How To Increase Immunity In Toddlers

Boosting immunity in toddler is an easy task

Preventing kids from infection and illness is the challenging task for all mothers.Few changes in lifestyle will make it an easy task to achieve.This is really a happy news in this new year.

Funda of Fruits and Vegies – Defend Disease

Increase intake of high fiber content like fruits,vegetables and greens boost the immune system doubtlessly. It has to be started once the child begins the to taste solid food .Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vital nutrients and micro-nutrients. Lemon, pineapple, orange, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes,and leafy greens are the vitamin C rich foods have immunity-boosting phytonutrients and carotenoids. These nutrients induce the formation  of white  cells which holds the duty to fight against any infection. Recent researches show that daily intake of phytonutrients rich diet may save from serious illness like cancer and heart diseases when growing old.

Adequate sleep will sweep away illness

A toddler needs 10 to 14 sleeping hours for a day. Sleep is a strong preventive measure for a toddler. It helps to develop and maintain a powerful immune system in childhood. During sleep,the body secretes proteins called cytokines. These cytokines are the real-time soldiers fight against the infections. Lack of sleep may reduce the cytokines production which may lead to a weaken the immune system. Another interesting fact about sleep is growth hormone is secreated by brain only during the sound sleep. Sleep deprivation may lead to growth retardation and apparently, growth retardation may seriously affect the immunity in a toddler.

Even passive smoking kills

Many innocent kids are seriously affected by passive smoking. Since immune mechanism of toddlers is continuous process so they will easily trap and victim to the passive smoking threats. Serious lung problems are the Ill effects of passive smoking in a toddler. Providing a environment that is free of smoke for the toddler may prevent fatal complications. Toddler exposed to the passive smoking for a long term may undergo delayed lung development. Studies prove that passive smoking causes leukemia, lymphoma, and tumors in the brain in a toddler.

Steps to save the lives of little one are

  • Avoid smoking inside the home.
  • Do not smoke inside the car as the toxic materials got settled in the objects.
  • Avoid smoking in public places.
  • Smoke in open spaces since the smoke get diluted in air.

Teach and practice healthy habits

Practicing healthy habits regularly may lead to a healthy régime. Washing hands is a proven technique to avoid various communicable diseases. Teach and instruct the children to do washing hands after using the washroom and before meals. Finger sucking, Nail biting, Nose picking are the some of the common unhealthy habits usually among the toddler age group. These unhealthy practices spread the infections and cause frequent illness in a toddler. Explain in a friendly manner with pictures about the spread of infection. Encourage intake of homemade food, fruits, vegetables, nuts,and cereals. Now a day’s junk food occupies the major part in toddler’s meal plate which needs to be eradicated.

Let them play and kick out diseases

A toddler enjoys playing around all the time. Parents yell at their children for playing all day long. They don’t do it again if they know the enormous benefits of the little hops of the tiny feet’s.  Physical activity in toddler boosts the formation of  lecocytes. Lecocytesare the natural defense mechanism that is found in the blood to fight against various microorganisms. Exercise will sweep away the harmful bacteria from the lungs. Increased body temperature during exercise may prevent the growth of bacteria.

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