Focus T25 – Workout Schedule & Calendar (Download or Print)

T25 – the name itself is so catchy.  No wonder that today T25 or Focus T25 is the name on every fitness person’s lips. This is because the T25 workout schedule promises that its workout of just 25 minutes is equivalent to an hour-long workout at the gym. Due to the rising coronavirus cases, more and more people are apprehensive about exercising at the gym. In such situations, working out at home, that too for short periods with amazing results, is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The t25 workout was created by ShaunT, who is famous for workout DVDs and other exercise-related programs.

Focus T25 Program Overview

Focus T25 workout schedule consists of working out 6 times a week. One workout per day for the first 4 days. On the 5th day, two workouts. Day 6 is a rest day, and on 7th day a stretching exercise. The workout duration is only 25 minutes but then the Focus t25 workout schedule makes every moment count. The base schedule is for 60 days or10 weeks. The Focus t25 workout schedule is very convenient for beginners because of its proper warm-up and modified exercises. Here is a printable Focus t25 workout schedule available to download. 

The exercise moves change every 30 seconds. Because of its growing popularity, the Focus t25 workout schedule now consists of 3 parts. The base schedule (or Alpha phase) is a 5-day workout; the Beta phase is for Month 2, which builds on the previous month’s program.  After that, there is the advanced workout schedule called the Gamma. It focuses more on building strength and involves using more weights.  However, there is a choice to either continue repeating the first two months or go for the gamma schedule. That is not the end.  Another step ahead of Gamma, there is a Focus t25 workout schedule which is longer.  It concentrates on building lean muscle and blast the fat.  It’s fast and is a pure strength calendar.

The Alpha level can be considered the foundation, the beta level building on the foundation, and the Gamma level focuses on strength training.  In short, the

Alpha level has – 6 workouts

  • T25 alpha Cardio –  that is, traditional interval training
  • Speed 1.0 – focussing on speed, stability, and agility.
  • Total Body circuit – Cardio with a mix of total body resistance
  • AB Intervals – Work out for the whole core.
  • T25 Lower focus -Cardio with a mix of lower body exercises
  • Stretching exercises

The beta level has – 7 workouts

  • Core Cardio
  • Rip’T Circuit
  • Dynamic Core
  • Upper Focus
  • Speed 2.0
  • Stretch
  • Core Speed

Gamma level has – 4 workouts

  • The Pyramid
  • Rip’T Up
  • Extreme Circuit
  • Speed 3.0 workout

Focus T25 Workout Calendar

Focus t25 workout calendar is freely available for download on the internet.  It is in PDF version and can be easily printed at home. It is an extra tool offered in the Focus t25 workout schedule to make every moment count. The schedule is already pre-written. The t25 workout calendar is available in two designs, that is horizontal and vertical design. The beautifully designed calendar shows every workout that needs to be done each day.

Focus T25 Alpha Phase Workout Calendar


Focus T25 Beta Phase Workout Calendar


Focus T25 Gamma Phase Workout Calendar



  •  All that is required is some resistance bands or dumbbells. Plus, an exercise mat.  This is optional. Being a video-based workout program, you will need a DVD player and TV to play the Workout DVD series.
  • After the t25 workout schedule, you can opt for other quick, intense workouts in the program.
  • If unsure about it, then there is free T25 streaming available for two weeks.   You can check out the free version first and then order the program later.
  • No more ‘I don’t have time’ excuse.  25 minutes is all that it takes.
  • It is the fastest and best way to get a six-pack and lose baby fat.
  • t25 workout calendar ensures privacy and comfort to work out at home.
  •  It also has a diet plan for better results and flexible options for various impact levels. As per claims, it only requires about 5 minutes to prepare these diets.


  • Being high-impact exercises, there are bound to be some risks and injuries such as falls, sprains, body pains, and fatigue.
  • This type of exercise is not good for pregnant women and those who have arthritis and joint pain.


The T25 exercise is a high-impact program for people of all ages. It is great for building up muscle and working out the core, cardio, stomach, joints, etc. Besides that, it helps build great abs. All this can be achieved in a short span of 10 weeks of just 25-minute sessions. Being of aerobic nature, they make you sweat and build strength in various routines. Overall, the t25 workout schedule and t25 workout calendar are ideal for those who have limited time and space for workouts.

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