The 13 Best Chest Exercises You Can Do At Home without Equipment

Many people think that by going to train at the gym they will get iron breasts, but in reality many factors come into play such as food, the type of training, the effort of each and supplementation. Although sometimes it is not necessary to go to a fitness room and training at home you can get some good muscles. In this article we are going to teach you that Chest exercises without weights and equipment are the most suitable to perform at home and be able to strengthen them. 

Why exercise for chest without weights?

Today, Chest exercises without weights at home is the most practiced by all who go to a bodybuilding room and is the favorite of the male group. Although women should take off that taboo and also train the breastplate because they can benefit from it by having a firmer and higher bust. On many occasions, a large number of people cannot go to the gym for different reasons such as economic difficulties, distance, vehicle, work, etc. It is there when the exercises for chest without weights enter the scene, which you can perform in any place where you are.

In addition, training at home and doing Home chest workout without equipment and without weights, brings you other benefits such as strengthening the breasts, arms, shoulders, back and abdominal rectum. Let’s see what they are.

What are the best exercises for chest without weights?

From the starting point of the base exercise which are the push-ups, variations can be used to increase the intensity and work the pectoral in a different way. Opening or closing the arms more, tilting the position, adding some ballast on the back, using the times as a measure of intensity – as you see, you can perform a routine of exercises to get bigger chest muscles without weights very varied and entertaining.

#1. Conventional Push-up

First of all you have to lie on your stomach and you must raise your body supporting the tip of the feet and the palms of the hands on the floor. They should be placed a little more open than the height of your shoulders. The initial position is with the arms stretched but without reaching the point of blocking the elbows. You start the movement with a flexion of arms, controlling the weight of your body during the descent and without touching the chest on the ground. When you reach that point, it is time to return to the starting position. During the whole Exercises build muscle movement, your back should not be arched but during the whole process, the trunk should remain straight.

#2. Push-ups Closed

Push-ups closed

All the movement is identical to the previous one, just change the position of the arms. The hands on this occasion should remain attached to each other (thumb against thumb) on the floor and at the center of our breastplate. This small variation will make your triceps work much more but that does not mean that our breastplate does not.

#3. Open Push-ups

Another variation of conventional push-ups. This time, the palms of the hands should be more separated than normal. This variant will cause the movement not to have so much lever and support of the arms so the pectoral will work in a more intense way.

#4. Push-up with Knuckles

It is a type of flexion widely used in contact sports and martial arts. Well, this variant is identical to the conventional one, but it changes the support of the hands, which is with the knuckles. This strengthens the wrists, knuckles and improves stability.

#5. Declined Pushups

The same procedure as conventional flexion, but the toes must be elevated on some other surface such as a chair, a sofa, a piece of furniture, a table or whatever you can think of. The higher your feet are, the more complicated the exercise will be. You can even use a Swiss ball to work stability.

#6. Variants with more intensity

This type of push-ups are already of a higher level, a beginner person will not be able to perform them correctly since much more strength and endurance is required.

#7. T-shape Push-up

These are some push-ups with a certain degree of difficulty and you must already have a certain level of physical condition to perform them. The great advantage of this exercise is that in addition to the chest the shoulder and its stabilizers work so it ensures a stronger and more stable joint. In addition, the entire abdominal rectum also works, including the oblique.

To start the movement, you start from the position of conventional flexion, but at the same time you go up you must rotate the trunk to the side and raise your hand until your arms are fully stretched. This way you will make a cross shape or a (T) shape. Your feet as the trunk rotates should also swing slightly to the same side. This facilitates movement. In each repetition we must alternate the arms.

#8. Pseudo Pushups

You continue with the same movement as the typical flexion but this time we vary the direction of the palms. They should be pointing towards the feet and rest a little lower on the torso. In this way the biceps and shoulders work in a more intense way.

#9. Plyometric Push-up

Plyometric Push-up

It is a variant that will give you power and explosiveness. The best known plyometric flex is that of slapping but to begin with it is advisable not to do it. The first thing is to climb with the maximum possible impulse and focus on cushioning the fall, to make the explosive climb again. Do not lose the alignment of the trunk.

#10. Archer Pushup

These types of push-ups are really hard, since transitions are made from one side to the other, only by flexing one arm and leaving the other fully extended. One way to start would be by opening your feet a lot, since this way you will have more stability and it will be easier.

#11. Shoulder Pushup

This is one of the best exercises to gain strength in general since we use our body weight almost entirely. You must stand before a wall and make “the pine”. In this way you will face down and lightly touch the wall with the buttocks and feet. You must flex the arms, controlling at all times the descent and when you touch the ground with your head, you rise again stretching the arms.It is true that this flexion really is a work of the deltoids but the chest also works secondarily, as well as the arms and stabilizers.

#12. Spartan Push-ups

In this case the movement consists of performing push-ups with the hands misaligned, that is, one ahead of the other and when the arm is extended. You advance the hand that was previously behind and delay the one that was ahead using a small I jump for it. Work all the pectoral portions and also, muscle power.

#13. Diamond Push-up

The movement consists of joining the index finger and thumb of each hand on the ground so as to form a diamond with the hands and from there, perform a push-up of arms to work on mostly pectorals major.

Final Words

So, if you have been thinking How to build chest muscles at home without using any equipment, we hope that these above mentioned exercises will facilitate your query. Performing them properly will help you to grow stronger chest muscle and beautiful chest structure at home.

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