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According to you, what is the one aspect of your life that is of utmost importance? If more than having the right body, having a healthier body is at the top of your mind, you are right, and this article is just for you. Eating good food and exercising every day will help you maintain your body weight and be more beneficial. One of the most inspirational and unique journeys is the famous football player and the recent MMA record holder, Herschel Walker. So if you are someone who is looking to have a body like Herschel Walker, then this article is for you.

His detailed workout regimen is what sets him apart from the others.

Before we go into the workout and diet plan, let’s get to know Herschel Walker.

Who is Herschel Walker?

herschel walker

Herschel is one of the most famous football players, the track champion and a recent MMA sensation. Born in Georgia, Walker was an overweight child who faced speech impediment in his earlier years. Raised along with his seven children from a very young age, his mother taught him to be strong and not use his weakness as an excuse. In school, Herschel faced many problems, mainly due to bullies. After his 5th standard, he had enough of being the victim and decided to turn his life around. So, he approached his brother’s football coach, who asked him to do pushups and situps every day without fail.

That was a turning point in Walker’s life. He always made sure to do his situps and pushups no matter where he was. When time permits, he even runs up and down the hills near his house.

Coming to his professional career, Herschel Walker is an experienced track runner and a football player who started his career playing for the USFL. They selected him as soon as he graduated junior year. He ended his career in NFL in Dallas with an overall rushing number of 13,787 yards.

Walker is the only player who ever exceeded 5000 yards in all three, i.e. kickoff returns, rushing and receiving.

In college, Walker was in both track and football teams. He had excelled in both fields. He earned 5th place in taekwondo as well. Talk about the success and hard work right!

Herschel Walker Body Measurements

Heights: 6’1 (1.85 m)

Weight: 102 Kgs (225 ib)

Chest: –

Biceps Size: –

Herschel Walker Body Measurements

Herschel Walker’s Diet Plan

Unlike all the other diet plans you come across, Herschel Walker’s diet plan is straightforward and extreme. He eats only once a day. That’s true.

His diet consists primarily of soup, veggies and bread. This intense diet routine is not for everyone.

Walker skips his breakfast and lunch. He eats only one meal per day that is his dinner. He was never someone who concentrated so much on macros or proteins. His idealogy is very simple. In earlier days, when people worked day and night on farms, they never cared too much for how much protein they were taking. By following the same principle, walker doesn’t concentrate much on how much protein he takes. Instead, he sticks to his low quantity food intake that is now his routine.

Herschel Walker is a vegetarian except for his most rare consumption of chicken if necessary. Therefore, if anyone told you red meat is essential for muscle gain, then now is the time to point them wrong.

Herschel Walker’s Workout Routine

Herschel Walker Fitness

Walker never believed in weight lifting. Maybe that’s because he exercised using his body weight for over forty years of his life.

His workout regimen consists of different varieties of bodyweight exercises. He starts his day by doing 1500 pushups with variations and 3000 situps. If he wants to do cardio, he prefers speed sprints of at least 8 miles a day whenever he can.

But it is not just pushups and situps in his workout routine. He does many other workouts, like 1000 dips, 1000 to 1500 chin-ups, 1000 squats, loading hay and many more. He has extra Mixed Martial Arts training in his day as soon as he completes his morning workouts.

Walker doesn’t believe in a complex set routine. He believes in variety. That’s why his expertise is not just in football. He ran track in college and is a championship holder for short put. He used to wrestle with his brothers and also enter into dance competitions with his sister. His motto is “the more variety there is in your daily life, the more resistance you face through which you improve”. To make his workout more challenging, he sometimes adds extra resistance. He wears a weight vest or pulls on heavyweight plants while sprinting to increase the resistance. These workouts help him in strengthening his core. Walker takes pride in exceeding the success of his fellow students who bragged about being more talented than him. “It’s not about how clever a person is, but it’s all about how much they try to achieve their final goal”, is what he said in one of his interviews.

More about Herschel Walker

Mixed martial arts marks another success story of Walker. In 2009, Walker first signed his contract with the MMA. At the American kickboxing academy, he began his training of interest marshal arts. That training went on for 12 weeks, where he trained his body to be beyond athletic. In 2010, Walker defeated his first opponent. Later on, he defeated Carson and won his second title.

Herschel Walker’s regimen in terms of both workout and diet was extreme. But that is what suited him the best and drove him forward to succeed in all the fields he took up. His idealogy of having variety in every regimen he follows is inspiring. This workout might not be the right one for everyone, but it is a start that will help you to find out the proper regimen that suits you.

As they all say, a good lifestyle is what defines you. Having a strict workout and diet routine will help you get in shape and be healthier. There is nothing in the world that is more important than our health.

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