
  • Beginners who are looking to get their body in shape
  • Veterans who are looking for a new challenge

The Body Beast program can be said to be more effective in developing the muscles of the body rather than increasing strength. For any fitness enthusiast who prefers to do workouts at home, the Body Beast program can be said to be an overall ideal choice.

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