Stunning Zayn Malik Hairstyles

12 Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles To Try Out For That Classy Look

Have you ever wondered about achieving the cool and stylish look of Zayn Malik Hairstyles? Zayn Malik is a heartthrob singer and the most renowned member of One Direction. Zayn Malik is not only known for his smooth vocals but also becomes a stylish icon in the world. Especially zayn malik hairstyle attracts most people. His hairstyles captured the attention of many people by creating a trend-setting. He also becomes the sparking conversations with his style of dressing and bold haircuts.

What Is Zayn Malik’s Face Shape?

Zain Javadd Malik is a British singer and songwriter having achieved a monumental career. Zayn Malik parted ways with One Direction boys and started to release music on his own. Some of his recent collections are collaborated with Timbaland. He also has been trend-setting by playing Pokémon with Gigi Hadid, a pop star known for achieving monumental changes in her hairstyle. Zayn Malik has a heart-shaped face, a broad forehead, and cheekbones. It became a standout feature and followed the lines along his face down to his jawline.

Cute and pointy chin makes his face shape unique and spectacular by providing a beautiful look. Unique zayn malik hairstyle makes him attractive and fashionable look. He becomes an iconic figure in public for his trend-setting hairstyles. It is no surprise that the influences of Malik’s style are quite experimental. Malik also modelled for many numbers of high-end designer brands like Martyre, Vogue, Versace and many more. These have been massively adding up to his pretty career.

 Zayn Malik has tried different looks from his Signature Quaff from One Direction staple. The hairstyle has changed the trend in the fashion industry. He has also gone to the complete opposite direction with cutting his hair even to the super short. He is also seen with buzz cut, crew cut and many more. Zayn Malik also dyed his hair even with the multitude of colours such as purple, green, blonde, pink and silver.

12 Stunning Zayn Malik Hairstyles

Let’s get a glimpse of Zayn Malik’s best style and hair ideas. All the hairstyles from Zayn Malik are quite cool and unique maki, and anyone can get this done within a short time. Below are some of the cool zayn malik hairstyles that you can try out for a classy look

#1 The Signature Quiff

The Signature Quiff

The Signature Quiff is Zayn’s most iconic hairstyle, and it involves short sides with longer hair. The hair will be swept upwards on top to provide a unique look. It is one of the versatile and spectacular zayn malik back side hairstyle, offering a more beautiful look. Signature Quiff is awesome for both formal and casual occasions. The Signature Quiff style is best suited for men who love easy-to-go and comfortable looks.

#2 Long And Flowing Locks

Long And Flowing Locks

During the early One Direction days, Zayn Malik rocked the industry with his beautiful, longer, flowing locks. It is the most amazing style haircut that features a middle part and even a slightly messy sweep along the side. This Zayn Malik Hairstyle is completely stunning and has a dapper look. This hairstyle can be easily matched with a casual and chic T-shirt, which has a funky look. This Hairstyle is also a suitable option for Round and face-shaped men to add more natural beauty.

#3 Zayn Malik French Crop

Zayn Malik French Crop

French Crop is also a beautiful classic hairstyle that features short sides, and the hair on top will be slightly longer. French Crop’s classic hairstyle has a cut straight across the forehead. Men who are looking for a clean and sophisticated look can try this hairstyle.

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#4 Zayn Malik’s Short And Spiky Hairstyle

Zayn Malik’s Short And Spiky Hairstyle

The Short and Spiky Hair is a trendy haircut from many number of celebrities across the world. Zayn Malik is also seen with this spectacular looking short and spiky hairstyle during his early life. It showcases the complete edgy look with bringing the youthful energy. Many men also prefers to have this wonderful classy hairstyle for the beautiful look.

#5 High Fade With Textured Top

High Fade With Textured Top

Modernity has changed with a high fade style on the sides, along with textured hair on top. These would massively add the dimension and volume to the maximum level. Fade cuts are quite common among young boys who get spectacular looks. High Fade with Textured Top Hairstyle especially requires the right hair proposition. It gives the wave look, adding more warmth for anyone. High Fade with Textured Top is the most beautiful Zayn Malik short hairstyle, which has inspired many for its stylish look and attitude.

#6 Messy Textured Quiff

Messy Textured Quiff

The Messy Textured Quiff is quite different from the Quiff, but it would give the elegant look. Zayn Malik’s Messy Textured Quiff adds a touch of rebellion as it is involved with the textured as well as tousled hair on the top. It is quite a prominent option for achieving the look with varied styling products. A simple casual hairstyle amidst a regular haircut can genuinely spice up the entire appearance in a spectacular manner. In the modern day, many men also prefer to have this hair texture style.

#7 Zayn’s Blonde Look

Zayn’s Blonde Look

In the modern day, many men do not prefer to have blonde hair. Zayn Malik signature style with the blonde hairstyle makes it quite unique and fashionable. It gives a better, stylish appearance for carrying the right styling, even without any hassle. Zayn’s Blonde Hairstyle can be made on buzz or crew cut as a base, and it can easily be highlighted with a blonde colour. Angular fringe falling also connects to Zayn’s forehead, so these would add the most spectacular look. Men and boys can have this hair texture based on the style that they prefer. These hairstyles are a suitable option for night events or party times.

