Dumbbell Chest Exercises With No Bench

7 Best Dumbbell Chest Exercises You Can Do Without A Bench

In today’s time, fitness becomes the most important wealth of a person. In the matter of progress, there are many new inventions of exercises also introduced by the whole world. Today we’re going to talk about the best dumbbell chest workouts that a person can do without any support (bench). 

These chest exercises can be done at home with Dumbbells. 

So, let’s start

Here we try to discuss 7 different types of exercises of Dumbbell Chest exercises without bench support. 

7 Best Chest Workout Without Bench

  • Standing Chest Press with Dumbbell 
  • Dumbbell Reverse Floor Press
  • Standing Upward Chest Fly
  • Dumbbell T Pushups
  • Stability Ball Dumbbell Pull-Over’s
  • Stability Ball Dumbbell
  • Single Arm DB Floor Chest Press 

#1. Standing Chest Press with Dumbbell 

This exercise is a well-known exercise for muscle training. In Standing Chest Press a person had to press their muscles in a standing position. Do these exercise targeting your pectoral muscles? Yes they do. Standing Chest Press is especially recommended for stimulation and growth of muscles. 

To perform this exercise you just need one dumbbell. Stand in a straight position and hold the dumbbell with your palms. 

Bend palms and take it in front of your chest. Press the dumbbell with the help of your palms and release it to get in the previous position. 

This exercise also mentioned as the best chest work out without bench. Doing this exercise is good for pectoral muscles.


  • Don’t drop your arms while doing this exercise. Place them in a straight line when you extend them. 
  • Your Core should be engaged. This will help you to avoid the risk of lower back stress when to push the dumbbell weight away from you. 

#2. Dumbbell Reverse Floor Press 

Wrist position becomes the key twist in Reverse Dumbbell Chest exercises.

This exercise is said to be the reverse of the Standing chest workout at home with dumbbells. In Standing Dumbbell we had to hold the dumbbell with our palm with forward-facing but in Reverse Dumbbell Chest Press we had to hold a dumbbell with our palm in backward-facing style. This will target our pectoral muscles in a unique way.

Lie on the ground with knees and bend them. Take dumbbells in each of your hands and take a reverse grip at the end of each rep.

#3. Standing Upward Chest Fly

This exercise especially accomplished for front raise but it is also a very helpful exercise for shoulders. It contains a twist in it which makes it suitable exercise for chest. In this exercise, you need 2 dumbbells in each of your hands. 

To perform this exercise first, you had to take a neutral grounded standing position. Take dumbbells in your hands with a palm facing position and also with an elbow (subtle Bend locked). 

Lift your arms from the side so dumbbells can be in the range of chest. After that, you can start to up and down to your reps slowly. 

If you have done this exercise with single-handed one by one this will very beneficial then before. 

#4. Dumbbell T Pushups

Dumbbell T Pushups

This exercise is also mentioned as the best chest exercises. This exercise especially is done to test the stamina and strength of the body. To do this exercise the good level of stamina and core strength are required.

This exercise isn’t recommended for beginners because at the beginning time your strength might be less than the required strength which is needed to do this exercise.

Firstly, go for pushups position with your hand holding dumbbells in it. Stay your arms in the direction of your shoulder for proper position. Start this exercise by doing push-ups. Keep your arm straight and lift your one hand till your body is reached in T shape. Do it again with another hand.

Each one requires a push-up and twist in every set.


  • Start it while doing push-ups
  • Your palms are facing inwards when you done this exercise.
  • Don’t do deep into your pushups

#5. Stability Ball Dumbbell Pull-Over’s

This exercise is also done with a bench as well as without bench. To make this exercise extra challenging people do this exercise with a Stability ball. This will helps to increase the stability and strength of the body and also give activation to our pectoral muscles.

To perform this exercise holds a dumbbell in your hands. Make a bridge position with the help of stability Ball. When your bridge position is in shape with upper back support hold the dumbbell in your hands and places it in front of your chest. Your arms should be straight. Make the dumbbell at the lower and stretch your chest properly. When you do this position you become able to feel the stretching in your latissimus Doris.

After completing this exercise make sure to rotate your Hands inward and outward this will help to provide a type of rest to our writs and also increase the flexibility of wrists. This will give more activation to your chest so that the exercise gives you great results in less time. The point is to remember that you were well engaged at the time of exercise. This will help to give support to your neutral Spine for reducing the risk of hyper flexion when you lift weight behind on your head. This will also help you avoid the risk of injury in our bodies.

#6. Stability Ball Dumbbell

This is the only exercise that can be done in various ways without bench but the most suitable way to do this exercise is with the help of Stability Ball. 

Place your upper back on the stability ball. 

Place your feet on the floor and bend your knees this will help to attain the proper position of this exercise. Push your hips upward to get in the perfect position of the exercise. Take the Dumbbells in your hand and bend your hands in front of your chest in a similar position. Pull up your arms in front of your chest (45°). This will give activation to your pectoral muscles. If you do this exercise on the floor you can also carry more weight than before. 

Doing this exercise on stability will also increase the challenge of this exercise which makes it one of the best chest exercises. 

#7. Single Arm DB Floor Chest Press

This exercise is also a popular exercise for muscle training. It is also a well-known exercise for balanced strength and mass of the chest workouts. This exercise helps to improve your core strength and stability. 

You just need one dumbbell to perform this exercise. Start this exercise by laying you back with straight legs. Take a dumbbell in one of your hands and place it in front of your chest (45°). Press the weight up and down and repeat it for some time. 

When you press the weight upward you feel some core kick to stop this exercise. If you feel stress in your lower back you can bend your knee. 


So, here we saw the top 7 best exercises for the chest workout without bench. All the exercises are extremely impressive and effective for muscle training and chest training. The exercises mentioned above are unique and can provide quick results in less time. Make sure you try these exercises at home regularly to get the best results in a comparatively lesser time. That’s all we have for today.

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