Exercise Bikes Buying Guide of 2020

Leading a fit and active lifestyle is everyone’s dream and this can be best achieved by introducing workouts in your daily life schedule. For those who are overweight and want to shred, having an exercise bike becomes a must. There are different types of exercise bikes available in the market you can choose from but selection becomes a tough job. In this exercise bike buying guide, we will guide you with the types of exercise bikes and give our honest opinion on those.

There is no shortcut to success hence you will have to be rough on your body if you want to stay fit. Using medicines and other shortcut methods will never give you long term fitness. An exercise bike is one of the best ways to burn extra calories healthily and stay fit. It is a boon for those who are highly over-weight and finding it difficult to cut the weight. One of the best forms of cardio is exercising on the exercise bikes. It burns calories rapidly and also keeps your heart healthy.

Types of Exercise Bikes                                                   

If you have just decided to buy an exercise bike then searching for it will blow your mind as there are different types of exercise bikes available in the market. You don’t know their specifications and very confused about which one to purchase then worry not as this exercise bike buying guide is created to clear your confusion and bring your brain to rest again.

There are different types of exercise bikes like; Recumbent bikes, indoor cycling bikes, workstation bikes, upright bikes and so on. There’s no need to get confused as we are here to help you out. So stick with us to know more about these bikes and choose the best type that is suitable for you –

Upright Bikes

Upright Bikes

The most popular type of exercise bike is upright bikes. You genuinely feel like you are riding a cycle/bike. There is no back support on these exercise bikes. You will feel like you are riding a bicycle outdoors. These types of bikes are extremely easy to use and handle. They miss several additional features that most of the exercise bikes these days are having but if you solely focus on your cardio movements then you will never be disappointed by its performance.

This is a great machine for your lower body workout and cardiovascular health. Most of the upright bikes come with a feature of tracking the total distance covered. You can also adjust the resistance as per your preference. It is affordable hence those who are on a tight budget can definitely go for this exercise bike.

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

These are the second most popular types of exercise bikes. Recumbent bikes are almost similar to upright bikes except for the back support that these bikes offer. For those who have problem with their back but still want to go for the cardio movements should opt for this exercise bike. These are identifiable by their chairs like the design. The seat on these bikes is larger than upright bikes hence these bikes offer you more comfort in terms of upright bikes.

The pedal for the rider has been placed accordingly; in front of the seat except below the seat as the rider sits reclined. This is also considered a good machine in terms of proper blood-flow as the rider’s body remains in a comfortable position. This is a very good bike for training your lower body. You will though require a wider space to keep the bike and when you are aiming for home work out; you might face difficulty in managing it.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

These bikes are also known as spin bikes and look similar to upright bikes. The functionality of this bike is similar to regular bikes. These bikes have gained popularity due to the spinning classes being introduced in most of the gyms. These bikes are highly popular among those who are intended by an intense workout.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

One can easily adjust the resistance of this bike by adjusting the pedals and the rider is expected to get a heavy workout session while riding this bike. You can easily tweak the resistance and set it to your preference. These bikes are easy to use but lack in terms of many features and accessories.

Dual-Action Exercise Bikes

Dual-action exercise bikes are highly useful for those who are looking for a full-body work out through exercise bikes. These bikes are efficient in terms of full-body workout along with maintaining good cardiovascular health. The handlebars of these bikes move front and back, syncing with the pedal movement.

You can very well increase your overall intensity of the aerobic exercise as your arms remain in continuous motion. The upper body gets very well toned along with the lower body through this exercise bike. Often dual action exercise bikes come with a built-in fan to cool the rider while working out though you control the working of the fan. The resistance levels are easily adjustable but the machine is expensive when compared to other types.

Final Verdict

So now you have a complete idea of different types of exercise bikes and hopefully are your doubts are cleared. Now you can match your requirements with the specifications of these exercise bikes and pick the one that suits you. But let us help you here a bit –

For those who are tight on their budget but want to get shredded can opt for upright bikes as those are often cheaper and offer a great intense workout. Those who have a problem with their back and want to attain maximum comfort level while working out can go for Recumbent bikes.

Those who want an intense workout session and want to attain the highest resistance while working out can opt for indoor cycling bikes. Finally, those who are aiming for a full-body workout and have no budget issues can go for dual-action bikes. Rest, you can always have your pick.

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