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Exercise Motivation: How to Stay Motivated to Workout Every Day

Working out is extremely important to lead a fit lifestyle. We are living in an era where exercising our body is being heavily ignored. People are so busy with their daily life chores that taking out time for exercise has become extremely difficult for them or maybe they are not so concerned about it. Exercise motivation helps them to stay motivated towards their goals and working out regularly.

08 Best Workout Motivation Tips 

Let’s get aware of some of the best tips for exercise motivation –

Why Exercise?

If you are fully aware of the answer to this question then you don’t need any exercise motivation. There is a never-ending list of benefits of exercise. Exercising not only helps in your physical fitness but also helps you to stay mentally healthy. The release of dopamine hormones while working out is what keeps you happy. You have to exercise because you want to curb down the heavy medical expenses falling in your way. Figure out the answer to this question first.

1. Recall your past

You have planned to exercise and there could be a number of reasons for that. It might be that you have been criticized for your physique in the past. Either you are too fat or too skinny or remain ill all the time. This is one of the best workout motivation tips anyone can give. Recall your past, recall those people who criticized you. You have to give them a reply with the transformation. You were bullied by your classmates for being fat, now it’s time to show them what you have got.

2. Develop fitness goals

This is the primary step before you workout and revising it will keep you motivated throughout the journey. Set a clear goal. It is not just about losing or gaining one pound, it is more than that. Figure out what you want to achieve and then break that big target in small checkpoints. Write down this goal in your phone’s note and keep reminding yourself of the target again and again. You will feel motivated every time.

3. Keep it interesting

Unless you enjoy it, you won’t be motivated to do it. You have to make the process interesting. Do make it too harsh on yourself. If you have a strict diet plan then schedule a time for a cheat meal as well. Take rest between your workout sessions. You are not just doing it for a month or year but you have to continue it in the long run so if it’s boring then you won’t be able to do it. Make sure you enjoy it.

4. Don’t get dishearten every time

This is probably one of the best fitness motivation tips. It takes a minimum of two weeks to realize a change in you. But this change will only be a realization, don’t think that you will completely transform yourself. The transformation that you want will take time sometimes months or years. You have to be patient enough to wait for the result. Life is not a fiction and you have to be real. If you will stick to the plan then you will get a result but consistency and hard work are everything that it takes.

5. Focus on quality over quantity

If you will work out for like 2 hours then definitely you will get bored very easily. Your workout sessions should be between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Focus on intensity during this time. You will get results quickly and without wasting a lot of time. This will keep you motivated in the long run.

6. Find yourself a workout mate

Working out alone can get boring with time for a number of people. Find yourself a workout mate who has a similar goal as you. This will help you to enjoy the process and you both can pump each other with time. Lifting heavy weights and doing more reps is easy and safe when you have got a workout mate.

7. Get pumped

This can be done either by listening to your favorite music track or by your workout mate. Keep yourself pumped during your workout sessions. Listen to motivational music tracks or ask your mate to pump you when you are tired between your sessions. This is extremely helpful when you are looking to get shredded.

8. Get support

At last, if nothing works out to get help from your seniors. Consult your trainer or someone else in the gym who has been working out for a longer period. They will guide you as they understand that it is a genuine problem.


Getting motivated to workout is extremely important if you have got a fitness goal to achieve. Follow the above-mentioned tips to keep yourself motivated while working out.

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