Charlie Hunnam Workout

Charlie Hunnam Workout Routine and Diet Plan

Did you know there is a very close relationship /association between what we choose to eat and our workouts? Yes, they go hand in hand with each other. It does not matter what perfect diet plans we make without a proper and best workout routine, it always just turn out to be a failure. Any workout routine or diet plan will succeed if only one does not give up and stay focused.

Charlie Hunnam is a recognized, reputed English actor. He has come up with his Charlie Hunnam workout routine and diet plan that acts as an ultimate comprehensive guide for a perfect diet plan and workout routine. Charlie Hunnam workout routine and diet plan focus on a high protein diet, low Carbs, and medium fat diet. Charlie Hunnam workout routine and diet plan boost you mentally and give a healthy and energetic feeling. Now, without hesitations, eat what is right, chase those feel-good hormones and value your core. Charlie Hunnam’s fitness plan also provide a modified version of the workout routine and diet plan for men and women who want to shape up.

Charlie Hunnam – Weekly Split Workout Routine

Charlie Hunnam’s Fitness Routine

Mondays and Tuesdays

Workouts for the first two days of the week [Mondays and Tuesdays] are exclusive and intended to target every single muscle group in the body.

  • A glimpse of it-
  • Push-Ups, about six sets in number with 25 reps
  • Squats, about six sets in number with 25 reps
  • Pull-Ups, about three sets in number with 25 reps
  • Dips, about three sets in number with 25 reps, and finally
  • Ab exercises for 20 minutes.


The third day of the week [Wednesday] is a fun activity day, where Charlie Hunnam recommends mixing a few or many exercises and performing them according to how you would want to do them.

charlie hunnam exercise routine

Thursday and Friday

On the fourth and the fifth days of the week, Thursday and Friday, Charlie Hunnam focuses again on the full-body workout. It consists of eight varied exercises. Charlie Hunnam believes that this would create space to get creative and try a lot of freestyles.

  • A glimpse of it-
  • Push-Ups, about three sets in number with 25 reps
  • Pull-Ups, about three sets in number with 20 reps
  • Hanging knee raises about three sets in number with 20 reps
  • Inverted Rows, about three sets in number, 20 reps
  • Squats, about three sets in number with 15 reps
  • Plank, about 60 seconds and finally
  • Parallel Bar Dips, three sets in number with 20 reps

Saturdays and, Sundays

The weekend days, Saturdays and, Sundays are set aside for rest and recovery. It is less intense cardiovascular action days. After a weeklong strenuous workout session, the body will require a period of recovery and rest.

Charlie Hunnam Diet Plan

It is proper to eat large meals at least three to four hours before doing workouts, and consider smaller meals or snacking at-least one to three hours before following workout routines.

Charlie Hunnam Diet Plan

  • Suggestions for breakfast: oatmeal, omelets, and fruits.
  • Suggestions for snack time: Whey protein shakes to be-taken several times a day, an energy bar, yogurt, a whole grain cracker, a low fat sandwich are a few healthy, best snack options.
  • Suggestions for lunch: brown Rice, green leafy salads, vegetables, meat/ chicken breast.
  • Suggestions for dinner: sweet potatoes, meat

  A comprehensive list of what to be- eaten and what not?

  • Oats, lean meat, protein, fish, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, low-carb diet are among the list you can eat.
  • Junk food, soft drinks, sugar, processed food; any artificially flavored ingredients are among the list you should not eat.
  • The diet plan includes lots of water, fruits, and salads. Being mindful of drinking more fluids helps avoid getting dehydrated. Usually, water is enough to replace fluid loss from the body, but- if the workout routine demands more time lasting more than an hour, it’s advisable to drink fluids that can help maintain and balance body electrolytes.
  • Try to grab most of the calories from nutrient–packed sources and bound yourself with a suitable pre and post-workout diet plan that provides ample amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.


Charlie Hunnam’s workout routine and diet plan are simple and easy but effective. The duration and intensity of the workouts will decide what one should eat or drink. Everyone has different needs and purposes to follow a good diet plan and workout routine. So, it’s very- important to be aware of how one feels during this whole experience of workout and diet plan.

It’s a good practice to monitor, maintain a record of how the body reacts to the meal plan and workout routine so that adjustments are made possible for the most favorable performance.

Though Charlie Hunnam’s workouts and diet plan are quite different from the regular gym workouts or diet charts, it has proved to be most effective. So now, you have no excuse to make to stick to the perfect workout routine and fix the appropriate diet that suits you individually. A doctor’s approval plays a vital part before you start a workout routine or a diet plan.

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