#8 Zayn Malik Man Bun Hairstyle

Zayn Malik Man Bun Hairstyle

Zayn Malik embraced the stunning-looking Man Bun trend. It is one of the amazing hairstyle ideas that gives a more fashionable look even without any hassle. Man Bun style gives the practical and most stylish look. It would easily keep the hair out of your face but give you the trendiest look. The Man Bun is the best hairstyle to try out for that classy look.

#9 Bleached Buzz Cut

Bleached Buzz Cut

Zayn Malik appeared in the Bleached Buzz Cut and showed his willingness to push across the boundaries. This Bleached Buzz Cut hairstyle adds a touch of Rockstar flair. It is the simplest and most elegant style that gives a more spectacular look for men. Men and boys can have this style out, and it is perfect for night events or party times. People in the younger age groups, such as those below 30 years, can have this haircut as they give more spectacular beauty.

#10 Zayn Malik Curly Quiff

Zayn Malik Curly Quiff

Curly Quiff is also one of Zayn Malik’s iconic hairstyles with a unique twist. This classic Quiff looks embraces with beautiful natural texture. These are also significant options for maintaining the stylish shape even without any hassle. Whether you are looking for a youthful and subtle sense of fashion, then choosing this hairstyle idea is a spectral option. Curly Quiff is the Beautiful messy hairstyle from Zayn Malik that shows greater excellent inspiration. Normally, this unique and stylish hairstyle has a cult fan following for its clean and charming appearance.

#11 Slicked-Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair

The Slicked-Back Hairstyle gives Zayn Malik a sophisticated and timeless look. He has especially rocked with this stunning-looking slicked-back hair during the red carpets. He also has appeared with this stunning hairstyle for varied special occasions. Slicked-back hair is also another option to check out for men who like to have a stylish look.

#12 Undercut Buzz Cut

Undercut Buzz Cut is the beautiful and Edgy style for making the solid statement. These are completely low maintenance style with adding more stunning look. Zayn Malik has been spotted with the short faded sides. The hairstyle also involves with slightly longer buzz towards the top. Normally, the zayn malik undercut hairstyle inspires many people for its simple and elegant look.

How To Get The Zayn Malik Haircut?

Haircut 1: The Quiff:

The Quiff is one of the iconic Zayn Malik Hairstyle that inspired many number of people. Apparently, everyone can get this beautiful and stylish haircut. Head to your barber and you can suggest about Quiff hairstyle with the short sides. Normally, the stylist would recommend about 2 inches from the length from top to bottom. For example, when you pull a strand down then it could pass the eyebrows.

The stylist also recommends a maximum of about 5 inches. The haircut needs to be shorted in the back. You can easily get the skin fade on both sides as it gives a beautiful look. The Quiff is zayn malik haircut especially starts from #1 in the base of your hair and then they are moved to #2 until it reaches the top. It is essential to make sure that the hair is well-blended for a beautiful style. For styling, you can follow the below steps.

  • Start with cleaning the damp hair.
  • Rub pre-styler thoroughly through the hair from root to tip.
  • Grab hair dryer
  • Blow and dry your hair with your hands to help shape it in the desired direction.
  • Blow the dry the sides up
  • Create a forward, quiff-like direction
  • Scrunch hair as you go to add volume and texture
  • Use a brush to Style the fringe/front of the hair
  • Start at the hairline and then brush the fringe up and back
  • Blast with hairdryer at the same time
  • Create Quiff-like volume at the front portion of the hair
  • Put hairdryer to cold setting and give hair a blow
  • It helps to set place and provide a longer-lasting hold

Haircut 2: The Crew Cut

For people who are looking for stylish yet less fuss, they can go for the Crew Cut. Normally, the Crew Cut is one of the popular hairstyles preferred by many people. Zayn Malik’s crew cut became quite famous as it does not compromise on the style. Crew Cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle, but this does give a stylish look. Follow the steps below to get a Zayn Malik’s Crew Cut.

  • Ask the barber to make the top of your hair less than an inch
  • Start from #0.5 in the base of the neckline and move towards the tip of your ears
  • Gradually fade into longer length from the tip of your ears
  • Move the hair upwards
  • Maintain this look
  • Get your hair done every 2-3 weeks


Zayn Malik’s hairstyle especially reflects his confidence and evolving personality. Whether you are looking for a trendy Undercut, Quiff, Buzz Cut, or any other hairstyle, then you can check out the 12 Best Zayn Malik hairstyles. Zayn Malik has been especially blessed with a thick hair texture, which gives him better options to change different hairstyles. It also adds to natural grooming techniques and even crazy stylish looks. Take inspiration from the iconic hairstyle to discover your style.


Zayn Malik has the heart shaped face which is characterized with well-defined cheekbones. Balanced facial proportions make his face with the well structured and perfectly shaped. These also have been massively enhancing his striking features in the wonderful manner.

Zayn Malik was born on January 12, 1993, in Bradford, England, to Yaser Malik and Trisha Malik. Yaser Malik is a Pakistani, and Trisha Malik is of British descent with Irish roots.

Zayn Malik is quite popular figure with scruffy beard. He is seen even in the shaved look, thicker beard and many more based on the event. Zayn Malik has appeared in many number of hair and beard styles.

Zayn Malik was spotted with different hair looks and styles. He has been seen with short-length, medium-length, and curly hair. Zayn has been especially seen from their neat look to their bold, fashionable style. His wavy hair texture changes over time, and he has been spotted in many styles.

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