The 35+ Hottest CrossFit Girls to Follow on Instagram

Crossfit has emerged as one of the toughest sports out there and as for the CrossFit girls, they are nothing short of a source of ardent motivation for those enormously tenacious for endearingly shaped bodies.

If I were a girl and there in that enviable position, I would feel as if I had accomplished everything I ever tremendously desired to have.

But I am not and it isn’t about me; rather about you, right?

And, you are intently gazing at the article, giving me a clear indication as to what you are enormously willing to have.

You aspire to have that sort of body, right? And this is the very reason that you are going through the article for the same girls who unconsciously led you to read this here.

My friend, I am not lying through my teeth that it took me 3 years to scrutinize the profiles of the girls so that the articles could compris merely the girls even the images of whom are enough to entice you to go the extra mile at the gym.

It may have amped up your excitement, no? In case you are a guy, I don’t literally foreknow what thoughts will occur to you but in case you are a girl and aspire to have such a svelte figure, as of now, you will perceive these girls as your idols in terms of such appealing bodies.

Top 35+ Hottest CrossFit Girls You Can Follow on Instagram

Here are the 35 hottest CrossFit women of 2024

1. Sarah Stage

Sarah Stage

She astoundingly has as many as 2 million followers on Instagram that, for sure, are enough to get you to believe that beauty doesn’t go out of the window after kids in case of ardent care of the body.

Sarah Stage @sarahstage

2. Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart

I am sure a whole lot that once you see Goulart, you will get incredibly transfixed to her and will struggle to take your eyes away from her even for a moment.

She is one of a few girls who made it big and endorses plenty of brands, encompassing Nike and Victoria’s Secret that her popularity led her to.

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Izabel Goulart @izabelgoulart

3. Jen Wilderstorm

Jen Wilderstorm

Jen has emerged as one of the most recognizable as well as successful faces in the fitness industry; she appeared to have taken the industry by storm by becoming a regular participant in a show termed ‘American Gladiators’, apart from making 2 Crossfit Regional appearances.

Also, she works in the titular ‘The Biggest Loser’.

Jen Wilderstorm @jenwiderstrom

4. Danielle Sidell

Danielle Sidell

She is the one you will never even think of messing with since she is perceived as an indeed true bodybuilding enthusiast.

Why? Because not only did she complete a collegiate cross country and track within a span of 4 years but she also pulled off a stint along with the national award.

Danielle Sidell @dani_sidell

5. Anna Nystrom


Are you willing to witness the great ambiance in Sweden?

In case ‘yes’, you have to book your tickets without further ado owing to this another reason that this extensively popular CrossFit women of all time. she has built her brand from absolutely scratch on her own and was also featured in myriads of fitness magazines.

Anna Nystrom @annanystrom

6. Julie Foucher

Julie Foucher

If Julie were a product, she would undeniably be the largest selling product in that particular category because this woman has everything that one can’t find in a person with ease such as brawn, beauty, and brain.

Some of her accolades are comprised of 4 regional appearances, a full-time Medical Resident, 2 podium finishes in the Crossfit Games, which set her apart as a real deal.

Julie Foucher @juliefoucher

7. Nina Agdal

Nina is the one who fills the gap between a fitness model and a CrossFit enthusiast with utter ease.

It is unlike a whole lot of would-be celebrities to walk the talk the way she has done.

There is each reason widely available why she has been curated among the top 35 hottest CrossFit women list.

Nina Agdal @ninaagdal

8. Anna Hulda

Dwell in Europe, Hulda is the beauty of Iceland and another CrossFit Mom. However, refrain from making any mistakes, apart from having a Ph.D. degree in engineering, she stands tall as a national Olympic weightlifting champion as well as a European Regionals athlete.

Isn’t it bewildering to you?

Anna Hulda @annahuldaolafs

9. Jackie Perez

Jackie Perez

Perez has accomplished eminence in the world of CrossFit by virtue of being today’s powerful figure.

She has been shoring women’s intentions up through her incredible journey of gaining a whole lot of brand sponsorships, l as well as competing enormously hard in the regionals 5 for approximately 6 years.

Jackie Perez @jackie585

10. Bjork Odinsdottir

Bjork Odinsdottir

First of all, stop gazing at her, she undeniably merits it, though.

Bjork is considered to be today’s hottest Crossfit girls who succeeded in their efforts to make it big but what sets her apart from other girls is her powerlifting prowess.

More appealing fact, she has been a certified Phoenix Rise GRID athlete, apart from being Europe’s 2nd fittest woman during the rookie year.

Bjork Odinsdottir @bjorkodins

11. Kristin Pope

Kristin Pope

Nowadays, this coach and Olympic weightlifting competitor is also way famous as a youtuber but her past is immensely impressive since in 2013, she just took the fitness world by storm after finishing top 2000 in the popular CrossFit Open.

