Nikocado's weight loss Journey

Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss Transformation

Nikocado Avocado is a well-known Youtuber in whose videos he eats massive amounts of food, he has millions of followers. Due to consuming such a massive food, the weight of Avocados increased a lot, due to which he became a victim of many diseases like high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Due to these diseases, his health was deeply affected, so he started his weight loss journey and today after a few months of hard work, Avocado has lost weight, due to which it has also become a topic of discussion. Because many people have the problem of weight gain but no one can complete the goal of weight loss, Avocado is an inspiration for all those people who are troubled by weight gain and want to lose weight. So today through this blog, we will tell you everything about Avocado’s weight loss journey, such as his diet, workout, and some tips that Avocado has given for weight loss. So let’s know in detail.

Nikocado Avocado Biography

Full NameNicholas Perry
Nike namesNikocado Avocado, Nik
Age31 years
Date of Birth19th May 1992
Place of BirthKherson, Ukraine
Height5′ 6″ (168 cm)
Weight Before350 pounds (159 kg)
Weight Loss After260 pounds (119 kg)
Reduced Weight Loss90 pounds (40 kg)
Net Worth $7 million

Nikocado Avocado Weight Loss: Before And After Pictures

Nikocado Avocado’s body transformation

The Weight Loss Journey of Nikocado Avocado

Changing his diet: Avocado consulted his dietician and nutritionist before embarking on his weight loss journey, as he did not want any mistake to affect his goal. Therefore, on the suggestion of his dietician, he completely changed his diet and started consuming fresh fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains. Just as he added a healthy diet to his routine, he cut his old diet completely from his diet, such as he stopped sugary drinks or alcohol, after that consuming processed food and junk food. has been closed.

Increased exercise: Avocado started focusing on exercise after diet, he used to do different types of workouts daily, which focused on weight loss. Avocado used to take guidance from a certified trainer for his exercise. He used to do workouts like cardio, walking, swimming, and cycling. And sometimes used to do weight lifting too.

Being open and honest about his struggles: Avocado shared about his weight loss struggle with his YouTube family. He wants to inspire his fans and supporters to follow a healthy lifestyle by telling them about the problems caused by weight gain.

Nikocado Avocado Reveals His Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Weight loss is a time taking process. Avocado faced many challenges in its weight loss journey.

In the time period of weight loss, food craving is more in the beginning, and Avocado had a passion to eat massive food, because of this it used to have a lot of difficulty in avoiding food cravings or say food addiction. But I avoided my craving for Avocado for a whole year, which resulted in weight loss. Many times his fans sent food items to tease him but he did not let his food craving become active and he focused on his Goal.

Apart from this, Avocado also had to deal with mental health issues because due to being overweight, he had many diseases, due to which he used to be mentally depressed, he used to have anxiety attacks, in such a condition, he focused on his regular diet and exercise. It was not possible to do. And many times he was bullied on social media by fans or by haters, due to which he had a very bad effect on mental health.

No matter how many challenges Nikocado faced, he never betrayed his goal. He should remain committed to his weight loss goal. He says that he used to share his weight loss progress with his fans daily.

In addition to all these problems in the weight loss journey of Nikocado Avocado, there were some other problems that he faced, such as

  • Effects on mental health
  • Food addiction
  • Setbacks
  • plateaus
  • online bullying

Nikocado openly told about his struggle on his platform so that awareness can spread among the people, and he can share his experience with the people.

The journey of Nikocado avocado is just beginning, they keep sharing their progress on their social media handles. Avocado has become healthier than before, his weight has reduced a lot, and he is very happy with his transformation. This transformation of avocado is an inspiration to many people because they have proved that if someone wants to lose weight, he can achieve his goal at any age, in any situation, by facing all the problems and challenges.

Avocado has given some tips based on his experience which can be useful for every person who wants to lose weight.

Set such a goal that you can fulfill – If there is more energy in the beginning, then we start exercising more many times, and as a result, we injure our own body. That’s why never do anything in haste. Decide a specific target that you can achieve, and keep increasing it gradually. Keeping a target of a maximum of 1 – 2 pounds per week, in the beginning, is a good choice.

Make gradual changes in your diet or workout

Never try to do everything in the beginning. Follow your diet and workout with a routine and steps. Keep small targets in the beginning, then keep increasing them gradually. For example, if you have started your new diet, do not stop the old diet completely, cut one of those things from your diet day by day.

Choose such an exercise which you can do daily and you will also get happiness

While exercising, first take advice from your trainer, do not do any kind of workout with your mind. And daily do any such exercise which you enjoy doing, such as swimming, running, cycling, etc.

Why Nikocado’s weight loss Journey is important and what we can learn from it

Weight loss is a time-consuming process, it requires hard work as well as patience, and only then do you get the best results. That’s why never disturb your routine, even if it happens, then start from the beginning and maintain continuity till you achieve your goal.

The main reason for Nikocado Avocado’s overweight was his overeating, so he knew exactly what he had to do to lose weight. He focused on dieting from the beginning, and completely stopped the overeating he used to do. Similarly, if you also want to lose weight, then you should first find the reason for your body fat and weight gain. First of all, meet your doctor or registered dietician and take guidance from them for your weight loss and follow it as it is.

His weight loss journey for Nikocado Avocado was full of difficulties. He faced many challenges, he was a popular YouTuber so his fans and haters used to criticize him. His audience only liked his overeating, and since he started dieting, his audience also started criticizing him. Despite all these problems, Nikocado Avocado kept focused on his goal, where some people did not agree with his weight loss, many people were very impressed with his journey and supported him.

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