Lizzo’s Weight Loss: Diet & Workout Explained

Lizzo whose full name is Melissa Viviane Jefferson. She is a very popular musician and singer. It produces hip-hop, pop, and R&B music. Lizzo was born in 1988 in Michigan. Apart from music, Lizzo also specializes in classical flute, making her a very versatile artist.

Lizzo’s music contains love, encouragement, and a message. She composes her music with a focus on self-acceptance and body positivity. Her outstanding music and energetic performance have earned Lizzo millions of fans around the world.

Apart from her music career, Lizzo spreads awareness among people through her platform and promotes empowerment.

Lizzo’s Weight Loss Journey

Lizzo has earned a lot of fame all over the world. She has created many records and won the hearts of fans with her powerful vocals and tracks, but apart from that she has also inspired many people with her weight loss journey.

There are some 5 facts in Lizzo’s weight loss journey, which makes Lizzo different from others.

Body Awareness and Struggles

Lizzo is always conscious about her weight, because in childhood she was an overweight chubby girl, due to which she could never follow any fashion like her friends, which she felt very bad about. That’s why she maintains her weight now.

Commitment and Training

Lizzo’s career started with an album in 2016 when she decided that she would now focus on both her health and fitness. Then she used to work out 3 times a week, for which she also hired a personal trainer, and she stuck to her goal with dedication.

Embracing a Vegan Diet

She used to follow a specific diet to make her weight loss journey more effective. He started this in 2018. She followed a strict vegan diet, which gave her impressive results as she lost 25 pounds in just 10 weeks.

Sustaining a Healthy Lifestyle

In 2018 Lizzo started her balance diet so that she can maintain her weight loss. She started focusing on nutritious and wholesome foods to keep her weight down. Lizzo benefited from this diet and habit in the long term, and she started feeling better than before.

Consistency and Long-Term Results

Lizzo’s continued her diet for long-term results. She followed the diet consistently. She abandoned processed food and added fresh food and healthy food in its place. She used to exercise daily. With the help of her trainer, she lost up to 25kg in about 12 months. After weight loss, it is most important to maintain it, so Lizzo is continuing her same weight loss routine even today.

Lizzo’s Diet for Weight Loss

Lizzo’s followed a strict vegan diet for weight loss. She stopped eating burgers, pizza, and pasta. She used to consume only fresh fruits, vegetables, and salads in her diet.

She used to count her daily calorie intake and took her diet accordingly. She used to exercise regularly, which helped her burn calories and maintain a lifestyle balance. And get the desired weight loss result.

Lizzo’s Diet
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In weight loss, Lizzo only used to take hummus as a snack. It is made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Of course, these snacks are healthy and Lizzo found them enjoyable and nourishing.


Lizzo loves desserts a lot. But sugar is a big enemy of the body. That’s why Lizzo removed sugar from her weight loss plan. If ever she had a craving for dessert, she would drink smoothies. She used to add different healthy flavors to smoothies, such as peanut butter, jelly, strawberries, oat milk, vanilla, etc.


Lizzo’s weight loss plan used to drink only water to stay hydrated. She did not consume any kind of beverage. Vegan sodas that can be consumed during weight loss are sometimes considered by Lizzo for refreshing.

Lizzo’s Weight Loss Workout Routine

The workout routine Lizzo’s helped her a lot in her weight loss journey. 50% credit of her weight loss goes to her workout. She used to do daily gym sessions so that she could burn as many calories as she wanted daily.

Lizzo’s weight loss workout plan included some specific exercises, let’s know about them –

Weight Lifting:

Lizzo knew the importance of weight lifting because weight lifting gives shape and tone to the body. This type of training helped her to build lean muscles and achieve the desired physique.

Stationary Bike Riding:

Lizzo used to do cardio sessions on the stationary bike for some time in the week. Along with weight loss, this type of exercise also boosts the energy level. Apart from this, stress is reduced, blood pressure is maintained, and sugar levels can be managed.

Skipping Rope:

Rope skipping is one of the easiest and most effective exercises. Skipping benefited Lizzo immensely in her weight loss. Lizzo’s muscles were strengthened by this exercise, and bones became strong. It is an intense training that helps to accelerate weight loss.

Lat Pull Downs:

Lizzo’s have found strength in their back muscles, improved spinal posture, and back stability with Lat Pull Downs. She used to do this exercise minimum of 3-4 times a week.

Lizzo was committed to her diet and workout routine for her weight loss. It was her regular regimen of cardio, strength exercise, and mindfulness practices that helped Lizzo achieve her outstanding weight loss goal over 12 months of hard work.

Lizzo’s Before And After Weight Loss Photos

Lizzo’s  Weight Loss Transformation


This transformation of Lizzo proves that if any person works hard like Lizzo and remains focused on her goals, then she can achieve her weight loss goal in the targeted time. The way Lizzo adopted healthy habits, you can also get a fit body shape by doing the same.

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