Causes of Sudden Weight Gain

The 6 Most Common Causes of Sudden Weight Gain

Maintaining one’s body mass index or BMI is the best way to be healthy and keep free from causing any chronic diseases. Yet, a sudden weight gain issue with men and women differs. Still, there are many unknown causes of weight gain issues seen in them. Here, we have discussed some of the 6 common weight gain causes in adult men and women.

1. Drinking Beer

Drinking Beer

Seasonal weight gain is common to see with people drinking beer in the summer season. It is common to see with people living in tropical regions. Here, the summer season is hot, and many non-drinkers too drink chilled beer to beat the unbearable heat environment. Consuming daily a bottle of cold beer causes weight gain in the summer season. Such people can find a beer belly. Some people may become fat soon. You gain 330-calories in a 750-ml beer. The food you take and the beer you drink will produce excess body fats. Thus, weight gain is natural with regular beer consumers.

2. Eating Meat

The non-vegans do gain weight unconditionally during the winter season. It is natural that consuming lean and red meat as a routine can make their body warm in the cold season. Thus, eating meat in lunch and dinner will be common during the winter days. It will add additional fats to your body if you do not do any physical fitness. Some of them may find evenly distributed fats in their body. Some may develop fats in the buttock and stomach.

  • Pork and buffalo meat result in weight gain.
  • Deep-fried meats are unhealthy and help in weight gain faster.

Thus, consuming meat variety dishes is the main cause of weight gain with the non-vegetarians. A non-vegan woman will gain more weight during winter than the men are.

3. Desk Job

Anyone new to a desk job will gain weight due to the profession. It is advisable to measure your BMI before taking a desk job. You can find 22-pounds of weight gain within 3-months.

Desk Job

  • Sitting for prolonged hours without taking breaks in-between will result in weight gain.
  • People working in systems will strain their eyes and comes under corporate depression.
  • Working extended hours every day will result in weight gain naturally.
  • Eating unhealthy snacks and carbonated beverages during break time will result in gaining body weight.

It is advisable to make use of your office gym to maintain your BMI by doing some physical fitness before leaving the office. The people who do not involve in any physical activities will gain weight naturally due to their work nature.

4. Less Sleep

People working in rotational shifts and regular night shifts will feel weight gain within six months of joining such jobs. Some might feel annoyed about not getting proper sleep during the day after working in night shift.

Less Sleep

  • Some people might drink alcohol and try to get sleep during the day.
  • Some people may eat heavily in the morning before they sleep in the daytime after coming from the night shift.

Slowly, you will come under sleep apnea. Reduced sleep levels will change the body metabolism. It results in weight gain naturally due to improper sleep or sleeping for a few hours only. A minimum of 8-hours of good sleep is necessary to maintain your BMI healthy.

5. Bad Eating Habits

Many people are making a habit of eating from fast food and junk food selling places. They eat more carbs than the needed level. Moreover, they do drink carbonated beverages, tea, and coffee while on a break.

  • Fast foods recipes are with high fats and carbohydrates.
  • They use cheese, sauces, butter, and unrefined oils for food preparation.

The routine eating of such foods will lead to obesity. Either, you consume food rich in fats. It will automatically put your weight naturally.

6. Prolong Medications

One of the side effects of prolonged medications is causing weight gain in the human body. The medicines for diabetes, depression and cardiovascular diseases are some of the known medicines, which result in weight gain after consuming them for a longer time.

  • Some of the medicines cause hungry soon after consuming them.
  • A few medicines make you feel thirsty, and you may drink more water than you usually drink so.


It is common to find such side effects in people suffering from some chronic disease.   It is advisable to check your body weight monthly and see you are in the right BMI. Unusual weight gain for a longer time will lead to obesity, pain in the bone joint, and you might feel lazy. If you are a foodie, consult a nutritionist. If you find work-related weight gain, then consult a doctor.

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