How to Improve Your Posture (Best Ways 2021)

To have a proper posture, you need to train your body always to look appealing to others. It would help if you correctly kept your posture despite standing, sitting, or sleeping. If you are always maintaining a proper posture, then you are not only eliminating health issues but also saving yourself from many accidents too.

A correct posture means to hold up your body in a straightforward manner so that your spin is kept in a straight position. Let us take a look at the two types of posture:

  • Static Posture: It is how nicely you can hold yourself while not in motion, like, standing, sleeping or sitting.
  • Dynamic Posture: It is how nicely you can hold yourself while moving, like, walking, bending over or running.

The main thing for a good posture is your spine. The human spine has three curves – low back, mid-back and neck.

Tips For A Good Posture

Don’t Be A Stoop

If you are in the habit of stooping a lot while walking, then it’s pretty unhealthy for your spine. This leads a quite a pressure on your muscles, bones and joints, which fails to hold your backbone appropriately. A casual posture isn’t just bad for your health but also smashes all your organs together and makes it super hard for your intestines and lungs to work. Over time, it would make it very hard for you to digest your food or get enough air to breathe.

Always Keep Straight

Keeping straight is the most famous way to improve your body posture. Standing up tall would make you look and feel taller, slimmer and even. You should make sure that your chin is appropriately and your head is held straight up. Your hips should not be hanging out, giving you a casual look. Straighten up nicely so that your head stretches towards the sky.

Never Sink At Your Desk

It’s always comfortable to recline a bit. But, it’s not good for your overall body posture. It would help if you instead tried sitting way back in the chair and placing a small cushion at your mid-back to protect your Spike’s curve. It would help if you made sure that your knees are bent at the right angle. Try to keep them at equal height with your body posture.

Be Careful When you are texting the entire day:

In this modern era, everyone is on the smartphone. But it would help if you didn’t put much pressure while you are texting the entire day. Take breaks in between. Whenever you tilt your head down to check the messages and mauks, it puts a lot of pressure on your spine. And it can highly add up over the years. You can try this small tip: you should move your eyes instead of your head by lifting your smartphone to have a wholesome view of your texts.

Do not drive continuously

When you are out for a long drive, do not drive continuously at a stretch. It’s not good for your posture. Always pull your driving seat closer to your steering wheel. Also, try not to lock your legs. Try to bend down your knees slightly. Also, don’t forget to put a soft pillow behind for support.

Don’t Wear Heels Too Often

Heels might be great for fashion, but they’re an absolute no in case of your posture. Stilettos and pump heels put pressure on your spinal cord, which can add up to a bad back. This could further cause a lot of back pain. Shoes with super high heels put a lot of weight on your knees. Hence, always select a lower heel for casual or daily wear.

Hit Sleep The Right Way

Naptime should not be any excuse to cheat. Skip the soggy, soft mattress. Select a firm bed that assists in holding the spinal cord natural shape. Are you a side sleeper? If yes, bend your knees but don’t hug them. Always sleep on a pillow so that your spine is in the correct posture. People who sleep on their back should quit the thick pillow and get a small, soft pillow under their neck.

Regularly Exercise

If you are working every day and eating an unhealthy diet, it directly has a negative impact on your back muscles. You would always require the most vital muscles to support your spinal cord. A great workout and diet plan would keep your body and spinal cord in shape. For this, you can try exercises such as tai chi.

Check All The Issues

You know better if you’re lazy or not. If you aren’t sure, here’s a way out for you. Place your back against a wall and slightly move your feet 6 inches from the baseboard. Your booty should touch the wall. Your neck and lower back should be at least 2 inches away from it. If not, you can also consult your doctor on ways to improve your posture.

Best Exercises to Improve Your Posture

You can follow these exercises To Improve Your Posture:

  • Child’s Pose

This is a resting position that lengthens and stretches your spines, hamstrings and glutes. It releases all the tension in your neck and lowers your back. To do this, you need to sit on your shin bones with your knees placed together and your heels out on the side. Fold your hips and walk your hands in front of you. Now, gently place the forehead on the floor and turn your head on one side. Remember to stretch your arms and rest them along your body. Now, relax in this pose for another 5 minutes and breathe deeply.

  • Cat-Cow Pose

Practising this would massage and stretch your spine. It assists in relieving all the tension in your shoulders, torso and neck while promoting blood circulation. To do this, you need to come on your knees and hands while evenly balancing the blood circulation. Now inhale and exhale accordingly while tucking your chin and chest. Continue this for another one minute.

  • Chest Opener

This allows individuals to stretch and open their chests. It is excellent for people who work continuously while sitting. For this, stand with your feet wide apart and bring your arms behind you with your palms pressing together. Keep your spine, head and neck straight and inhale as you lift your chest towards the ceiling. Now, relax and take deep breaths. Repeat this at least ten times.

Wrapping Up

Improving your posture helps you become aware of your muscles and bones while making it easier to rectify them.

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