Everything You Need To Know About Bench Press

We all know the benefits of exercise in today’s busy lives. You have come across several methods for work-out of your body either by jogging or push-ups, bench press exercise has also proven its results if performed effectively and regularly. Let’s see a few tips and techniques that you should   

Tips for Successful Bench Press Workout for Beginners:

Now you have finally planned to go to the Gym and want your body to be physically fit and active. You may have noticed in Gyms as well as in movies that bench press has been a popular exercise for all. It may not be surprising that the bench press is one of the popular moves in the field of Gym exercises. Once you get to know the basics and technique of the bench press exercise you can easily see the changes in your body.

Now when you finally set yourself under the power bar make sure that you have enough energy to in your shoulders and arms. The standard gym uses a rod of 20-25 kgs and you should be flexible enough to tackle it. If not first you can try little weight gaining experience by trying some dumble and pushups for a few weeks’ to warm up your body.

Make sure that you lie as flat on your bench. Grip the rod with your hands nearly wide as your shoulders. The elbow and arms should take full responsibility for the weight you capture. This posture will give you enough strength and force to tackle the weight. While bringing the weight closer to your chest breathe in and while pulling far breathe out. The breathing should be continued with the same procedure every time. Always take care that you should not take any unwanted challenges in taking heavyweight because that can harm your muscles severely. Always do the process slowly and increase weight periodically.

Ways To INCREASE Your Bench Press

  • Always keep the feet on the floor this posture will give you enough strength and body tightness that allows you to feel the power within you. You can also press your feet harder in lifting the weights to ensure stability.
  • Take care of your lower back to ensure that it has a strong arch to support you. So always focus on resting on your lower back well enough before lifting the weight. Your glutes need to be in permanent connection with the bench to keep your core bodyweight stable. 
  • Positions of elbows should be close. You should be flexible with your elbows to control the up and down movement of the rod until it touches your chest. Some experts say keep your elbows closely and firmly to the weight against you to ensure better results.
  • Your head should always lie in contact with the bench during the whole exercise. Many experts said that raising or disturbing your head will disturb the whole body and decrease the power of lifting weights. This rule also follows with the shoulders and your upper body areas.

Know the Bench Press Benefits:

The exercise helps to tone the muscles of your upper body also the arms the shoulders and even the pectorals. It is quite dependent on the goals that you have to work on. The change in angles of bench press workout can certainly give results in your desired part of the body. The narrow grip bench press can work effectively on your triceps and also on your forearms.

Other benefits of adding the option of bench press training may include benefits of increasing your upper body strength bench press muscles worked can improve your muscular strength that can give you an advantage in your sports activity such as football, hockey, and volleyball.

Effects and Styles of Bench Press Workout:

Traditional Techniques: The exercise lies horizontally with the ground level. It requires a flat bench that makes you work on your shoulder and arms.

Inclined: The bench, in this case, is set at an angle of 45 to 60 degrees. You have to lean back a little to do this. It targets your upper chest and the firmness of your shoulders.

Declined: In this case, the bench is angled in the opposite direction. If you lie on it your feet will be in an upward direction and your head will rest in the lower position. The exercise works on your lower chest and also works on your shoulders and arms.

Close Grip: benching with narrow grips can ensure you with the benefits of shaping your triceps. The elbow should be tucked inside in the whole motion to give pressure on your outer arms.

Using of Dumbles: Power rod can give you enough ability to work out, but the hands cannot function inwardly in this procedure. So you should also try some sets of dumbles that can give the movement of your arms freely. Give the movement of your arms freely. You have to just lie on the bench with your feet on the floor. You have to press the weight so that your arms are straight upwards and on returning should be close to the chest. The breathing process should also be followed simultaneously.

Top 07 Bench Press Benefits:

You must have learned from elders and experts about the advantages of squat and lifts. You have also admired them. But you should surely become aware of the bench press exercise and its benefits, here are some of them

  • The regular work out on bench can increase your upper body strength. You can easily lift, push and pull things. Your body posture will also enhance and thus look appealing and strong.
  • The muscles that develop from bench press around the rib cage under the upper arm makes you feel like finger space between them. This gap is strengthened enough by pressing movements through bench press and hence creates a good physique.
  • The medial and anterior grow and develop stronger by bench pressing. They play an important role in movement and gives support to your shoulders. As they develop further can give your shoulder a capped and complete look.
  • The triceps developed from the bench press workout nearly makes about one-third of your arm. It will help to strengthen your arm and thus make you look strong and great
  • You will look good in tight shirts. The chest and the arms along with triceps will make you look dashing in a V shape look.
  • The bench press also improves your bone’s health. The work out on bench press gives resistance to your bones to tackle stress hence improves the resisting power of bones.
  • The great physique will make you look great in any of your party videos and self-shot profile videos. If you are a struggling model or actor or even an established will surely win many hearts. The great looks will also improve your dance skill as the body movement of you will be visible by the viewers. No doubt many of the famous actors and dancers do plenty of bench press to obtain these desired results.

Now as you are familiar with the bench press benefits, I hope you will also take benefits from it.             

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