Top 12 Brazilian Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Are you seeking the best way to promote your brand? Would you like to reach your fitness goal effectively? Well, Brazilian fitness influencers encourage the follower to get a healthier life and promote the product. In the modern world, Instagram is one of the powerful platforms for fitness fans to share their passion for wellness and health. 

Brazil is famous for its beautiful landscape and vibrant culture with numerous fitness influencers. Brazilian fitness influencer on the social media platform has gained more popularity. They promote healthy lifestyles, share workouts and inspire transformation stories.

Keep reading the article to explore the Top Brazilian Fitness Influencers On Instagram who make an impression in the fitness sector.

The Biggest Brazilian Fitness Influencers

Searching for Brazilian Fitness influencers for your outreach campaign. Here are the top 12 Fitness Instagram Influencers In Brazil In 2023

1. Bella Falconi

Bella Falconi is one of Brazil’s popular fitness models and nutritionists, with more than 3 million followers on instagram. Bella posted workout routines, nutritious and other content on her instagram account that motivates many women worldwide. Also, she investigates the happiness and challenges of balancing motherhood with fitness-centric routines. Bella Falconi’s post is the best source of inspiration for people who need to achieve their fitness goals.

2. Arthur Picoli

Arthur Picoli the best Brazilian trainer on Instagram. He is a fitness guru because Ricardo has years of experience in the fitness sector. He has over 4.2 million followers on Instagram due to his content. Arthur Picoli showcases many workouts, such as high-intensity interval training, yoga, etc. It helps the follower to reduce excess weight and get an attractive look effectively.  

3. Gracyanne Barbosa

Gracyanne Barbosa is the fitness icon in the region because of her dedication and passion for fitness. On her instagram page, you can explore dance routines, exercises, diet plans and others. She advocates for balanced approaches to fitness that highlight the significance of nutrition and exercise in achieving fitness goals. 

4. Claudinha Gadelha

Claudinha Gadelha is the hottest Brazilian model on Instagram in the fitness industry. The passion, experience, skill and dedication of Claudinhato fitness have motivated many people. Claudinha is a professional MMA fighter who showcases her excellent training and fitness journey on social media. The journey of Claudinha Gadelha reminds people that females can shine in any field. 


TREINADOR KAKÁ is the number-one fitness influencer because of his innovative workout routines. He provides fresh perspectives on wellness and health that help people to achieve their goals. In addition, you can get training tips and outstanding exercises on the TREINADOR’s social media sites. Unconventional equipment and inventing innovative workouts aid the person in losing weight and staying stronger. TREINADOR’s unique approaches to fitness keep his followers motivated.

6. Eva Andressa

Eva Andressa is one of the Brazilian fitness models with more than three million followers on Instagram. The social medial account of Eva shows her dedication to maintaining weight and body shape. The story of Eva Andressa is proof that with steady commitment, anybody can lose weight and achieve their fitness goal. In addition, she shares her everyday routine, personal life and nutrition tips on Instagram. 

7. Renato Cariani

Renato Cariani is a physical education teacher in Brazil who shares workout tips on instagram. Also, he is a professional athlete and businessman, providing the best coaching for people. His dedication to building a stronger body has made him the number-one fitness influencer. In addition, He concentrates on mental health, so Renato helps people stay physically and mentally healthier. 

8. Andre Carvalho

Andre Carvalho is placed on the top Brazilian fitness influencers list for his dedication to fitness. His mission is to transform lives without hassle. He offers a large range of content on Instagram, such as motivational quotes, comprehensive exercises, and others. Besides, Andre has more than a million followers on instagram. His posts highlight his training routines that motivate people to kick-start their fitness journey. 

9. Felipe Franco

Felipe Franco is a recognized bodybuilder and fitness coach in Brazil. He offers valuable insights into excellent bodybuilding techniques and shares his fitness journey on his social media account. The Brazilian trainer Felipe has over two million followers on Instagram. In addition, the content of Felipe includes motivational messages, workout tips, food and others. 

10. Ana Carolinne Ribeiro

Ana Carolina Ribeiro is an iconic figure in the Brazilian fitness world. The Fitness influencers have more than 923K followers on Instagram. Ana stands out from other fitness trainers because of her sculpted body shape and dedication to bodybuilding. In addition, she posts content to promote a healthy relationship with workouts and food. In addition, Ana Carolinne’s message also motivates women to kick-start their fitness journey and lose excess weight effortlessly.  

11. Juliane Costa

Juliane Costa is a famous Brazilian fitness influencers on Instagram who promotes holistic health. Also, she is a journalist with over 180K followers on instagram. Costa teaches her followers how to achieve their fitness goals smoothly. In addition, Juliane’s feed combines nutrition tips, mindfulness practices and workouts, helping the person to balance their mental and physical health. 

12. Vivi Winkler

Vivi Winkler is a famous fitness enthusiast and trainer who motivate his followers to push their goal. She has over 4.9M followers on Instagram with dedication and passion for fitness. You can explore motivational quotes, transformation stories, workout videos, and others on his Instagram. Vivi’s posts help to encourage both men and women to exercise daily, leading to getting the desired look.  

The Brazilian fitness females cover everything from healthy recipes to workout inspirations that help people stay motivated. You can follow the fitness influencer on Instagram to kick-start your fitness journey and stay fit. 

Final words 

Brazilian Instagram fitness influencers provide plenty of content, from effective approaches and diet plans to workout routines for followers. These contents are accessible to people with different fitness goals. In addition, the influencer offers yoga that helps to increase emotional and mental health. Millions worldwide follow these fitness models to start their journey to a happy, peaceful, healthy life.  

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