Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review of 2020

When it comes to the history of developing body muscles, Joe Weider is a well-known name. The brand also went on to train the potential superstars, and Weider developed lots of innovations in the fitness sector. At present, Weider Ultimate Body Works is well known and highly recommended for fitness enthusiasts.

For the newcomers in the fitness department or the ones who are starting to get serious about muscular development, the Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gym is one of the best options to have in-home at present. This home gym setup is also one of the setups that are well under budget and is available in the market for just 300 dollars. So, how exactly is the Weider Ultimate Body Works going to appeal in the majority of gym enthusiasts? Well, we are here to find out.

Read on to get the full Weider Ultimate Body Works review along with all its bells and whistles.

Best Adjustable Incline Bench

Technical info:

  • Dimensions: 71″ x 26.5″ x 49.5
  • User Weight limit: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Warranty: The new Weider Ultimate Body Works warranty includes Parts: 90 days & Labor: 90 days

The Design

The design of the Weider Ultimate Body Works is not like the other traditional designs of the home multi gym setups. For those who are familiar with the setup used in Total Gym, the user experience of Weider Ultimate Body Works will be quite similar. 

The frame is steel-tube designed, and there is a padded bench angled for smooth gliding in up and down directions in rail sets. The incline is fixed on the bench. But the users can adjust the gradient by increasing or decreasing it as per the needs.

The callisthenics in Weider Ultimate Body Works Home Gymis also done very practically. Users can use their body weight as the resistance to perform various workout movements. This is possible due to the system of cable and pulley that is present at the top of the setup. The provided bench can also be used as the bench for standard weights, though this may require an additional pair of dumbbells.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is not only budget-friendly, but it is also space-saving. With the full setup, the dimensions of this setup are 71” x 26.5” x 49.5”. This compact size is neither small, not too large, making it one of the perfect setups to have at home.

The pieces are removable, and the setup is foldable. This makes it much easier to store when not in use. Though it is always recommended that the Weider Ultimate Body Works setup is left full assembled, users can fold it down if required. For the complete installation of this setup when all the pieces are un-assembled, it should hardly take 20 minutes.

Durable Home Gym

Weider Ultimate Body Works for Home Gym

Weider Ultimate Body Works Features

The system of cable and pulley has already been mentioned as one of the features of the Weider Ultimate Body Works. This enhances the different movements of the workout session. The top of the setup has this unit attached and provides good support to all the exercises you are likely to do using this setup. The range of the movement of these fixed pulleys is quite flexible, and the users can perform their exercises without having to be uncomfortable in the least.

At another end of the Weider Ultimate Body Works exercise machine, the glide board bottom contains four different bungee cords. The base of the frame of the setup has a place for attaching these cords, and these have some additional functionality. These can be used for increasing the resistance by 50 lbs. The number of cords attached is directly proportional to the increase in resistance. These features are quite useful, and most of the other gym setups, even the higher priced ones do not contain these feature.

Both of the panels are removable, and the padded and the straight bars can be kept in the top or bottom portion of the frame. This allows users to perform different exercises more flexibly. When the bars are attached on the top, you can do exercises like pull-ups, and when the bars are attached in the bottom, overhead presses can be done. 

Users also get one pair of nylon strapped handles with this setup, which is handy with a lot of exercises. For experienced and veteran users, this may not be required though. For beginners, this is a great addition.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review

Weider Ultimate Body Works Performance

When it comes to the performance of Weider Ultimate Body Works, it is absolutely a beast. On paper, this home setup can be used for performing 50 different movements. The translation of this number in real life is also done quite well. However, an average user is not likely to try more than 15 movements. Even then, it is always beneficial to have adequate choices.

Those who are focused on upper body workouts, chest press variations can be performed by using the handles and lying on the back. By lying down on the front, bicep curls, upper back rows, and pull-downs can be performed.

As previously mentioned, the resistance level or the intensity of the workouts can be manually adjusted by the user. For adjusting the resistance, users can use four bungee cords and seven bench positions.

With this setup, users can also perform pull-ups and chin-ups. Though the effectiveness of these exercises is not as much as a pull-up bar, it is beneficial, and starters can use it at a great advantage.

The Weider Ultimate Body Works also supports exercises for the legs, and leg presses and squats can be easily done on it. Even though this machine is not ideally suited for leg exercises, users can try them out. Bodyweight squats with different variations can be tried to get the most out of those exercises.

As for the operation, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is very much stable and very smooth to use. The stability is not as strong as in gyms though. However, with such a price, you cannot complain about it. The unit is also very durable and will appeal to most of the users.

Final Words on the Weider Ultimate Body Works:

Overall, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is a good value-for-money gym set up with affordable pricing. With 50 plus different movements available, users can set the resistance level as desired and use it with ease. The compact size and practical utility are sure to be a hit among fitness enthusiasts.

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