Kristin Pope @kris10pope

12. Marine Lucas

Marine Lucas

Here comes Marine Lucas to adorn this list.

This enormously gorgeous woman achieved prominence owing to ranking 61st in the country’s CrossFit Open and since that very day, she has consistently amassed a loyal fanbase.

Marine Lucas @marine.lucas.crossfit

13. Brooke Wells

Brooke Wells

This woman is predominantly known for wowing the fitness world with her marvelous prowess.

At the age of 19, she made her mind to make her mark in the fitness world and even pulled it off by winning the central regionals, and subsequently entered the CrossFit games in the year 2015.

By the time she turned 22, she had accomplished the position amongst the youngest contestants in CrossFit games.

Brooke Wells @brookewellss

14. Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

Laura has a whole of achievements to ignite spark within anyone and her highly impressive achievements are comprised of being a British Weightlifting Coach, Nutrition Expert, Level 1 CrossFit Coach.

Even more scintillating, she succeeded in finishing 3rd in 2016 CrossFit Team Games and her enormously hard efforts led her to become the Commonwealth Weightlifting champion of the game.

Laura Hughes @laurahughes.1

15. Chyna Cho

Chyna Cho

I would even state that in case this list doesn’t encompass her name, it would be deemed a kind of crime since Chyna is the 4-time CrossFit Games athlete and dwells in Northern California.

The illustrious accomplishment, she successfully secured her place among the top 250 athletes across the globe.

Chyna Cho @chynacho

16. Kayli Ann Phillips

Kayli Ann Phillips

Having seen this girl, you might have been smitten with her since her beauty is worth beholding intently and the strength is exceedingly inspiring.

In case you are hunting for the kind of person who can entice you to work out at the gym with ease, she is the one whom you can follow her to witness the potential outcome. 

Kayli Ann Phillips @ooohbabybeast

17. Katrin Davidsdottir

Katrin Davidsdottir

Hunting for the most successful CrossFit athlete?

Katrin stands here, keeping herself completely apart from other girls curated in the list.

The more bewildering fact, she won the CrossFit games 2 times and apart from this, she also accomplished Podium in 4 out of 5 regionals after striving hard.

This girl is obsessively passionate in her fitness journey.

Katrin Davidsdottir @katrintanja

18. Bethany Shadburne

Bethany Shadburne

Bethany has proved that every new fitness enthusiast must not be deemed on the same scale since notwithstanding she is new to the CrosssFit world, she has emerged as an incredible woman who is supposed to be elevated to a higher state.

By virtue of triathlons, gymnastics, bodybuilding, she ended up developing a svelte figure.

Bethany Shadburne @bethanycf

19. Cassey Ho

Cassey Ho

Ho is certified fitness instructor widely christened Body Positivity Promoter and is also tremendously lauded by Pilates that 1.3 million instagram followers are inspired by.

She is also accustomed to disseminating healthy food recipes to her followers and posting the pics of adorable animals.

Cassey Ho @blogilates

20. Zummer Pagan

Zummer Pagan

Pagan is a well versed powerlifter as well as CrossFitter who dwells in Puerto Rico.

Last year, she was singled out as the fittest girl in Puerto Rico and subsequently, she progressed to 2018 American Open and Nationals.

Zummer Pagan @veranomarie1012

21. Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk

Her 600k followers is a testament to the assertion that she is one of the hottest CrossFit women in the sport list.

Apart from being a CrossFit Coach, this gorgeous woman is a yoga instructor, and physiologist.

Her daily posts will surely compel you to sweat out at the gym.

Amanda Bisk @amandabisk

22. Brooke Ence

Brooke Ence

Having made a 2015 first, Brooke is deemed to be CrossFit games favourite.

Unfortunately, she was by no means geared up owing to her neck injury but came back with the intention to rule again and looking even more svelte as well as sexier for the season of 2018.

Brooke Ence @brookeence

23. Carolinne Hobo

Carolinne Hobo

Hobo is one of the most top notch CrossFit athletes and dwells in Brazil.

Since the year 2013, she has consistently secured her position in the top 100 athletes in Latin America and has successfully made 5 Regionals appearances so far.

She is an ardent example of beauty as well as strength.

Carolinne Hobo @carohobo

24. Ashley Rincon

Ashley Rincon

Rincon is termed a badass beauty and

Widely popular in the world of fitness as a 4-time California CrossFit Regionals Competitor.

A wowing fact, she has been consistently shortlisted as one in top notch 500 female athletes throughout the USA.

Ashley Rincon @smashley_008

25. Danielle Marino

Danielle Marino

Marino is extensively known as a quite old CrossFit Regionals athlete and being a social media influencer, she has amassed a whole lot of sexy spunk.

