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The Best 10 Back Stretching Machines of 2020

Stretching your muscles is extremely important and when it comes to stretching your back and lower portion of the body, the importance increases. People often suffer from back pain and reduced flexibility which leads to daily life problems. A back stretching machine comes in handy to handle such cases. One can easily stretch one’s back on this machine with ease. Here we have brought a broader review of top 10 back stretching machine, so stick with us to know more –

Why go for a back stretching machine?

Back stretching machine comes in handy as people these days remain short of time and they find it difficult to take out time to go for exercise from their busy schedule. And this habit often leads to reduced flexibility and people often start encountering pain in the back region. Weaker spines and lesser back strength is the main reason behind this habit. Having a back stretching machine at home or workplace not only saves us a lot of time but also ensures that we are stretching our muscles properly.

A back stretching machine is not very costly when compared to the benefits that it provides hence this is a value for money products. One can choose from the best back stretching machines provided in this review article and lead a fit lifestyle.

People have a lot of misconceptions about the back stretching machine and that often leads to lesser interest in this product. Back stretching machines are extremely comfortable and easy to be worked upon. The cushioning provided with the machine makes you easily finish the exercise. These machines do not demand heavy maintenance costs as well. You are just advised to grease the equipment from time to time so that the mobility is maintained.

Top 10 Back Stretching Machines Review

Till now you must be clear about the essence of the back stretching machine but purchasing a new back stretching machine can sometimes be a pain in the neck. Those who are novices find it extremely difficult to choose from so many products available in the market. To ease down your worries, we have brought the top 10 back stretching machine review so that you can pick better from the best. So let’s take a look on the top back stretching machines –

1. Nitrofit Limber Pro

Nitrofit Limber Pro

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This is not only a back stretching machine but also a full body stretching machine, hence you can stretch different muscles of your body at the same time. You can change the setup of the machine to target different muscle groups. The mobility of the machine is also top-notch as the wheels attached with it allow you to move it to the desired location. The machine is durable and long-lasting, along with that it is easy to be assembled.

This back stretching machine is fully adjustable hence providing you with total control on your stretching movements. Undoubtedly this is one of the best picks.

2. Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer

Precor 240i Commercial Series Stretch Trainer

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This is another full-body stretching machine with its own advantages. This is undoubtedly among the best stretching equipment. You can safely and efficiently stretch your back muscles including other different muscles of your body with ease. The machine has got an ergonomic handle which helps you in doing different stretching exercises with ease. Due to the comfortable cushioning, you don’t feel any pain while working on this machine.

This lightweight back stretching machine can be easily moved to the desired location. The only downside is the price but when compared to what it offers, the price is worth it.

3. Stamina InLine Bench –

Stamina InLine Bench

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If you are looking for simple and budget-friendly back stretching machines then you must give it a look. The design of the machine is extremely simple yet the machine is effective. You can easily stretch your back on this machine and get the maximum tension in a safe manner. With more than 85% customer satisfaction rating, this is among the most loved back stretching machines in the market. The body of this machine is sturdy which will give you confidence while you are working on it.

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4. Gronk Fitness Commercial Stretch Machine –

Gronk Fitness Commercial Stretch Machine

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This is another full-body stretcher which does its job really well. You can stretch different muscles of your body including back and legs on this stretching machine. Though the machine is perfect for commercial use, it can be used at home as well. You can easily stretch your back from different angles which is another perk of this machine. The safety straps attached to the machine ensure minimum risk. The cushioning on the machine makes it extremely comfortable. All in all, this is a great pick for those who want a full-body stretcher.

5. Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table –

Ironman Gravity 4000

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The name completely suits the machine; it is sturdy and is reliable. This back stretching machine is really good with what it should do. It can stretch your back in the best manner and increase the flexibility like nothing else. The foam pillow cushioning adds up to your comfort and there is a removable lumbar pillow as well.

People have found it a little complicated to set up which we feel can be managed if the instructions are read properly. It is a value for money product that is going to ease down your back pain.

6. Invertio Inversion Table Back Stretching Machine –


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This is an affordable home inversion table that is meant to stretch your back at its best. Stretch your spines through this impeccable machine and gain maximum satisfaction. The extra longer handrails add up to your comfort and effectiveness of the stretching exercise. The soft padded backrest and ankle support ensure that you spend a comfortable time while working on this machine.

This lightweight and the foldable machine can be moved easily to different locations. The rotation speed is also adjustable which gives you an upper hand while working on the machine.

7. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Back Pain Relief Kit–

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It is also an inversion table which will definitely satisfy you with its performance. You can easily relieve the pressure and pain on your back region by working on this machine. You can gain a high flexibility level through this stretching equipment. Though the machine looks huge it can be folded and easily taken to different locations.

It has got more than 90% user satisfaction ratings, making it one of the most loved products in the domain. This stretching machine is affordable and effective at the same time, making it a budget-friendly yet effective product.

8. Spine Worx Back Realignment Device –

Spine Worx Back Realignment Device

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This stretching machine is extremely easy to use and highly affordable. Those who don’t want to purchase a bulky machine yet looking for a machine with effective performance then this is going to be their pick. The pressure of your body will help in stretching your spines on this machine.

This is extremely lightweight hence you can carry it with you to different locations. You can easily relieve the pain and stress on your back through this machine. The only drawback of this machine is that people with over 6-foot height will not find it comfortable to use. Rest assured, this is definitely one of the best back stretching machines.

9. Innova ITX9600 Heavy-duty inversion table –

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Innova ITX 9600 is another inversion table in the list of best back stretching machines. You can stretch your back safely and effectively through this machine without any complications. The machine can be adjusted to 6 different positions giving you an upper hand on your stretching movements.

The handlebars are covered with foam and padded seats increase the comfort level while stretching and you also get confidence while working on the machine. This is a sturdy and reliable machine to be worked upon.

10. Stamina Inline Traction Control System –

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Though inversion tables are considered to be among the best stretching equipment for the back those who don’t find comfortable working on that can get the same results through this machine. The machine is not bulky in size hence mobility is also not an issue. The sturdy frame gives you confidence while working on the machine. With more than 80% customer satisfaction ratings, this is one of the highest-rated back stretching machine.

The cushioning of the machine increases the comfort level. You can improve your posture through the machine and relieve the back pain effectively.


So these were the best back stretchers reviewed. You can pick any one among these depending on your preference. Stretching your back is extremely important when you looking to relieve the back pain and increase flexibility. These machines will help you to effectively stretch your back.

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