6 Healthy Morning Habits for Lose Weight and Feel Great

Struggling to lose weight? Maybe you don’t have a good morning routine to boost up your metabolism. Morning is the time to feel amazing about yourself that gives you the enthusiasm to pursue all your goals in a day. Mornings have the ultimate power to bring out the magic in you.

When we talk about good morning habits, the first healthy morning habit has to be waking up early. Whether or not you are a morning person, just try to wake up early and follow a good morning routine to have an outstanding day full of confidence. According to the study, most of the people striving to lose weight are the ones who are late-night owls and tend to wake up late in the morning.

If you take waking up early in the morning as a wellness ritual and not just a task, trust me, that will leave you with so much positivity to feel great about yourself and also help to lose weight. So let’s have a look at the healthy morning habits to follow to lose weight and have a great day.

Top 6 Healthy Morning Habits to Lose Weight

1) Drink a Glass of lukewarm Water

The main reason for not losing weight in most people is that they don’t have a good metabolism. Drinking the glass of lukewarm water as soon as you wake up helps you to boost up your metabolism.

Drink a Glass of lukewarm Water

A glass of water after the long fasting hours aids you to get hydrated and helps your brain to wake up and be alert to face the day. You can add a bit of lemon that would give you vitamin C to have glowing skin and also boost your metabolism and digestive system.

Research suggests that the microbes in the saliva that have developed during the night help to better your digestion. So consider drinking lukewarm water before you brush or wash your mouth that will be most effective for you. Adding this to your morning routine will be so wonderful for you.

2) A does Of Meditation

Youngsters nowadays have a habit of waking up and taking a mobile phone in hand and sitting chatting and uploading status and whatnot. That brings negativity in you. Instead, you should wake up and meditate.

Now you might say that you can meditate at any time in the day. But morning has good vibes and meditating at that time gives you more peace and positivity. That helps you to focus on making yourself better.


Surround yourself with positive thoughts about yourself. Give away all the fears you have. Gather the energy to live your day to the fullest. This stands to be the best morning habit for weight loss at home.

3) Plan your day

After meditation, you can take a notebook and plan your day. Plan your day to keep yourself active throughout the day. When you plan your day you tend to waste less time. You have more time to invest in the things you want to.

You can also plan what you are going to have for meals. Planning helps you to have a count of carbs and proteins and calories you are going to consume. You can check for the food items and if they are not available you can bring them. So that you don’t have to compromise on a healthy diet.

You can make positive affirmations about yourself. This morning habit helps you to have positive repercussions throughout the day.

4) Have a Protein-Rich breakfast

Having a protein-rich breakfast helps you to have a healthy start to your day. That cuts your craving for high-carb foods and fatty foods. That in turn aids in weight loss.

Protein-Rich breakfast

When you have a protein-rich breakfast you avoid carbs. You are already fasting for about 8 hours. That means you have not boosted your insulin for 8 hours.  Insulin is boosted from carbohydrate-rich food. Once the insulin is secreted it stops the fat breakdown (lipolysis) going on in your body and leads to the formation of fat deposits ( liponeogenesis). Insulin also stops the muscle formation process.

So if you only have protein for breakfast you don’t spike the amount of insulin hormone that in turn renders the continuing the process of fat breakdown and muscle build up in your body. This is the healthiest morning habit for weight loss at home.

5) Get Some Sunlight

You already know that sunlight gives you plenty of vitamin D but what you don’t know is that it can also give a kick-start to your weight loss every morning.

Sunlight helps to activate the cells of your body and helps to run your vital bodily functions properly.


Research showed that women taking vitamin D supplements had more weight loss than those with inadequate amounts of vitamin D levels in their blood.

So, Spending more time in the morning sun helps you to get vitamin D which also aids in the weight loss process and prevents weight gain.

Why take supplements so you can simply get the natural sunlight ?  So, include 20-30 minutes of sunlight exposure in your morning habit today itself to have it’s vast benefits.

6) Exercise Daily

Have you heard about the fact that physical working gives happiness?  That is actually a scientific fact. When you indulge yourself in intense physical work like exercises melanin hormone is secreted that is responsible for giving you happiness.

Getting indulge in exercise in the morning not only boosts your weight loss but also helps you to keep your blood sugar levels steady throughout the day.

exercise at home

What exercises should you include for weight loss?  Include exercises that boost your digestive system and metabolism. Do 10-15 mins of aerobic and cardiovascular exercises. Running for 15 mins can be the best aerobic exercise. And also include flexibility and exercises to relax your muscles.

Wrapping up

I guess that knowing all these vast benefits of the morning routine on weight loss is enough to motivate you to build a habit of waking up early.  When you include all these healthy morning habits and exercises in your early morning routine you ultimately reduce your craving for more carbohydrate and fat rich food. So including all these healthy morning habits to do wonders to you!

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