Michael B. Jordan’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Do you want the Adonis body? Then it would help if you had the training and nutrition regimen of Michael B. Jordan. His part is most well-known infamous “Credible” movies recently hailed as the sexiest guy living in the American actor. The “Rocky” series continues, focused on Adonis Creed, son of the late Apollo Creed boxing great. Despite his legacy, Adonis needs to get from the bottom to the boxing arena. The performance is a feat that demands considerable muscle, discipline, and agility.

As one would assume, it was no simple assignment for Michael B. Jordan to walk into Adonis Creed’s footsteps. The actor has maintained a rigorous diet and exercise system with the aid of personal trainer Corey Calliet. Those who saw a film (or some other movies such as Black Panther by Michael B. Jordan) know that it paid off. Simply put, the man’s muscle is covered.

The Michael B. Jordan training and nutrition plan can help you find your way, regardless of if you’re striving to acquire the sexiest guy status or seek to bring your internal boxing champion. This is how the actor took shape in the first and probably second Creed movies.

Whos Is Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan

Michael Bakari Jordan has been born in Santa Ana, California, and has been born in New Jersey. He has two children, one of which played football for University Howard. He has Donna and Michael Jordan (NOT, not Michael Jordan). At an early age, Jordan’s show career started the business. Before he took action, he was a youngster in the late 1990s, modelled for several marks. In 2001, Keanu Reeves wrote short commercials on series, such as The Sopranos and Cosby.

In the 2013 Ryan Coogler’s famous movie “Fruitvale Station,” Michael B. Jordan’s great-screen debut arrived. It was the beginning of a great film career, marked by an odd misunderstanding. The most well-known Michael B. Jordan films are Creed and Black Panther and the Fruitvale Station.

Michael B. Jordan Body Measurements

Height: 5’ 11”; Weight: 75 kg

Chest: 43”; Waist: 33”

Biceps Size: 15”

Michael B. Jordan Body Measurements

Michael B. Jordan’s Creed Diet Plan

Michael B. Jordan was in rather a terrific form before the part of Adonis Creed landed. Of course, there was no space for improvement, that did not imply. Join personal trainer Corey Calliet who squeezed the intake so that the actor ate up to six meals each day. It was both in advance of the original picture and during shooting, where an exceptionally ripped body was maintained.

“I would devour stuff, literally in the middle of a take. “Much of that,” Jordan remarked during an E! online interview back in 2015. Chicken, rice, and broccoli. The actor’s diet plan would be notably affected by chicken and other lean foods. He also consumed healthy grains to make critical nutrients easy to absorb and fresh vegetables. The aim was, predictably, to increase muscle while keeping digestion and nutritional levels ideal.

Michael B Jordan Diet

Michael B. Jordan’s Creed lunch plan was probably kind enough to share with Men’s Journal. This is an example of the typical eating pattern of the actor:

Meal 1 6 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 45 g carb (e.g., oats, rice, etc.)
Meal 2 Protein shake, 35 g carb (e.g., steel-cut oats)
Meal 3 oz lean protein (egg, chicken, ground turkey), 65 g carb (e.g., rice, sweet potato), 1 cup green veggie
Meal 4 8 oz lean protein (egg, chicken, ground turkey, or fish), 35 g carb (e.g., rice, sweet or red potato)
Meal 5 Protein shake, 35 g carb (e.g., steel-cut oats)
Meal 6 8 oz lean protein (ex: chicken, ground turkey), 1 cup green veggies, 1 tsp oil (e.g., olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil)

The meal plan for Michael B. Jordan contains several lean proteins, green veggies, healthy fat, and nutritious carbohydrates. Jordan has also supplemented both a ‘pre-workout and a ‘recovery’ supplement in addition to protein drinks.

You should know that one day of cheat a week was permitted to him before scoffing at the general blandness of Jordan’s scheme. Probably when the local Philly cheesesteaks, he scarfed down. Calliet quotes: “I don’t know whether a human has ever eaten more cheeses than I’ve ever witnessed Mike eating.”

Michael B. Jordan Workout Routine

Michael B. Jordan Workout

Michael B. Jordan is a genuinely commanding presence in both creed flicks with his ribbed body and tangible quickness and the height of 6 feet. You know that the performer was physical and figurative Adonis on the large screen if you’ve seen either of them. You also understand that his crushed body cannot account for even the tightest meal regimens. Calliet integrated a training scheme directly out of the nearest professional sports facility to increase Jordan’s muscles and endurance levels.

Calliet remarked during an interview that: “The instruction was taken from the foundations of sports training and body development. This entailed using a four-day regimen, combining regular cardio with high-quality circuiting to reduce fat and tighten the muscle definition. Also, the volume to get optimum outcomes was exercised for each specific muscle group. If you want to have your own Michael B. Jordan, be prepared for extremes and show some patience. Such achievements do not occur overnight, after all.

