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10 Best Green Shirt Matching Pant Combinations for Men in 2024

Do you wish to upgrade your wardrobe with a stylish and trendy outfit? Of course, you can switch over to a green shirt. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Choosing the matching pant is also another important concern for green shirt. A green shirt matching pant is ideal for dating, nights out, office and casual gatherings and lets people enjoy the versatile look.

Green shirts are in high demand because of their classic charm and versatility. It boosts the wardrobe and helps men stand out with sophistication. As men, you can spend time and get a list of green shirt and pant combination to elevate the sense of style and elegance.

Top 10 Green Shirt Matching Pant Combination Ideas

When it comes to the green shirt combination, few tips to follow that aid you in attaining a stunning look. Select the right shade of shirt and pants that complement each other. You can experiment with diverse colors and go for the ideal one that matches your look and appearance.

1. Green Shirt And Grey Pant Combination

It is a wonderful combination among men today. Men enjoy a low-key and refined appearance. A deep green shirt and grey pants is good for a casual lunch date and business casual. Such a combination shines look and never overpowers overall appearance.

Men highly prefer this combination for an unassuming and subdued appearance. It is reliable to develop a business casual vibe and relaxed brunch. Men love this combination because of its neutral hue. A green shirt is great for managing focus. Neutral-tone pants let the shirt stand on top.  

2. Green Shirt with Navy Blue Pant

Navy blue pant is a good option for a green shirt. Wearers gain huge benefits when wearing green shirts and navy blue pants. A green shirt and navy blue pants combination is a great choice for a relaxed and chic appearance.

  • Navy blue is a versatile color that complements with a vast array of cool colors.
  • It is the best way to keep the outfit remains neutral.
  • Combine green shirt and navy blue pant is stunning for elegance and timeless.
  • This combination is suitable for a romantic evening, a night out, and a romantic evening.

If you wish to enhance your sense of style, wear this fashionable fashion outfit. Combining the green pants with navy blue pants develops a striking ensemble. Such a duo is excellent for making a style statement on the party, gathering, and date.  

3. Olive Green Shirt with White Pant

Do you want an attractive and unique style? You can olive green shirt with white pants. It acts as a classy and trendy combination that works well for fashion walks, semi-formal events, and traveling. With an olive green shirt combination, it is easy to attain an appealing and distinct fashion statement.

A sophisticated and chic pair of green shirt and white pants is ideal for fashion-forward outings and formal occasions. White pant and light neutral brings a relaxed vibe to the wearer. Whether you want to complete an ensemble, you can wear ideal white sneakers and a timeless wristwatch. Distinctive flair will harmonize attire and set the wearer apart from the crowd seamlessly.

4. Light Green Shirt and Cream Pants

A light green shirt and cream pant combination is an excellent outfit for a marvelous outdoor adventure. A pair of green shirt and cream colored pant gives an impressive vibe. For all concerns, the dark color combination balances the rugged and casual ensemble.

Men love light green shirt matching pant combination because it radiates effortless and refreshing charm. It is a good option to enjoy outdoor adventure. It allows men to enjoy the leisurely picnic and hiking via trails.

Men can take complete advantage when wearing this combination. Outfit allows men to feel a dash of excitement in the wardrobe. In this way, men can stay on top of the game and retain a fashionable look and style. The combination gives unique and elegant charm to men.

5. Mehendi Green Shirt with Black Pants

Mehendi green shirt and black pants are an important combination in men’s fashion. Selecting black pant and a Mehendi green color shirt makes it easy to attain a distinctive and bold style. Men often rely on this combination due to its versatility.

  • Black pant is a necessary outfit for men.
  • Black color pant blends with any other color shirts.
  • It takes fashion to a new height when combining the Mehendi green shirt.
  • One can reach the fashion goal easily by wearing this combination.

When wearing a Mehendi green shirt and black pants, men attain an eye-catching and bold appearance. It is a suitable combination for concerts and parties. Men also try this style for the semi formal event to build a style statement.

6. Dark Green Shirt Combination with Black Pant

Do you want a dash of sophistication to your wardrobe? Do you focus on the best color pant for dark green shirt? Of course, the dark green shirt combination is the best option for those who choose work to be unconventional.

