Beginner Bodyweight Workout at Home (No Equipment)

Who doesn’t want to stay fit in today’s world? If you are fat you want to shred the extra fat, if you are lean you want to gain quality muscle mass. No matter what your fitness goals are, the workout is one of the best ways to acquire that. Not all of us can go to the gym hence bodyweight workout is one of the best options that we have.

Why go for Bodyweight Workout?

Undoubtedly hitting the gym is the best method to build muscle and reach our desired fitness goals. Many don’t have enough time or access to the gym. If you are also in the same group then worry not, you can also stay fit by just Bodyweight Exercises. No doubt your gains will be slower when compared to a gym-going person but again having something is better than nothing.

Best Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to start then worry not. Here we are providing you with a detailed guide over best bodyweight exercises that you can follow and ace up on your fitness journey. We are providing you with a full-body workout guide as you are a Beginner. After following this for 3-4 months you can shift to split workout sessions.

1.    Warm-up –


Warm-up is extremely important before proceeding to any workout whether in the gym or home. You need to charge up your tissues and stretch your muscles to avoid any possible injuries while working out. Here are a few things you can do –

a)    Cycling/Running –

You can do any of these if you have equipment or space at your home. Running is one of the best warm-up exercises which warms up all the muscle group of your body.

b)    Jumping Jacks –

Another full-body warm-up exercise that is easy to do and stretches all the muscle groups in your body.

c)    Hip extension and rotation –

This is a great warm-up exercise for your lower portion of the body and back. It will help you while squatting and prevent any possible injuries to your lower portion of the body.

d)    Cobra Stretch –

One of the favorite stretching exercises of a majority of fitness freaks, cobra stretch hits all your upper body muscles.

Do these warm-up and stretching exercises daily to get maximum flexibility. Even if you are not doing any workout, do these to keep your tissues lively and joints strong.

2.    Push-ups –


Push up is one of the best bodyweight exercises that target multiple muscle groups in your body. Primarily it targets your chest, shoulder and triceps muscle. Whereas secondary muscles that it targets are back, core, biceps, and forearm. Moreover, your thighs are also targeted during push-ups. Here are a few variants of push-ups –

a)    Knee push-ups –

If you aren’t able to do normal push-ups then you can go for knee push-ups at the start. Keep trying the normal push-ups in between and once you are comfortable you can adapt to that.

b)    Incline push-ups –

You place your hands on a wedge or block and complete your push-ups movement. This majorly targets the lower portion of your chest muscle and triceps.

c)    Decline push-ups –

Here you place your legs on the wedge or block and do push-ups movement. Your shoulder, upper chest, and core are the major muscles that it targets.

d)    Narrow hand push-ups –

In this variant, you narrow the gap between your hands. This is one of the best exercises for triceps.

3.    Pull-ups –


One of the favorite exercises of the majority of fitness enthusiasts. No matter what exercise you are doing for your back muscles, pull-ups are among the best ones. You just need a bar to hang. Place your hands at shoulder width and pull yourself up, get down slowly to the normal position.

It targets your back, biceps, forearms, shoulder and core muscles. Pull-ups are going to be tough for you at the start hence you can take help from someone. Here is one popular variant –

a)    Chin-ups –

Entire movement remains the same except your palm faces towards you in this exercise. This is easier when compared to pull-ups hence you can do this as a beginner. This is one of the best bodyweight exercises for your biceps.

4.    Squats –


There is a reason why Squats is known as the mother of all exercises. Squats are one of the best exercises for the lower portion of your body. Just make sure, throughout the movement the pressure lies on your glutes, quads, and hamstrings and not on your knees. Lift your body from your heels and not toes. Here is a different exercise that you can follow for your leg muscles –

a)  Lunges –

As a beginner, you can take support while going down to balance yourself. Make sure your back and neck remain straight throughout the movement.

5.    Sit up –

Sit up

To achieve core strength or get abs you can do sit-ups. If you find it difficult to do normal crunches then you can always fold your legs and crunch till your knees. For a more advanced level, you can do jackknife or Russian twist and reverse crunches.

a)  Plank –

Plank is one of the best bodyweight exercises for weight loss and achieving great core strength. Hold as long as you can in a plank position. This is also good for your spinal health. You can also do side plank as you move to a more advanced level.

Essential tips –

Here are a few of the most important tips that you must follow while doing these best bodyweight exercises –

  • For the first week try not going too harsh on your body rather allow it to adapt. You surely don’t want extreme muscle soreness at the very beginning.
  • After the first week, try going to failure for each exercise. You can also split the reps to 12-10-8.
  • If you are finding these bodyweight exercises easy then you can add a backpack with some books to increase the weight.
  • Diet is the key. No matter if you hit the gym or workout at home, you won’t see results if you are on a poor diet. Increase your protein and carb intake if you want to gain. Increase protein and cut carbs and fats if you want to shred. Proper intake of vitamins and minerals will help you in staying healthy in the long run.
  • It will take time to notice any significant result with bodyweight exercises hence you have to keep patience and keep working out. 

Conclusion –

So these were the best bodyweight exercises without equipment. Follow the above-mentioned tips to maximize your gains and prevent injuries. Workout at least twice or thrice a week to stay fit. We wish you luck on your fitness journey. Keep working out.

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