It would help if you started every workout with a modest 1-mile warm-up as per your instructions. Then carry out all the workouts as straight sets, finishing each location for one lift before going to the next. Take a little downtime as possible, save for day three, between every stage or exercise. The first five exercises as a circuit will be completed by one group of 25 participants each day.

After that, when you see the reps in countdown form (10, 9, 8, and so on), Do not stop until the whole number of proposed sets has been executed. Hey, did he? Good. We’re going here.

Day 1: Arms, Back, Chest and

  • One-mile warm-up jogging
  • Incline stupid press – 3 sets with 12 representatives
  • Fly Dumbbell – three sets of twelve representatives
  • 10 sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 sets of repetitions.
  • Kickback from Dumbbell – 3 sets of 15 repetitions
  • Pushdown Triceps – 2 sets of 20 representatives.
  • 10 set of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 representative

Day 2: Biceps, Triceps, Lats

  • One-mile warm-up jogging
  • Single-arm stupid row – three sets of 12 representatives
  • Pulldown of Neutral Grip — 3 sets of 12 representatives
  • Bentover row – 3 sets with 12 representatives
  • Dumbbell curl (arms alternate) – 3 sets of 12 representatives
  • Barbell Curl – three sets of 12 representatives
  • Three sets of 12 repetitions Hammer curl

Day 3: Circuit of Legs + Abs

  • One-mile warm-up jogging
  • Lung dumbbell – 3 sets per leg at 30 seconds
  • Extension of single-leg hip – 3 sets of 15 repetitions each leg.
  • Leg curl – three sets of 12 representatives
  • Triple sets of 12 repetitions from Romania
  • Squat – 10 sets from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 representatives
  • Three sets of 25 representatives with a Swiss ball
  • Leg raise – three sets of 25 representatives
  • Reverse crunch, three sets of 25 repetitions with the tension band
  • Toe ball – 3 sets of 25 representatives
  • 3 set of 25 representatives Sprinter sit-up

Day 4: Chest, Arms, Abs

  • One-mile warm-up jogging
  • Bench press Dumbbell: 5 sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 representatives
  • Five sets of fifteen repetitions
  • Fly – five sets of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 representatives
  • Push up – Five groups of ten representatives
  • Dumbbell curl – four sets of 12 representatives
  • Kickback Dumbbell – 4 sets of 15 representatives
  • Bench dip – four sets of 20 representatives
  • Three sets of 25 representatives with a Swiss ball
  • Leg raise – three sets of 25 representatives
  • Reverse crunch, three sets of 25 repetitions with the tension band
  • Toe ball – 3 sets of 25 representatives
  • 25 representatives Sprinter Sit-Up

Michael B. Jordan Shoulder and Chest Training

Rest between chest training for 90 seconds and shoulder exercises for 60 seconds.

Smith Bench Press Incline – four representative sets in the following order: 15-12-12-10

Cable Fly Standing – 3 representative sets in the sequence below: 15-12-10\supersets:

Dumbbell Press Recline (lowest incline possible) – in the following sequence, three sets of representatives: 15-12-10

Dumbbell Fly incline – 3 sets of representatives as follows: 15-12-10

Barbell Shoulder Press Standing (alternating bar position to front and back) – in the following sequence, four sets of representatives: 20-12-12-8 Dumbbell Seated Lateral Raises — 3 Reps in order: 15-15-12

Dumbbell Fly Bent over – three sets of representatives in the following order: 15-15-12

Machine for Smith Single-arm shoulder press — in the following order, three sets (each arm) of reps: HIIT Boxing Circuit 15-12-10 post-lift.

Exercise shadow boxing during rest times so that your body remains active. Complete three total rounds.

Plate x 1 min. Shadow Box (use 3-5 lb. dumbbells to increase intensity)

  • Jumping jackets x 30 sec (any variant)
  • Shadow x 1 min. Shadow Box
  • × 30 seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Shadow x 1 min. Shadow Box
  • Curtains x 30 seconds
  • Shadow x 1 min. Shadow Box
  • Taps x 30 seconds shoulder

Michael B. Jordan’s Supplements

All of your nutrients cannot always be obtained through prepared meals. Likewise, without supplements, a meal plan is never comprehensive to cover all that is missing. The supplements listed below assist us in gaining a sense of the needs.

Protein: two protein drinks in a day were incorporated into his diet. This allows you to remain full longer, assists in muscle building and helps you burn fat.

Beta-alanine: This amino acid enhances your training performance and lowers your post-training fatigue.

Glutamine: This supplement also helps muscular mass to be maintained when the body fat is reduced.

Creatine: This substance is needed to increase muscular growth. It offers you another energy boost as well.

BCAAs: This amino acid inhibits muscle mass loss.

Pre-workout: This pill improves the blood flow to your muscles so that it gets more nutrients.


Whether it’s a job or a solid physical imagination, it has the same demands – hard effort and dedication! A physique like Michael B. Jordan might look scary, but you can certainly do it by following his food programs and training.

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