The dark combination is suitable for a romantic evening in town, enjoying a romantic dinner with a partner, and going to a concert. A vibrant green shirt and black pants are excellent for a stable and balanced ensemble. It is perfect for experiencing deep hue.

The combination is an ideal way for men to stand out from the crowd. A dark green shirt and black pants is a good solution for individuals who wish to try with a fashion sense. Try a pair of dark green shirt and the black color bottom enhances the unconventional and bold look.

If you want to go out in town, romantic gateway or concert, you can experiment with this combination. On the other hand, you can switch to black trousers that balance the shirt’s brightness and overall outfit.

7. Green Shirt and Khaki Pant Combination

Men always focus on the right color shirt and pants because they never go out of style. Proper pairing of dress is essential to make an elegant and aesthetic appeal. The main aim of the green shirt and khaki pant combination is to manage a refined and well-balanced appearance.

  • When using khaki pants, men must select the right shade of green that matches the pants.
  • A light green shirt works well with dark khaki bottom.
  • The deep green shape is excellent for light khaki pant.
  • To manage a sense of elegance, you can try this combination with matching shoes and a brown belt.

If you want to enjoy the semi-formal occasion and informal gathering, you can experiment dark green shirt and matching pant. A versatile ensemble is enormous for any occasion if you wish to dress up or down.

8. Green Shirt And Blue Jeans Combination

Men wish to enhance fashion-forward sensibility by wearing the green shirt and blue jeans. Green shirt and blue jeans combinations enhance innate style. Such a beautiful outfit is superb for a casual outing and formal gathering.

If you stand separately in the gathering, you can go for a green shirt and blue jeans that show confidence. Digital watch is responsible for enhancing the overall ensemble and adds a touch of elegance and charm to footwear.

This combination works effortlessly to ensure a versatile and chic appearance for all occasions. Attire is fine for dating, parties, hangouts with friends and casual events. Men come with diverse options when selecting matching pants for the shirt.

The combination may differ based on preference for a refined and classic appearance. You can take time to search for a perfect match that suits a green color shirt. Wearer manages refined beauty forever with this combination.

9. Green Shirt with Beige Pants Combination

For an informal atmosphere, a green shirt and beige pants combination is a good choice. Such pairing is effective for laid-back outings, including casual weekend brunch with friends and leisurely lunch dates.

Green shirt and beige pant combination are extremely versatile. Men can boost their look with the beige colored pant and a blazer or manage them casual with comfortable sneakers. Men have different ways to pair green shirts and pants.

If you need a refined and timeless appearance or something special, you can never pair diverse colors until you select the right combination. A green shirt and beige pant duo is perfect for any occasion. Whether you enjoy a special occasion, you can wear a beautiful outfit and make a look stylish and pleasing on date night.

10. Pista Green Shirt with Black Pant

Do you want to boost your professional look? Wearing a pista green shirt and black pants is ideal. Combination can prefer mainly for style and comfort in mind. Pista green is a refreshing color for men when selecting a shirt.

A Pista green shirt and black pants are suitable for all-day and all-season wear. It is an effective means of adding versatility to your wardrobe. The pista green shirt stunningly blends with the black pants. A combination of black pants and a pista green shirt develops a sophisticated and stylish look.

Accessorizing an outfit with a neutral tone or complementary color is beneficial to balance the outfit. Confidence and personal style play a crucial role in making an outfit work better. In this way, men feel free to experiment and look at what works best for style and look.


Of course, you can wear a green shirt with black pants and showcase style and elegance. Black and green is a wonderful combo that works well.

Men often look at the perfect combination of pants that go with an olive green shirt. They try combinations like denim and blue with olive green, navy blue and olive green, grey and olive green, plum and olive green, blush pink and olive green, black and olive green, and a lot more.

The choice of pants can vary based on occasion and wearing. If you wear a light green shirt, you can go for beige, blue jeans, grey and khaki pants.

The choice of shoes is responsible for the overall vibe. To attain a harmonious look, you can try brown shoes in shades such as cognac or tan that work better with green shirts. White sneakers are ideal for a casual touch. Black shoes enhance bold and contrasting appearance. Choose the right color shoe that complements the green shirt and black pants.

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