Danielle Marino @ms_daniellelee

26. Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Camille Leblanc-bazinet

Camile is a Canadian CrossFit athlete and said to have been drowning in sports since she started her journey.

Camile has ranked up 8 CrossFit games appearances so far and won 1. Apart from being a CrossFit athlete, she is also an engineer with a chemical Engineering Degree.

Camille Leblanc-Bazinet @camillelbaz

27. Stacie Tovar

Stacie Tovar

Tovar’s journey began in the year 2017 and she has been in almost every CrossFit game.

Staci fervently believes in the assertion that an athlete can’t progress to prominence without vowing to sweat out at the gym and consistent deliberate training.

Stacie Tovar @stacietovar

28. Andrea Ager

Andrea Ager

Being a fitness enthusiast, you must have heard of ‘AgerBomb’, right? But do you have any idea who she literally is?

Let me state that she is none other than Andrea Ager, who has also been one of indispensable members of New York Rhinos of the GRID.

Apart from having a degree in Exercise science, she is predominantly perceived as a successful field and track athlete.

Andrea Ager @ager_bomb

29. Christmas Abbott

Christmas Abbott

Her posts on Instagram will lead you to be head over heels in love with her and as for her, she is a successful author as well as a tattoo enthusiast

Abbott’s story is tremendously inspiring since before she entered the official world of fitness, she used to work as a member of a pit crew in NASCAR.

Christmas Abbott @christmasabbott

30. Emily Skye

Emily Skye

Emily is a Canadian born CrossFit athlete and appears to have one of the accents you are willing to intently listen to every now and then.

Astoundingly, despite being a mother, she has all this.  

Emily Skye @emilyskyefit

31. Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers

Heidi Somers’s popularity is soaring profusely since she has +1 million followers on Instagram.

Having moved to Texas, she began to go to CrossFit classes and nowadays, she is a CrossFit coach and as per the assertions around, her happiness stems from nutrition as well as self motivation.

Heidi Somers @buffbunny

32. Annie Thorisdottir

Annie Thorisdottir

Also christened ‘Iceland Annie’s and has been a 2 times CrossFit Champion.

Since 2009, she has been consistently deemed one of the hottest CrossFit girls.

Annie Thorisdottir @anniethorisdottir

33. Beth Layton

Beth Layton

Layton is exceedingly hard-working since she trains hard six days a week and rests to shore up all the muscles an entire day.

As for the supplements she gets through, it is creatine she puts into her protein shake.

Her intense training sets her apart as one of the most ripped girls in the list.

Beth Layton @beth_layton

34. Colleen Fotsch

Colleen Fotsch

Fotsch stands tall as a 3 time regional competitor by virtue of completing the first place in the 15.5 open event.

She has been a five-time all American as well as a swimmer at the university of California.

Colleen Fotsch @colleenfotsch

35. Synne Krokstad

Synne Krokstad

Krokstad is endearingly a 2-time CrossFit Games athlete and her best finish is believed to be in the 2019 games where she succeeded in finishing 8th in the team division.

Synne Krokstad @synnekrokstad

36. Jessica Coughlan

Jessica Coughlan

Jessica has been way more determined and successful in her way.

She deserved to be incorporated in the list way ago. Thus, I did beg their pardon, Jessica’s fans.

Jessica Coughlan @jessicaccoughlan

37. Lauren Fisher

Lauren Fisher

Notwithstanding Lauren is no longer as high profile as she was when she had been for a particular period, she merits this position.

It has been a while to her being a CrossFit athlete.

Lauren Fisher @laurenfisher

38. Tammi Robinson

Tammi Robinson

Robinson secured 3rd position in the year 2016 games team competition and is based in Australia.

Her hobbies encompass drinking beer, surfing, eating, and training.

Tammi Robinson @tamarind111

39. Hanna Venemyr

Hanna Venemyr

Hanna Venemyr turned out to be indispensable to the team RXperformance and is incredibly a 3 time competitor of CrossFit games.

Hanna Venemyr @hannavenem

40. Tara Nicole Jenkins

Tara Nicole Jenkins

Tara’s highest ranking itself is enough to wow you a whole lot since it was 103rd throughout the world and as for the place where she dwells ‘Australia’, it was 10th.

Tara Nicole Jenkins @tara.nicole.jenkins


Notwithstanding an external source of motivation doesn’t aid you for long, everyone appears to yearn for it.

However, in case you are hunting not for a nonliving thing but for someone who can entice you to sweat out at the gym and lead you to believe in becoming self-start rather than push-start, you, my friend, are worthy of appreciation since you have the gumption to vow to do what a whole lot of people can never.

Hence, this article is meant for you and for somebody else with the same tenacious intentions.

Hopefully, the information regarding your would-be role models in terms of a ripped body has been disseminated to you perfectly.

In case you don’t feel that way, drop a comment; I will come to your aid by myself and will lead your query to dissipate.

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