Conor McGregor Workout Routine and Diet Plan

If you are fond of the MMA fight of UFC, Conor Mc Gregor is not a new name for you. He is the world’s first person who has won the prize in the heavyweight and lightweight category. But you must be thinking that why Conor McGregor?

People who are gym and fitness enthusiasts follow their Idols. Conor McGregor is one of the popular idols of many fitness freaks. And people who love martial arts, Conor McGregor is in their hearts as he is a massive name in the world of martial arts. In google, everyday people search for the Conor McGregor workout and diet plan. And if you want a body like McGregor or eagerly waiting to know about his workout and diet plan. Your wait ends here!

Here you will explore all the details about the Conor McGregor Workout Routine and Diet Plan. So, without any delay, let’s start.

Peeping in the life of Conor McGregor

You want to know how Conor McGregor Workout and Diet Planbut to comprehend the real-time struggle, you have to know about their lives as you have already got to know that McGregor is a renowned name in the world of Martial Arts. Moreover, he is one of the wealthiest and most famous fighters in the MMA of the UFC. His unique and renowned style of walking and trash-aggressive talks has bagged the title of the notorious Conor McGregor.

He bagged the prize for 18 knockouts in 25 pro fights. The 30-year Irish fighter has been listed in Forbes’s richest athletes lists. He has always been a disciplined person, especially when it comes to diet plans and workouts.

Conor McGregor Body Measurements

Here are the basic stats of this handsome and well-built man.

Heights: 175cm (5’9’’)

Weight: 70 Kgs (155 Pounds)

Chest: 42”; Waist: 32”

Biceps Size: 16 Inches

Birth Year: 1988

Place of Birth: Dublin, Ireland

Conor McGregor Body Measurements 

How is the Workout Principle of Conor Mc Gregor webbed?

Being a martial arts proficient expert, Conor McGregor believes in maintaining strict discipline in his lifestyle. Hence his workout principles are a bit unique from other people. He believes in listening to his body’s call and prefers to avoid monotonous routines in a workout. According to Conor McGregor, He wakes up in the morning, drinks plenty of water, Practises some stretch so that his body can shift in a state in relax mode before heading for the jerkins he has to face throughout the day. Conor believes in variety because, according to Conor, variety is the best way to stay healthy without hurting your body.

His workout plan is blended in various ways. He mixes up his exercise routine with stretching, static, taekwondo, and boxing practice. He prefers to keep his body flexible and loose to maintain a good balance in his work.

Workout Plan of Conor McGregor:

Conor is neither a powerlifter, model, or bodybuilder. He is a Fighter; hence he has to be very careful with his workout plan. He practices high-intensity callisthenics, explosive exercises, and conditioning.

The workout starts with warm-up and Lizard walks.

Workout starts
Warm-up This is the first thing McGregor does before head towards the high-intensity task. He stretches for around 10 minutes.
Lizard walks He is a fighter and not a bodybuilder; hence he does not practice weightlifting. He focuses on the exercises that help keep his leg flexible, strengthen the power kicks, and enhance the punch’s speed.

He practices three sets of Lizard walks which include ten steps per set.

Conor McGregor Fit Body

Bodyweight Exercises
Dips After practising warmup and lizard walk, Conor heads toward the third workout, which is Dips. He uses various amount of weight because he prefers to change his weight frequently.


Dips can be defined as a calisthenic style of workout training that helps gain strength and enhances the nervous system.

Three sets of 15 reps
Hanging Leg Raises Another practice of Conor practice. Three sets of 12 or 15 reps
Barbel Front squat This exercise help Conor to gain strength in leg and waist. Three sets of 12 reps
Weighted Lower Back Extensions It helps Corner to enhance the power of his shoulder so that he can punch back his opponent harder. Three sets of 12 or 15 reps


Standing Dumble Shoulder Presses. This is the last exercise in the category of Bodyweight. It helps increasing mobility and flexibility while fighting. Three sets of 12 reps


High-Intensity Exercises
Burpees Conor keeps Burpees in his workout routine because it helps in enhancing mobility and flexibility in the body. Three sets of reps
Pull-Ups Being a fighter, he requires lots of stamina. Pull-ups help in increasing the core strength and stamina. Three sets of 15 Reps With the same weights.
Jumping Squats Another high-intensity exercise in Conor MacGregors lists. Jumping quats helps him to strengthen the leg muscles, which helps in kick harder. 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps.
V-sit-ups Last but not least in the list of High-Intensity exercises is V- sit Ups. It helps in getting powerful abs and increase mobility and stamina. Three sets of 15 reps.

The above mentions are some of the exercises that Conor is constantly practising. But as you have already comprehended in the beginning that Conor believes in variety. There are many more exercises that he practices. Now let’s have a quick look at his particular diet plan.

Conor McGregor Diet Plan

The 30-year-old Irish fighter has never compromised with his food. He has permanently opted for food that is good and healthy. He drinks plenty of water to keep his body hydrated. He drinks coconut water and plain water. His Diet plan includes around nine meals on average. According to the diet plan, Conor Mc Gregor intakes around 4000 calories.

Conor McGregor Diet Plan

Let’s have a quick look at the food that is incorporated in his diet plans;

Meal Plan
Meal 1 ●      Baked apple sliced along with peanut butter

●      Eggs

●      Avocado

Meal 2 ●      Ginger

●      Rice and Honey chicken

Meal 3 ●      Fish curry and rice
Meal 4


●      Chicken

●      Avocado

●      Apple

●      Sliced Potatoes


Meal 5 ●      Spinach

●      Paprika

●      Smoked Onion

●      Sliced Avocado and eggs

●      Potato wedges

●      Topped sriracha sauce and Bison


Meal 6 ●      Lime shrimp

●      Rice

●      Tequila chicken

Meal 7 ●      Potatoes

●      Scrambled eggs

●      Mix vegs of spinach

●      Cauliflower

●      Sliced Avocado

Meal 8 ●      Tuna steak sizzled with Chili powder

●      Smoked Paprika

Meal 9 ●      Scrambled eggs along with Jalapenos

●      Spinach

●      Sliced potatoes with meat

Final thought

To be muscular and healthy is not easy. You have to be careful what you practice and what you eat. Conor McGregor believes in variety and prefers listening to his body’s demands and act accordingly. If you are following the diet plan and workout routine, don’t forget to take advice from an expert.

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