Type 2 Diabetes: 10 Surprising Things That Affect Weight

Reasons for Weight Gain: 10 Surprising Things

It is well-known facts that weight gain and type 2 diabetes go hand in hand. Excess weight gain increases the chances of developing hyperglycemic complications. The hyperglycemic condition occurred due to increased insulin discharge. There are few surprising reasons, why dieting and exercising trials in the course of lean the weight leads to the road of failure.

1. Insulinturns Carbohydrate into fat

Insulin has two major functions. Separate Glucose from the blood is the primary one. Likewise,the other function is to transform the carbohydrate into fat and store it. Generally, the prime function Glucose separation is blocked in the diabetic patient. At this juncture, the insulin actively does another function by storing the fat tedious to burn the fat into energy. Hence a person suffered from type 2 diabetes increases weight.

2. Lack of Sleep will affect weight

Lack of sleep disturbs the hormones that regulate and balance the body weight. Deprived sleep pattern leads to increased ghrelin hormone secretion. Hormone Ghrelin is liable for hunger stimulus. In fact, Ghrelin minimizes the leptin secretion. Hormone Leptin is accountable for hunger suppression.Further consequences of ghrelin hormone secretion will increase the body weight.

3. Fear of hyperglycemia

Hyperglycemia is mostly found in the people who are recently diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. Fears of rapid variation of sugar condition in blood, the type 2 diabetic patient remarkably minimize the intake. Sudden minimal food consumption made changes in body metabolism. Fasting or less intake of food may cause variations in the insulin discharge and glucose; these hormones excessive secretion might increase the weight.

4. Eating unlimited healthy foods

Eating healthy food is recommended for all age group. Likewise, healthy food is suggested to type 2 diabetic patients as well. But it doesn’t mean that they can consume unlimitedly. The magic word “healthy”doesn’t mean to eat more and end up in weight gain. Avocado, dark chocolate, nuts, dates, and fatty yogurt and milk are healthy but high in calories.

5. Unhealthy Preparation affects Healthy Practices

Chicken and beef are high in protein, doesn’t increase the blood sugar. The cooking methodology will make the difference as healthy or unhealthy. When the meat is cooked or sauté in oil or butter, it will turn the high protein meat into a high cholesterol food. The high cholesterol eating habit will cause weight gains in type 2 diabetic patients. A lean protein helps in weight loss.

6. Have control over eating

A diabetic diet should meet two principles, which are, frequency and portion.A composed healthy nourishment needs to practice in the correct interval and size. The diabetic patient might take regular medications and practices the day to day early morning walk. At the same time, it doesn’t mean the patient can have favorite recipe unlimitedly. Try a snack with low calorie and high protein. Perhaps, patient crazy and habituate to food need to be substituted with another healthy practice.

7. Balance your intake with exercise

Normal blood sugar can be attained and maintained through strict diabetic diet and regular exercise. It is mistaken that, regular exercise will eat up the extra calories from a dessert. It is a myththat must be eradicated from the people regarding diabetes type 2.  Glucose gets deposited in the muscles so exercise helps in balancing the blood sugar or glucose in bloodstream and tone of muscle. Appropriate plan is required on balanced meal and type of workout.

8. Weight Gain – Medication Protocol for type 2 diabetes

Primary medication protocol for type 2 diabetes is insulin. One of the important functions of insulin is fat storage. This may lead to increase the weight. The insulin may be given in any form either insulin injections or trigger the pancreas to release the insulin which causes weight gain. The prescribed medication for type 2diabetes is inevitable. So the consequences of medication like weight gain should be managed through regular workouts.

9. Fasting and Feasting affect weight

Fasting and feasting are the typical characters found among the one with type 2diabetes. They have a tendency to fast or skip meals concerning the fear of increased blood sugar. Feast due to excessive hunger and craving for food. Both of these actions lead to weight gain.

10. Miss a meal is a sin

Miss a meal is common factor for all, considerably; it is sin in the case of type 2diabetes. Moreover, it leads to increase discharge of insulin when skip a meal.Fasting or less intake of food may cause variations in the discharge of insulin and glucose. The variation discharge of insulin will increase the weight.


To maintain the typical body mass is the ideal rule for affected soul with type 2diabetes. A simple and small portion of a healthy diet at proper intervals, regular exercise, self-control, and adequate sleep will prevent unwanted weight gain.

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