6 Tips for Maintaining An Attractive Body

They say a healthy body is worthy of being looked after because it is the only place you have to live (besides your home, of course). However, for many people, healthy alone doesn’t cut it. It is an attractive, hot body that makes the difference. And although a healthy body and an attractive one fall very close to each other, you need to go the extra mile for the latter. Moreover, getting an attractive body may be harder, but maintaining it is a completely different ball game.

The definition of an attractive body varies from person to person. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that there are people out there who think even a dad-bod is attractive. You can call it subjective, but research backs it. Still, we’re not here to talk about that. Studies have shown that 54% of men and 43% of women consider an athletic body as the ‘ideal’ body type. And while women are more concerned about the shape of their bodies than men, it doesn’t mean they both work hard to build such bodies.

If you live in the state of Miami, Florida, the title of this article may be your question as well. After all, it is the city with the most attractive people in the country, according to a survey. From the affluent to the handsome and fit, Miami boasts a community that is all about looking good and elegant with or without clothes. So for a local or someone who moved there, an attractive body is an incentive.

So, how do you get and maintain an attractive body? Here are some tips:

1. Start by creating a plan

Building an attractive body is just like any other objective you may set to achieve over time. It, therefore, requires a plan. First, though, you need to decide what your definition of an attractive body is. For women in particular, augmentation of various body parts like a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL in Miami may seem like an interesting option. Similarly, there are other ways for women to turn their bodies sassier, considering their definition of the word.

For men, though, an attractive body mostly involves muscles and cuts. Still, whatever it might be, you need to plan to achieve the goal. Whether you want it the easy way through cosmetic procedures or the hard way through a combination of diet and exercise is a personal decision. Either way, you’ll need some basic elements to get your plan going. This will involve contacting your nutritionist or gym instructor, as these are the best professionals to help you get started.

2. Build a balanced yet nutritious diet

In order to maintain an attractive body, you need to eat right. This means keeping the fat content in your meals balanced and consuming significantly more protein. Foods rich in protein include meat, dark green leafy vegetables, and whole grains. Some nuts and yogurt also contain adequate amounts of protein along with other nutrients. A professional nutritionist is the ideal person to look at your current BMI and suggest the best combination and meal plan to help you achieve your goal.

To build and sustain an attractive body, food is essential. It is important to add certain elements to your diet, but it is equally vital to remove others completely. These include low-quality sugars and any of the foods that contain an excess of them. This means that most of the desserts you know and love will need to go. Also, processed and fast food is something that will distract you from your goal. At the same time, ditching carbonated beverages is also necessary.

3. Increase your water intake

Although significantly underrated, water is the most refreshing and healthy drink out there. If you want to maintain an attractive body, a consistent intake of appropriate amounts of water is crucial. Experts suggest that a normal, healthy individual must take at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. However, this is not a rule set in stone. Any time your body gives you the signal that it is thirsty, you need to drink water.

Water has numerous benefits for your health. Not only is it the best substitute for juices and soft drinks, but it is more refreshing for the body. You may have noticed how no other drink can fulfill your thirst when you feel dehydrated. That’s because the body craves water and not just any liquid. At the same time, water acts as a cleaning agent for your internal organs while also providing the basis for dissolving water-soluble fats.

4. Take your exercise routine up a notch

Since most people consider the athletic body to be their ideal, it goes without saying that those jacked-up muscles and defined cuts come after extensive exercise. If you are building an attractive body first, your current gym routine will not cut it. You’ll need to integrate a more vigorous cardio routine and also stress on High-Intensity Interval Training. Through this routine, you can create the stamina and core strength to create and maintain your desired body.

5. Get appropriate sleep

Lack of sleep is a significant contributor towards weight gain. Being overworked and under stress can cause you to lose sleep, and losing sleep results in halting your weight loss plans. Sleep deprivation also leads to many other problems. If your goal is to get that attractive body, not getting the recommended seven to nine hours will not help. Build a concrete sleep routine where you go to bed at a set time and get up early because, as they say, early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise!

6. Add additional activities to your daily routine

There are a number of other activities that can help you work towards achieving the goal of an attractive body. Swimming is one activity that exercises your entire body making it stronger and more athletic. Similarly, cycling also helps you work on your legs and abdomen, two of the parts that matter the most in an attractive shape.


Building and maintaining what you call an attractive body requires time and effort. From the right nutrients to proper exercise, water intake, and sleep, you’ll need rigorous discipline in your life. However, it is most important that you not work on this goal under societal pressure. People around you may have different opinions, but you need to be confident in yourself and how you look because at the end of the day, that matters most of all.

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