Tummy Tuck Belt Reviews – Is It Worth It?

Reduce your belly fat in just 10 minutes! No need to work out; now can loose extra weight but just sitting on your chair!

You must have also heard these advertisements on TV about tummy tuck belt. The advertisers claim that you can loose extra fat from your tummy by just tying this belt for 10 minutes every-day. Let’s get the insight of tummy tuck belt for weight loss and find out if it really works or it’s just another way to trick the customers. Let’s find out –

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What is Tummy Tuck Belt?

At first when you read the description of this belt, it seems no less than a magic. It is a slimming belt where company claims that it can cause instant sliming effect. Apply it in different sessions of 10-minutes and get perfect belly shape. The belt is made up of space-age material and it is soft hence company claims that people can keep it on their tummy without experiencing any discomfort.

It is sold with a tummy tuck cream and this concept works on thermal accelerator which is claimed to help in reduction of extra fat. Brand even claims that to get faster results you can purchase their diet and exercise program. Applying the cream will burn the fat for next 3 hours after you put on the belt as claimed by the company.

How it works?

The manufacturer doesn’t reveal much of the information regarding the product’s inside components. However, it is detected that space-age materials are used to manufacture tummy tuck belt. The cream provided with the belt is meant to scorch belly fat. The ingredients used to make the cream of tummy tuck belt for weight loss are – water, caffeine, ethoxydiglycol and kola nut.

The company claims that you can perform your normal routine tasks while wearing the belt and shred that extra fat with ease. Company even claims that if you combine it with their exercise and diet plan you can accelerate the weight loss by 4 times. Those who are obese or finding it difficult to lose that extra belly fat will undoubtedly claim it a boon.

Does this really work?

Now comes the real question – whether tummy tuck belt for weight loss actually works or it is just a trick. To be honest healthy weight loss is a long process. It is something that is achieved after pure dedication and hard-work and most importantly it requires lot of patience. There is one simple rule in weight-loss journey – Keep grinding and have patience. So, a common question arises – why should we work harder when this belt can do it in 10 minutes without any extra efforts? Let’s find out –

This belt uses the concept of thermal accelerator to burn extra belly fat. This is not a natural process or a healthy way to lose weight. Scientists have claimed that you can not shred weight from a single spot of your body naturally. Fat is only burnt when body requires extra energy and you are on a calorie deficit diet, then body uses this extra fat and converts it into the energy.

Weight loss does happen through this belt but it’s temporary. If you want a long-lasting result then you will have to adjust your lifestyle accordingly. The weight lost is actually the water lost through thermal accelerator and no fat is burnt during the process. After a few days, you will again become as you were before using the belt.

Company also shows before and after images to allure the customers about the transformation that this belt provides. Well, you may or may-not experience the similar results. No one can guarantee you that.

Moreover, if we check the customer feedback about the tummy tuck belt for weight-loss, everything gets clearer. Most of the customers regained the same size as they were before. They were eventually disappointed by the claims made by the company. They criticized the company’s research backed claim.

Not only this tummy tuck belt is useless, it can further harm you in many ways. Let’s have a look –

You pay a high value for a useless item which only delivers short-term results. You are being continuously billed for the accelerator cream after every two-months. This is an extra burden on your pocket.

Users have complained about rashes and discomfort that this belt causes after application. The extreme pressure generated by the belt even caused breathing difficulty in many users. You may also experience burning sensation and stretch marks after its application.

Final words

Fitness is not a destination rather it’s a long process. Just stick to this phrase if you want to shred weight naturally. Products like tummy tuck belt only give you temporary results with side-effects. In this tummy tuck belt review we saw that it’s nothing but an alluring product which is useless in the end.

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