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Best Mini Elliptical – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Over recent times, the demand for the ellipticals has grown quite a bit. However, instead of the full-sized ellipticals, people are more inclined towards the foldable and mini ellipticals. This is because most of the people do want to get their body in shape, but do not have the time to try out actual full-body workouts. With managing both family and work, it can be very hard for trying out exercises.

The effect of being lazy and sedentary will be visible in the body in some form. The stamina may go down, and you can be quickly out of shape. As a result, your overall efficiency decreases. Hitting the gym or trying out full-length workouts is probably the best option that you should opt for. However, if you do not have the chance, then trying out little exercises in your free time at your preferred place is the best alternative. This is where the concept of mini ellipticals comes into account. With these compact elliptical machines, it becomes easier to move them from one place to another. Thus, these portable ellipticals are very much useful to carry and try out small workouts in your free time.

The portable ellipticals are one of the best options while doing a workout anywhere. You can place a small elliptical anywhere and engage in short exercises. Since the sizes of these ellipticals are small, fitting them in a place would not be an issue. Some ellipticals can be even accommodated in the smallest of places like drawers and below chairs.

Keeping in mind, the demand for these mini ellipticals, given below are top 8 mini elliptical machines review that can help you with choosing the device that is suits you the best.

Top 08 Mini Elliptical Reviews

best compact elliptical machines

The best mini ellipticals of the year 2019 are-

1. Cubii Pro – Seated Under – Desk Elliptical

This model is probably the best mini elliptical of 2019. With the most advanced features, it has almost everything you may need. Apart from the exercising capabilities, this mini elliptical has syncing capability with fitness bands such as Apple Healthkit and FitBit with the help of Bluetooth. The progress of the workout is displayed on those fitness bands directly.

This machine has very less noise, has smooth gears, and provides an ideal workout session, whether you are in-home or office. There is a magnetic drive system which imitates a full elliptical. You can use this machine the best when seated. It can be used under the desks anywhere. Overall, this is a complete package of mini ellipticals in more than one way.

2. jFit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical

This mini elliptical is available with pedals that can be adjusted and has a design which can be said as unique. Users will be able to exercise with the help of this mini elliptical under a desk by standing. There are two handles provided in the machine for the ease of carrying it to different places.

The design is very compact, and it includes larger rollerblade wheels. These wheels help the ride to be smoother as well as quieter. Usually, there are no noises while doing a workout. But if it does, spraying WD40 spray is the solution to make it silent.

3. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

The Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is a must include when a list of mini ellipticals are made. This is because this machine is probably the sturdiest mini elliptical that is also the lightest. This is of great convenience as the device can be stored anywhere you want to. It also makes this machine the best portable mini elliptical out there.

The resistance in this machine can be easily adjusted. The ergonomics are biometrically correct, and selected PhD holders have developed and designed this mini elliptical. It can be used as a mini elliptical under desk easily. The weight capacity is much higher when compared with the other mini ellipticals, and it stands at 181.5 kg. This device can be used for aerobic exercises and HIT and can be used as a stand-up desk.

4. Fitness Exercise Elliptical Twister Stepper

If you want to do exercise while at work, the Fitness Exercise Elliptical Twister Stepper is one of the best options that you will get. The pedals are designed so that they can accommodate any feet size, and is especially beneficial for the ones who have large feet. The stepping is of a twisting wing-style, and it helps to get a complete workout of the body and legs. The machine can be used by both standing and pedalling, and it is incredibly beneficial while working out on waist, hips, buttocks, and other body parts.

There is an inbuilt fitness monitor that displays the calories burned, speed, and track time. The machine operates quietly and has a very rugged frame. The machine is also made to provide an experience as comfortable as possible. All the features run on this mini elliptical with the help of two AA batteries.

5. Sunny Health & Fitness EZ Stride

This mini elliptical is more focused to provide a somewhat passive workout to the users instead of a direct one. The motorized resistance that is offered in this device comes in three levels. These levels include low, middle, and high. The motorized assistance can also be deactivated, and users can opt for manual exercises. The buttons are easy to navigate. The main functions available are auto, manual, step counter, forward, and backward.

When left idle for half an hour, the machine shuts down itself. For the ease of transportation, there are inbuilt carrying handles. The device is fully assembled out of the box. The inclusion of a floor mat which acts as an anti-slip tool is pretty useful.

6. IDEER Life Under Desk & Stand Up Exercise Bike

This mini elliptical helps you to have a good workout session, whether you are seated in a desk, or are standing. This machine is a small elliptical for weight loss and can help you improve your body in a refined and straightforward manner. There are many resistance levels, and workout intensity can be easily changed. This model has a broad base, and it gives proper stability to the entire machine when a workout is going on. The rollerblade wheels are pretty large and provide smooth and quiet pedalling experience. 

The time spent on the workout, the calories burned, and the fitness stats are displayed in the monitor. The pedals provide an excellent grip and are comfortable to use. The frame is compact and made of steel. It helps in a quick assembly of this mini elliptical.

7. Joroto Desk Elliptical Mini Stepper

If you want a smooth, quiet, and stable workout, this mini elliptical is one of the best choices. The resistance is magnetic, and the machine has a belt drive with a unique roller system. This device is durable and has a comparatively higher price. The machine has track-rollers which are resistant to wear and tear, has German axle sleeve, and also consists of a bidirectional flywheel. A weight up to 220 lbs can be supported in this mini elliptical. This machine can be used in running, hard pedalling, under the desk, in forwarding motion, or reverse motion.

The machine also consists of a monitor for displaying the required information. It is pretty light and can be easily transported. A warranty period of one year compliments the price tag that this machine offers.

8. Goplus 2 in 1 Under Desk Elliptical Stepper

This machine is a space-saving elliptical, even though it is on the heavier side. However, this weight provides excellent stability to this mini elliptical, and the user experience is extremely comfortable. The ergonomic design offered by this model is patented, and helps in exercises that are good for ligaments and joints, and are carried out very smoothly. The machine also has an anti-skid design and has a base for absorption.

The machine is super quiet, and it is meant to be used in secret if you want to. The pedals provide a good grip and are durable to test out any realistic high speed thrown at it. The tension in this mini elliptical can be changed with the help of turning the dial. There is also a digital monitor in the front that displays all the required data. Additionally, it also has a mode of showing results in six seconds. There is a foam handle present in the device, and it also comes with base wheels which help in easy transportation. The machine can be used in both standing and seated mode. With the advantages that this mini elliptical has to offer, it is entirely reasonable to choose this device as your free time calorie burner.


The question that most people think is whether or not it is useful to use a mini elliptical. The answer is positive. Without doing anything, you cannot expect to get in shape. These mini ellipticals help you to exercise at a place and time of your convenience. Even if the workout is not as intense as hitting the gym, it can still produce visible results with time.

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