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Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

In recent years, podcasts have been a big thing, and the number of podcasts being celebrated online is exceeding the limit and then competing with one another. Are you struggling to find a good podcast however unable to find one? Or are you just following your friends who are new to the globe of podcasts?

In order to save you time, In this post, you will explore a compiled list of the top 10 podcasts. In the globe of podcasts, you may feel overwhelmed or otherwise need help finding the best as per your needs. Also, the most popular podcasts generation starts from Treeline to sports shoes. Here, you can find the top 10 list of podcasts, so let’s just get started.

Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts To Listen in 2024

Here are some of the most successful podcast ever you just can’t miss

ChannelNo. of episodesRatingAvailable in
The Joe Rogan Experience21644.8Spotify 
What Now? With Trevor Noah334.5Spotify 
Dark Arenas174.9Spotify 
The kids of Rutherford County54.6Spotify 
New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce954.8Spotify 
The Bakersfield Three184.6Apple
Crime Junkie3814.8Apple
The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka714.8Spotify 
This past weekend with Theo Von3954.9Spotify 
top 10 podcasts

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

To date, The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the top podcasts in 2024. Comedian Joe Rogan hosts this podcast. On the podcast, he interviews most sportspeople, actors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and so more. He is a UFC reporter and propelled the spot in 2009. And till now, he has interviewed Edwin Snowden, Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk, and so more people. This podcast is most liked by people who range from various ideological figures. Over 20,000 episodes that have been covered on different topics that Joe Rogan explores through his podcast.

2. What Now? With Trevor Noah

What now? It is one of the most popular podcasts liked by people. By Trevor Noah, it was launched in November 2023. In case you are not a fan, you must listen to this podcast. This is specially made for his fans. So, are you interested in what his podcast is all about? He is the host of award-winning shows. At the same time, as a comedian who sits with special guests and then talks deeply about their opinions, lives and careers. In their daily show, he assurances nothing but a charming show with incredible entertainment.  

3. Dark Arenas

Are you finding something full of curiosity, mysterious or something strange? Then, look no further than Dark Arenas, which are perfect for seekers. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and offers small information about the secret past the curtains and then one of the most secret jobs in the globe from hunting fugitives to espionage. Dilia de Ambar, who is an investigative journalist, this podcast is hosted. Of course, there are one-on-one and two views with those who have been involved in this podcast itself. During their interview, she tries to discover their films and how their profession affects their body and mind. FBI agents, medical examiners, crime scene experts and so more are some of her interviews.

4. The kids of Rutherford County

The Kids of Rutherford County is the best podcast that has come on the list. It is a narrative sequence that will examine the structure of juvenile justice in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Of course, this narrative series consists of four parts. P Boys has posted this podcast, which is an award-winning reporter. In case you are interested in two crime investigations, you must move into this podcast, wherein you will turn off various events that will occur and you will be cleared. They are not only moving into the crime scenes but are also telling what is being done to break what is happening.

5. New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce`

This is one of the number 1 podcasts in the world that Jason and Travis Kelly have hosted. This podcast is moved into new heights and then it is the home of the funniest family game of American football. In 2022, this podcast will be started with a catalog of 90-minute episodes only. In every episode of this podcast, they talk about their lives in the league. These sports brothers cover various unfolded news and uncut chief guests to share their moments of the league, too.

6. The Bakersfield Three

In November 2023, The Bakersfield Three was released and no. 1 podcast in the world. Of course, that toad crime junkie is one of the top podcast lists. This podcast is for Z, in case you are searching for true crime stories. Thus, episodes by you deep into a special case for a regular investigation. Olivia Lavoice has written and hosted this podcast. She is a former news reporter, and then in her podcast, she tells the story of the murder that happened in 2018 by Bakersfield Three. In this event, back-to-back friends went missing, and then the 3rd one was killed. In this part of the case, they are mothers who start their investigation for justice and then find a solution.

7. Crime Junkie

Looking for best crime podcasts in Spotify and Apple? and What podcast has more views? This podcast is a weekly crime podcast; Ashley Flowers has hosted this series. This is another podcast for in-crime stories.  Episodes that range from 5:35 PM and Latvia Ashley, there is around the times she has been investigating. Cooper expresses the story of Julius, who says that taking dinner with a certain slight community of the grandad occurs anywhere in the domain. Not at all can one grip the investigation better than Flower; now, you do not need to hunt for responses on YouTube or any other platform any longer.

8. SmartLess

This podcast has been held by Cleaver Love, a comedian who derives together and replies to the questions. Sean Maximum and Arnold Jason Bateman on the mic present Smart Less. It is one of the most famous and funny podcasts that constantly warms the hearts of its spectators. In every episode, one of the hosts introduces a special visitor to the opposite host. Some of their preceding guests covered Pharrell, Simon Peg, Halle Berry, and others. Each new chapter originates on Monday, and there are concluded 100 episodes of the Clever Less podcast that you might use to feed yourself with happiness and info.

9. The Ultimate Human with Gary Brecka

As the call shows, this podcast is all about a guide to living a fulfilling life and is one top podcasts in Apple and Spotify. Garry Breaker is a human biologist, your hacker, and the host of the Last Hacker. In this show, she stocks all the expertise that she has gathered over her operating lifestyles in the life coverage enterprise. In case you are a person who’s searching for an inspirational manual on your thought and frame, you should pay attention to this podcast every week. The show will show you how to stay a healthful, satisfied, and longer existence.

10. This past weekend with Theo Von

You might not realize this; however, this beyond week, we can podcast hosted by using one of the well-known comedians, Theo Won. There are over 450 episodes from the Beyond weekend of over 1 to 3 hours in duration. In his podcast, he sits with the classes and with a visitor, where he talks about the whole lot. His enjoyment is limitless, in which the listeners post a hotline reaction to deliver laughter from the listeners.

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