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The sole purpose of working out with the Body beast schedule is to acquire lean muscles, size, and confidence. It’s not centred around weight reduction, although all that out there is weight reduction. The most exciting thing about the Body beast is how to get bigger in size. Each plan assists you with various objectives; however, The Body Beast Workout Schedule and workout sheets will assist you with losing fat as you gain muscle and the Tremendous beast plan centres exclusively around muscle gains with no weight reduction.

The phases of the body beast workout:

There are three stages to the 90-day exercise, including to-build, bulk and beast stages. You’ll get familiar with the moves in the first Stage, which is in the ‘build’ phase, with directions on the most proficient method to lift, inhale and lock in. Whenever you have the methods down, you do the heavy lifting in the ‘Bulk’ Stage for a month and a half. From that point, the last three weeks are the ‘Beast’ Stage, where you wrap up your process of going from skinny to sturdy. As said in each Stage, you work out six days per week and are off one for rest.

Body Beast Workout Schedule

Let’s understand each phase of the body beast workout schedule in-depth:

Each Stage incorporates all out body exercises and separate chest area and lower body exercises to assist you with acquiring chest muscles, shredded arms, a strong core and strong quads and glutes!

Block 1: Build Phase: The build stage centres around legitimate structure and a solid groundwork of solidarity. You’ll do supersets and goliath sets to construct muscle. This Stage incorporates Chest and Tris, Back and Bis, Shoulders, and Leg exercises.

Block 2: Bulk Phase: The bulk Stage utilizes solid hypertrophy to fabricate muscle development. You’ll do a mix of Power Sets, Moderate Sets, Combo Sets, and Multi-Sets to acquire muscle, and there is likewise no cardio exercise in this multi-day Stage. It incorporates five workout: Back, Chest, Shoulders, Arms, and Legs.

Block 3: Beast Phase: This third and final period of the 90-day exercise plan assists in shredding off that additional mass and seeing with inclining Bulk. Alongside joining exercises from the build and bulk stages, you’ll blend in aerobics and extraordinary centre work for max results. In this Stage, you, in all actuality, involve the past exercises and include beast Abs and Cardio.

WHAT ARE These Unique “SETS”?

Body beast came from Sagi’s new-school execution preparing after he won Mr Israel for his lifting weights. Every gym routine keeps your muscle filaments, terminating every exercise with six unique solidarity preparations.

Different Styles of Exercises: 

Super Sets: Any two activities that are managed with practically no rest between them

Giant Sets: 3 activities done consecutively to back focusing on a similar muscle bunch

Multi-Sets: 3 manoeuvres focusing on various muscle gatherings

Force Sets: Five arrangements of five reps, with 10 seconds of rest between each set

Progressive Sets: A pyramid that goes from high reps, lighter load to low reps, heavier weight, enjoys some time off, and afterwards goes backwards, from low reps, heavier load to high reps, lighter loads

Combo Sets: An activity that works more than each muscle bunch in turn

Changing up your circuit schedule and zeroing in on various points can assist you with seeing improved results more quickly.


Each exercise is under 60 minutes.

Building Stage:

1- Build the Legs for 38 min

2- Build the Chest and Rear arm muscles for 48 min

3- Work Back and Bis for 50 min

4- Build the Shoulders for 38 min

Bulking Stage:

1- Bulk the Legs for 41 min

2- Bulk the Arms for 35 min

3- Bulk the Chest for 30 min

4- Bulk the Back for 29 min

5- Bulk the Shoulders for 35 min

CARDIO AND Extra Exercises:

1- Work for Beast Abs for about 10 min

2- Work towards beast Cardio for 38 min

3- Build beast All out Body for 38 min

One more special program to attempt is Sledge and Etch!

WHAT Gear is required for a body beast workout?

You’ll need various hand weights, an exercise seat or security ball, a draw-up bar or a bunch of obstruction groups to change the force-ups and chin-ups. Bowflex’s Selecttech free weights for one utilized, and professionals love them. Alongside movable hand weights, that is, dumbbells, assisting bank for jawline ups in light of the reps in question.

The Diet Plan

The Diet Plan

You can utilize either Fit physique Nourishment Plan – Extreme Piece Fix or 2B Outlook with one or the other timetable. Professionals favour Extreme Piece Fix or a macros approach, including little feasts over the day since you want sufficient protein and carbs to fuel your exercises.

Download Body Beast Schedule

Body Beast Workout Schedule calendar is freely available for download.  It is in PDF version and can be easily printed at home.

Body Beast Lean Schedule – Download Here

Body Beast Bulk Schedule – Download Here


If you are into fitness and wellness, you must have heard of Body beast workout schedules. This is the best workout schedule for those looking forward to bulking up and building their muscles. Every workout schedule has its results, aiming for which the practisers undertake. Some undertake workout schedules to lose weight, and some to attain a particular body shape or weight. Similarly, with body beast workout schedules, one gets to gain muscles and get big.

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