Top Clothing Brands in India

Top 20 Clothing and Fashion Brands in India

In the present fashion generation, many individuals wish to prefer clothes and fashion items from leading brands. Indian brands are more popular among people to discover diverse clothes. When it comes to buying apparel, people look at leading fashion brands in India.

With the advent of technology, the fashion and clothing industry is growing rapidly. New brands and designs are emerging in the Indian market. The leading brand delivers quality and stylish garments at the best price. One can avail of a diverse array of products ranging from ready-made to ethnic apparel.

Top brands are well-known for cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Well-known apparel and fashion brand sets up themselves as a leading player in the clothing and fashion industry. Brands always provide clothes with the latest styles and trends. 

Top 20 Clothing Brands in India for 2024

Top Indian brands offer a vast array of fashion, casual and formal garments. The majority of brands take complete responsibility for managing fiber quality and fashionable designs that meet customer demands.

1. Fabindia


Fabindia is the most popular and well-known brand and provides a vast array of products such as personal care items, clothing, home furnishing and a lot more. It is the best Indian apparel brand with the aim of preserving and promoting traditional techniques and Indian crafts.

The brand often uses organic and natural materials for products.  The main goal of this brand is to support environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. The brand works with artisans from rural communities in India for products. Shoppers discover products with traditional Indian motifs and designs.

2. Mufti


Mufti is the most demanding brand for men’s clothing and accessories. It is one of the top men’s clothing brands in India for vast clothing options. The brand highly focuses on casual wear like t-shirts, denim jeans, t-shirts, and jackets.

On the other hand, the brand is also rich in semi-formal wear choices, including suits, trousers, and blazers. Men come across a different range of accessories like shoes, belts, and wallets. Mufti clothing manages a stunning combination of diverse styles like, modern and traditional. Men explore clothes with trendy and unique designs.

3. Biba


Biba is a popular name in the clothing industry today. Women’s ethnic wear is a major highlight of this brand. Biba is well-known for its contemporary designs and traditional Indian clothing. Biba offers stunning Indian clothing, including kurtas, sarees, and salwar suits.

The brand uses Indian fabrics like silk, cotton and chiffon to make clothes with intricate embroidery and vibrant color. It keeps a strong presence with over other brands’ outlets. People also find clothes in departmental stores and e-commerce portals. Biba enhances its presence in many international countries.

4. Raymond


Raymond is a versatile brand for apparel and textiles today. The diversified brand runs in the apparel and textile sector. From the best Indian clothing brand, one can explore products such as denim, fabrics, designer wear, and shirting. People love this brand because of its quality apparel and fabric. Apart from that, the brand works well in India and international countries. It has an excellent presence in retail space with lots of stores.

5. Levi’s


Levi’s is a prominent clothing brand in the Indian market. The clothing brand operates under the ownership of Levi Strauss and Co. If you want Western apparel for men, women, and children, it is a good option to discover everything under a single roof.

The brand has lots of stores around the globe in different cities. It offers apparel for men, women and all age groups. With this brand, people can come across a vast collection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear and more. The brand also welcomes shoppers to acquire accessories, including casual shoes, sandals, belts, bags, and caps.

6. Allen Solly

Allen Solly

Allen Solly is a top brand in the Indian market for lifestyle and fashion. It secures the highest among all brands in the segment. The brand runs a huge number of stores across India. People focus on this brand for comfortable and casual clothing.

The brand delivers a massive variety of men’s and women’s formal wear, such as leggings, jackets, overcoats, denim, dresses, trousers, and tunics. Rather than that, the brand provides stunning trousers, trendy tees, casual shirts, and denim. Men and women also find accessories like sneakers, leather boots, ballerinas, handbags, sunglasses, and stylish wallets.

7. Flying Machine

Flying Machine

Flying Machine is a famous Indian brand for accessories and clothes. People believe it as reputable Indian garment brand for high-quality denim jeans. It is the finest brand for women, men, and children. People can acquire denim clothing options like jackets, shirts, jeans and others, and non-denim clothes include shirts and t-shirts.

Brand provides a vast collection of accessories like wallets and belts. Flying machine is ideal for comfortable, fashionable and trendy clothes. The brand is in high demand among fashion-conscious people and the young. The brand uses good fabrics and construction methods.

8. Provogue


Provogue is a trending lifestyle and fashion brand that specializes in manufacturing and designing garments and accessories for males and females. If you need fashionable apparel and accessories with stylish and elegant designs, it is one of the best Indian fashion brands.

From this brand, one can identify garments with unique designs, bright colors, and quality fabric. People who rely on comfortable and stylish clothing can opt for this brand. Men and women access diverse clothing options such as casual wear, formal wear and sportswear. You can acquire accessories like belts, bags, and shoes.

