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Here’s Janhvi Kapoor’s Boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya’s Net Worth, Bio and Photos

Late actress Sridevi Kapoor and famous film producer Boney Kapoor’s first daughter Janhavi Kapoor and her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya have been ruling the internet for a while. This duo have been spotted together at Bollywood parties and various social events.

On Koffee with Karan season 8, Jhanvi Kapoor accidentally confirmed that Shikhar Pahariya is her boyfriend. However, she did not confirm whether they have been dating or not. Jhanvi fans started to look for the details of Shikhar Pahariya. This article explains the net worth of Shikhar Pahariya in detail!

Who is Shikhar Pahariya?

Shikhar Pahariya is the son of the famous businessman Sanjay Pahariya and the grandson of Sushil Kumar Shinde, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra. His mother is Smruti Sanjay Pahariya, and his brother is Beer Pahariya, an actor making his debut in the film Sky Force.

Even though Shikhar comes from a political family background, he has earned the name of a successful entrepreneur for himself, separate from his political ties. He is not directly related to the Bollywood industry but has some friends.

His family and Jhanvi’s fans celebrate his relationship with Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor. Jhanvi has publicly declared her boyfriend, Shikhar, on social media a romantic and cute gesture of her love.

Shikar is currently working as an entrepreneur and a polo player. His wealth is increasing day by day. Although Shikar and Jhanvi had a relationship earlier, they parted ways, but now they are getting closer again and are often seen together in public places and events.

Educational Background and Career

Shikhar Pahariya attended the famous Bombay Scottish School and Sanskriti School in Mumbai. Then, he moved to Dhirubhai Ambani International School, where he and Jahnvi Kapoor were school buddies.

Then, Shikhar moved to London to pursue his higher studies and obtained a degree in Global Financial Management from the University of London. He further enhanced his academic credentials and gained more knowledge. At 13, he started working in his father’s business and started his consulting firm, which offers advice to new pet owners.

At Wadhawan Global Captial London, he even worked as the investment catalyst. Besides caring for his family business, Shikhar Pahariya is a professional horse rider and polo player. He leads a luxurious lifestyle but is not highly active on social media platforms.

Shikhar Pahariya Net Worth

According to sources, Shikhar Pahariya has a net worth of around 10 million. His assets include the high-end and luxurious Lamborghini Aventador, which reflects his taste and love for high-end automobiles. He also invests in several philanthropic ventures and advocates for women’s rights.

After working as an investment analyst in London, he and his brother started an entertainment and gaming company in 2018. He is a skilled polo player who has appeared in international games, contributing much to his wealth. Besides, he indulges in horse riding and showcases his diverse range of interests.

He also collaborates with NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and environmentalists. Shikhar Pahariya has achieved a lot through his dedication and hard work in his career. This is the biggest secret of his success in everything, and it helped him build immense wealth.

Relationship between Shikhar Pahariya and Jhanvi Kapoor

In recent times, Shikhar Pahariya and Jhanvi’s relationship has become a matter of concern for several people. As Shikhar belongs to a political and business background, his relationship with Jhanvi becomes the talk of the town. Their friendship started in childhood, and they witnessed several ups and downs.

The duo has been very close ever since. Recently, he joined Jhanvi on a trip to Tirumala temple. Meanwhile, Jhanvi Kapoor wore a necklace specially designed with Shikhar’s nickname, Shikhu. It shows that their relationship is deep and flourishing. Earlier, Jhanvi talked about her relationship with Shikhar with Karan. Upon getting their family support, their relationship became stronger than before.

Since when is this celebrity couple dating?

Shikhar Pahariya’s and Jhanvi Kapoor’s love relationship has been going on for some time. Shikar, who is the businessman and avid polo player, has been friends with actress Jhanvi since childhood.

Since their first meeting, the couple has witnessed several twists and turns in their stories. Jhanvi Kapoor accidentally talked about her relationship with Shikhar Pahariya in the Koffee with Karan show. However, no post has been made on social media about the confirmation of her love affair.

At the same time, Shikar shared a photo on social media on Jhanvi’s birthday. In that photo, Boney Kapoor expressed his affection, love, and care for Shikhar. Jhanvi’s sharing his love secret with the public can measure their relationship’s richness, depth, and intense care. Overall, the whole story of this relationship is beautiful and involves family support.

Reactions of the fans

When discussing Shikhar Pahariya and Jhanvi Kapoor’s relationship, fans are more excited and thrilled. In fact, their reaction is mixed, and they wish both of them to be happy in a new chapter of life. They also want to see this couple in the big screen.

Although some people support their love, others find it hard to understand how Jhanvi loves someone from a non-film and political background. On the other hand, fans are more curious to know the truth about their relationship and Shikhar Pahariya’s background, including education and net worth.

So, after reading this blog, you will learn in-depth about Shikar Pahariya’s family, educational background, and net worth.

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