9. Van Heusen

Van Heusen

Van Heusen is the most popular and successful name in the clothing industry. The brand provides a stunning collection of products, including casual wear, work wear, sportswear, party wear, and trending accessories. It keeps a good name in many countries.

Whether you wish to wear fashion-forward clothes, you can go for this brand. The brand is well-known for clothes ranging from fashion-forward dresses to multi-faceted professional suits. The main aim of the brand is to provide clothes for women and men in the business landscape. It is good for office-goers to manage self-expression and individualism.

10. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe

Do you want to buy apparel from a premium clothing brand? Of course, you can switch over to Louis Philippe. The largest apparel brand manages a good name in the market worldwide. The brand focuses on craftsmanship and contemporary sensibilities.

In the market, men explore trendy and fashionable menswear. It provides products that include suits, luxury wear, semi-formal and denim collections, casual wear, and trousers. Men acquire a wide array of accessories with marvelous and trendy designs.

11. Park Avenue

Park Avenue

It is a well-versed leader in the clothing industry and provides premium clothes at the best rate. The brand also secures awards for innovative autofit concepts and best design concepts. With the help of top clothing brands in India, people enjoy premium lifestyle clothes and accessories to make them look amazing.

It follows international fabric, color, styling and fashion trends. The brand provides stunning garments for men and other products such as ties, colognes, trousers, beer shampoos, and formal wear deodorant.

12. Indian Terrain


Many individuals trust this brand for quality apparel such as shorts, t-shirts, jackets, denim, footwear and sweaters. The brand is a good choice for upwardly mobile and modern cosmopolitan man. The brand has a wonderful catalog that covers everything that you look forward that supply a vast selection of apparel.

The brand fulfills customer demands by using the right kind of design and muted color palette. It has become an Indian clothing brand for amazing essentials. One can fill a wardrobe with an amazing range of dresses from this brand.

13. Anokhi


The brand gains immense popularity in the Indian market for its sense of design and impressive prints. It delivers garments with stunning quality and a wide array of colors. The main focus of the brand is the input of design, market and project funding to provide the best things to consumers.

Through top Indian clothing brands, people can find clothes that design by experts who have good design skills and follow the business practice. The brand works with skilled craftsmen to make amazing clothes.

14. Madame


Madame is superb for women to explore the beautiful collection of dresses. Women with a sense of style and fashion can choose this brand and shop for perfect-looking dresses. It is a good option for students and office-goers across the world.

From this brand, one can enjoy a variety of wardrobe essentials with impressive designs every time. It uses quality fabric and marvelous designs for producing elegant stylish apparel. The brand is completely precise when creating and manufacturing clothes.

15. Nike


Nike is a multinational brand that provides premium products with impressive style and design. It runs stores in different locations across the world. Well-known clothing brand provides items such as jerseys, shoes, cleats, shorts, and baselayers. Recently, brand releases shoes with lightweight elements include lunarlite and flywire foam. It also concentrates on environmental effects in mind and creates marvelous products.  

16. Trinity ltd

 It is a versatile lifestyle and clothing brand and works under Trinity and Urban Yoga. The brand delivers a vast collection of products, such as men’s wear, women’s wear, and children’s wear. People rely on this brand for high-quality fabrics, modern designs and comfortable wear.

It also follows sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices to produce products. It has a sturdy presence in the Indian clothing and fashion industry. In addition, the brand exports products to different countries. It has a good presence in the home décor sector.

17. ONLY

If you want to feel the essence of modern styles, ONLY is an ideal brand. It gains immense attention among youth today. It has become a favorite brand for modern adults and lets them explore a variety of skirts, jeans, dresses, and co-ord sets.

Individuals love this brand very much due to its chic style and elegant design. The brand runs many stores across Indian that meet the young generation’s needs. People get an updated collection of apparel every fifteen days.  It is excellent for making it look trendy and fresh.

18. Gini & Jony

Gini & Jony

Many parents focus on the best apparel brands for children to access specialized clothes. Gini & Jony is well-known for designing and manufacturing garments for children and infants. Parents wish to buy clothes from this brand because of stylish and trendy.

It provides impressive clothes options like shirts, jeans, t-shirts, dresses, and others. Parents also pick up accessories, including socks, shoes, bags, and hair bands. The brand often uses fun prints, bright color and amazing designs in apparel.

19. Pepe Jeans

Pepe jeans

Do you want to shop for high-quality denim and casual wear? Pepe jeans is right option for people to discover variety of apparels. It is the most popular clothing brands in India that provide standard-fit shirts, polo shirts, capries, t-shirts, and jeans.

20. Zara


Zara is a top clothing brand and manages a huge range of physical sites throughout the globe. The brand is popular for garments with stunning quality and design. People buy diverse products like footwear, swimwear, apparel, fragrance and cosmetics.

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